Friday, March 10, 2006

Random Crap...

Such a random post this is going to be. Some things worth (and I use that term loosely) mentioning...

** The weather kicked ass, so I pretty much forced the girls to stay outside today ALL DAY.

** In the past 12 hours, Grace has:
  • Swallowed a piece of hard candy whole
  • Pinched her fingers in the screen door
  • Choked on an ice cube
  • Got hit in the face with a ball (Uh, yeah. This one is my fault.)
** NEW BLOG FEATURE!!! If you look over there in my sidebar, you'll see I've added a daily trivia game link. Every day, a new trivia quiz will be generated. It keeps our scores, shows our times, etc. Good stuff. Just create a free account and go nuts, my friends. (And I will kick all of your asses.)

** I never told Grace that today was Friday because I had NO desire to take her to gymnastics tonight. None. We skipped it. I suck.

** I cleaned out my car today. Words cannot describe how disgusting that thing was. And now it's done. And it will be disgusting again in 2 days thanks to my oh-so-considerate children.

** Conversation with Hannah as I was sitting in my computer chair and she was standing next to me:

Hannah: "I have boogies. Where should I wipe them?"
Me: "Hang on. I'll get you a tissue.
[Wipes her face along the length of my shirt sleeve.]
Hannah: "Never mind. I got it."

** I think I got the job. Maybe. They're checking my references like crazy, telling the people they need their responses "ASAP". Assuming none of my references tell the company I'm an alcoholic psychopath that doesn't actually ever work, I think they're going to give me an offer. (See? It pays to be a total ass in interviews. It makes the interviewers feel better about themselves.)

** My sister got called in for an interview next week. (This is a very good thing.)

** My dad got a job offer today too.

** Apparently, it's Job Offer Week in my family. ;)

** A guy we know hung himself last night. His daughter, who is due any day now with her third baby found him in the garage. My heart is breaking for all of them. :(

** Watched "Flight Plan" tonight. Pretty damn good movie actually.

** Steve fell asleep 5 minutes into it. That pisses me off for some reason and does every time.


Melissa said...

I hope you got the job, um, if that's what you want. LOL

Tried the trivia. Damn you. ;)

Alien said...

LOL Melissa. I do. Want the job I mean. The company seems great, the people were great, they allow telecommuting (within reason), have flexible hours, and I could wear jeans every day. LOL!

Amber said...

That boogie thing with Hannah just cracked me (and the hubs, who was reading over my shoulder) up! Kids are so sick.

mama_tulip said...

LOL at Hannah. How thoughtful of her.

EE said...

God, Haley does that to me ALL THE TIME (about the boogies).

Wow! I hope you get the job. You'll have to tell me about it. :)

That's so incredibly sad about that guy you know and his daugher finding him......I can't imagine what his family is going through.

Renfield said...

I need to defend myself with the trivia.

1. I've never watched an episode of Ally McBeal in my life so I have no earthly idea what profession she was.

2. I was TOTALLY fucking around on the "What is it called when you take food outdoors to eat it" question and answered "Ant Fest". I'm not a COMPLETE idiot! LMAO!

Good luck with your interviews, chickie. Sounds like being a SAHM has made you all domestic and shit. =) If you start blogging that you baked cookies in your new kitchen I'm flying out there and kicking your ass.

Mary said...

I'm sorry about your friends suicide, that has to be tough, esp. for his daughter :(

Congrats to your dad and sis (and hopefully you!!) on the job offers!!

I wish it was nice here weatherwise, the kids needs to energy released....

Janet said...

Sorry about your friend:-(

Good luck on the job!!! Is it close to home? What are the hours?

Love the boogers!

Anonymous said...

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