Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Products I Couldn't Live Without

1. Pledge All Surface Cleaner Spray... LOVE the stuff. One bottle. Multi-purposes. Ahhh...

2. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers... I swear to god, every time I use one, I ponder it's chemical makeup and wonder how the hell it cleans like that. Freaky shit, I tell ya.

3. Murphy's Oil Soap Spray... I love spray bottles. Smells delicious.

4. Tide with Febreeze... Unscented laundry is just pointless in my opinion.

5. Downy Drier Sheets with Febreeze... Buy the same scent as the Febreeze in the Tide and you have a virtual scent orgasm.

6. Clorox Bleach Pens... So much power in such a little package.

7. Shout Stain Stick... I have children. Enough said.

8. Carpet Fresh... No sense vacuuming if the room doesn't smell clean.

9. Intuition Razor... Soap and a razor all in one. God bless the inventor.

10. Listerine... Minty freshness.

11. Tampax Tampons... I've tried all the others. They all suck.

12. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes... I swear I will still be buying these things when my kids are gone at college. Their cleaning abilities are unparallelled.

13. Lysol... Germs be gone.


Amber said...

This is a really helpful list! I mean it, because Georgia has marked on the walls with crayon, and somebody told me to get the Magic Erasers, but then I forgot what it was they told me to get. Thanks!

I fully agree about the laundry and carpet smells.

Chelle Y. said...

I just used the Pledge All Surface cleaner today. It's great! I cleaned my glass/wood coffee table, my computer, and counters all with one bottle! :o)

I'll have to try that Tide next. I already use Febreeze on everything else.

Oh, BTW, my husband, when mad, cusses like a sailor (he was one). Brendan is not that sheltered and I am sure your kids are not heathen too! :o)

Lisa said...

I agree with all except the Tampax. . .Playtex all the way, baby!!

Alien said...

LOL Lisa! I've tried Playtex on several occasions. For some reason (and I can't pinpoint why), I HATE their applicators. AND I don't think they absorb as much. (This conversation is taking a turn towards gross at this point. LMAO!)

Alien said...

LMAO Chelle. I had NO clue what you were talking about and then remembered I commented on your blog. ;)

gb said...

All the products you can't live products. All the products I can't live related. Coffee creamer, frozen pillsbury biscuits (for my shortcake), cheeto's, etc.

Ha Ha!

Alien said...

LOL GB! I purposely stayed away from food-related products. I was listing those products that made my life easier, not better. A future post, my friend... a future post. ;)

mama_tulip said...

Okay, you've hit on SO MANY of the products that I love. I wonder the SAME THING about those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Like, holy instant clean, batman.

Murphy's Oil Soap? There's no better smell, in my opinion.

I got a sample packet of Tide with Febreez in the mail and I used it once and was hooked. I'll never use another detergent again.

See now, I don't like the minty Listerine. I like the yellow stuff that's like gasoline. Make it burn, baby.

I'm with you on the Tampax, but it has to be the plastic applicator.

And yes, wipes. I LOVE WIPES. I clean the house with wipes. And the car.

Carrie said...

I need to get me one of them there Magic Erasers.

And speaking of tampons...When I was at the beach this weekend, I ran out of tampons and a friend (who has not yet had kids) hands me this teeny weeny little Playtex thing. Are you kidding me? I wanted to ask her if she had anything that wouldn't fall out each time I coughed or sneezed.

Kotex. Period. It works.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Alien, your list and my list are eerily similar.

Carrie: TMI, my friend. :)

Carrie said...

Kim: LMAO, I'm total kidding. The thing was like Barbie sized though. LOL

Melissa said...

Have you tried the lavender Pin Sol? My kitchen smells like a freah summer meadow. Ahhhhhh

Melissa said...

Pin = Pine.

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