Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Zzzzzz... (Because this post is boring.)

Old-school bulleted list because I've got a plethora of stuff to share with you all (even though you don't give a rat's ass).

* Sent both girls off to daycare and immediately headed over to my sister's house to help her get ready for a job interview. (With her broken leg, she can't walk AT ALL and needed some help with stuff.)

* Took her to her interview.

* While waiting for her while she was being interviewed, I finally started the book that's been in my sidebar for 2 months.

* The not knowing was driving me insane, so I emailed the HR girl at the company I interviewed with last week with a total lie that I received another job offer today, but that I'd rather work for their company and could they please just tell me if they had filled the position yet or not. (God I suck.)

* Received an email back saying they're still interviewing and that they're making their final decision in the next week. Fingers still crossed...

* Realized that if I do get the job, I will forever have to maintain the lie about "my other job offer."

* Talked to the stupidest woman in the world today when I had to call Steve's concrete supplier with a question about his latest statement. She said (and I quote), "Well, the computer's showing that Steve has an overdue balance of $2897.76, but we don't know how the computer does its calculations and I can't tell you where that balance comes from or what it's for.

* Decided that the woman who didn't know to dial a "1" before my phone number is probably actually the stupidest woman in the world, but the woman mentioned above is a close second.

* Was bummed to see that ALL shows tonight (other than American Idol) are reruns that I've already seen. Dammit.

* Laughed out loud during afternoon "relations" again. Seriously... daytime sex and I just aren't jiving. ((((Steve))))

* Wondered where the hell good ol' GB has been. You out there, dude?

* Was thrilled when Steve suggested getting takeout for dinner.

* Phone conversation between me and the restaurant dude that answered the phone to take our order:

Me: "Hey Scott, it's Allison. I'd like to place an order." (I know the guy.)

Scott: "Hey Allison! Go ahead."

Me: "OK. I want two crocks of french onion soup. And a flounder filet sandwich."

Scott (interrupting): "The flounder sandwich is only a lunch special now. We replaced it with the chicken cheesesteak."

Me (to Steve): "Hey Steve! They don't have the flounder sandwich anymore."

Scott (laughing): "Uh oh. There's turmoil in the house now..."

Me: "Dude, you have NO idea."

Me: "OK. While he thinks, I can tell you that I'd like the buffalo chicken sandwich."

Scott: "OK."

Steve (in background): "Get me that too."

Me: "Scott, make that two of the buffalo chicken sandwiches. One medium with no lettuce, tomatoes, or onions, and one hot with lettuce and onions but no tomatoes."

Steve: "And cancel my french onion soup now."

Me: "Scott, cancel one french onion soup. My husband's an ass."

Scott (laughing): "Ok."

Steve: "And get me a half rack of ribs."

Me: "And give me a half rack of ribs instead, Scott."

Scott (laughing): "Are you serious?"

Me: "Yes. My husband's an ass."

Scott: "Baked potato, fries, rice or pasta with that?"

Me: "Baked potato."

Scott: "Sour cream and butter?"

Me: "Yes."

Scott: "Dressing for the salad?"

Me: "Ranch."

Me: "And can I have an order of fries instead of chips with my sandwich?"

Scott: "Sure."

Me: "And could I get cheese on them?"

Scott (laughing): "You're really pushing it now."

Me: "I'm sorry my husband's an ass."

Scott: "Twenty minutes."

Me: "Cool."

The bottom line? (((((Scott)))))

* While at WalMart, bumped into the wife and son of the guy that committed suicide. Yeah, that's not an awkward moment at all. [sigh]

* Was surprised as hell (and yet somewhat happy) about the guy that was in the bottom three tonight on American Idol. (Don't want to ruin it for those that haven't watched it yet.)

* Was really pissed that a certain little dorky redhead was NOT in the bottom three tonight.

* Watched that new show, "The Loop," and laughed my damn ass off. Any show that uses terms like "ass-faced jack knocker" and "... that retarded squirrel look that you nailed like a two-dollar whore," is a show I'll be watching for a loooong time.

* Just realized that the last thing I said to Steve before he went up to bed tonight was to call him a fucker (in a totally affectionate way, of course). If he dies in his sleep tonight, I think I might feel bad. LOL!


Janet said...

Your take out post made me very hungry!

I happen to love that certain guy that was in the bottom three. Next week I am going to vote for him over and over.

That little dude has got to go! WTH! Why is he still there?

Melissa said...

WTF! I thought it was on tomorrow! Who was in the bottom three? WHO?

Alien said...

Janet: I like the guy too. I really do. But for some reason, he's started to annoy me the past 2 or 3 weeks. God knows I'd do him in heartbeat. He's gorgeous. But he seems so freakin' WUSSY! LOL! I dunno. I totally like him, but at the same time, I don't want to see him win it all, ya know?


The bottom three were Ace, Lisa, and Melissa. WTH?

Janet said...

I do not think he should win the entire thing either. I just like looking at him;-)

I think Mandeesa or Chris should win. They are both great!

Alien said...

Janet: I'm hoping for a Chris vs. Taylor showdown for the final two. It seems like out of everyone there, those two are the most passionate about their music. Although, then I won't know who to vote for. LOL!

I really do think Chris will win it all though. There. That's my official prediction. Chris to win. ;)

Melissa said...

Thank you. Spoiler...

Well, Melissa did forget the lyrics, so I can see that. And, although I said that I thought Ace was going to win, I can see now that there are much better contestants. How is it that Kevin is still there? It pained me to watch him last night.

Mandisa is my favorite, with Chris, Paris and Taylor all tying for second. LOL

Amber said...

Chris and Taylor! Yes. That would be good stuff.

I couldn't stop laughing during sex yesterday, either! I mean, I really couldn't. And I don't know why,and it just got worse and worse.LOL!

Alien said...

Hey M: Even Melissa herself said she was kind of expecting to go tonight. I mean, if you forget the lyrics, you kind of have to expect it a little bit, no? LOL! I really liked her raspy voice though. :(

A: I couldn't stop either. I knew it was bad when I actually snorted while trying to hold it in. [sigh] I think now I think soooo hard about NOT laughing, that I can't help but laugh. Poor Steve is living George's life (from "Grey's Anatomy".) OMG! I've become Meredith! ACK! LOL!

gb said...

Hey Alien, I'm here. I have been doing your quiz this week. Today's was a tough one, I had to really think on some of those.

You laughed during sex again?? Poor Steve. Does he laugh too, or does he take it badly? Is it one act in particular that gets you laughing?

mama_tulip said...

*Ace* was in the bottom three? Ace? And not that little scrawny kid that sang "Starry Starry Night" and who has a lisp? Seriously? C'mon America....

My god dude, now I totally want ribs and fries.

Alien said...

LOL GB! No, nothing in particular. It just cracks me up to see what we're doing. Stupid daylight. Steve usually laughs too. Because I'm a total ass and you've just gotta laugh at that, ya know? LOL!

And Katherine, yes, ACE. Now like I said, I've come to like him, but not as much as before. He's good, but IMO, is much more "boy band" material than AI solo material. But he DEFINITELY deserves to be there more than lispy Kevin (as do the other contestants). I'm all for geeks conquering the world and all, but this is ridiculous. LOL!

gb said...

I LOVE daytime sex. My wife HATES it. I like it because I can watch what is going on. My wife hates it for that same reason. Maybe she is afraid she will start laughing like you do Alien!!

gb said...

You got awful quiet.....was it a case of TMI?

Alien said...

LOL GB! Maybe she's self-conscious of her body and doesn't like seeing it in broad daylight? I dunno. LOL!

In my case, I see what's going on, feel like I'm in a bad, cheesy porno, and start laughing. LOL!

gb said...

Cheesy porno??!! Ha Ha
..........maybe another reason I like it!


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