Thursday, April 23, 2009

OK. So I suck AND I lie.

So much for crossing my heart and hoping to die after that last post. Obviously, I’m a big fat liar. LOL!

ANYWAY, I’m here now. I’m not really sure how I ended up here, since I was doing other things, but here I am, so let’s update, shall we? [enter bulleted list]

(If you do not want to read the bullets, the brief summary of this post is that I got laid off, I’m not running anymore but still exercising, I can read, I like psychics, I still take lots of photos, pig roast planning has begun, I like free shit, and I’m a sucker.)

* I got laid off a few weeks ago. Most people are upset when this happens to them, but in my case, I was thrilled! I didn’t really like the job, (most of) the people annoyed the shit out of me, and I had no CLUE who was going to take care of my children over the summer. Now I can take care of my children over the summer and I can collect the same amount I was making at the job, so it’s ALL good. :)

* The Couch to 5K program is dead in my life (may it RIP). My knees were just WAY too excruciatingly painful for me to keep it up. But I’m taking some stuff to try to rebuild that cartilage (so I can start again), and for now, I’m running on our elliptical everyday. I’ve found that being able to read a book while exercising makes exercising MUCH more bearable. ;)

* Speaking of reading, I’ve finished three complete books in the past week and a half. I haven’t read ONE full book in about 5 years, so this is huge! See? I TOLD this being laid off thing is a good thing. ;)

* A few nights ago, Steve and I went to see Lisa Williams live. It was FANTASTIC! And although we didn’t get a reading, we ALMOST did (which sent us both into heart attack mode) and we loved the show all the same. And considering the heart-in-our-throats feeling we had when we thought we were going to get one, it’s probably better off we didn’t this time. LOL!

* I’m still going strong with my Project 365 challenge. I’ve already gone longer than I did last year, so I guess that’s a good thing.

* We’re already discussing this year’s pig roast. We considered just skipping it this year, but a ton of people have started asking us when it is, so we feel sort of obligated. Tink & Hoop better get their asses up here this year! ;)

* I’ve started using coupons. Now, I realize this is something ALL people should do all the time, but I was always too lazy (and too stupid) to do it. But in the past month, I’ve saved over $40 using them. I’ve also managed to snag a ton of free products and free samples just by finding the right websites. I’ve become a bit obsessed with it actually, and play little mind games with myself, trying to outwit, outlast and outplay myself. If there’s a way to get something free or cheap, I WILL find it, dammit! The other week, I scored over $150 worth of Bath & Body Works stuff for around $40, AND I got free lotion at Victoria’s Secret. I also got a free box of organic waffles, a free bottle of detergent, a free tube of toothpaste, and a bunch of free Nature Made vitamins. AND in the next week or so, I can enjoy my free pack of 3 lip glosses from Sephora in honor of my birthday. I fucking RULE!

[What else? What else? Shit. I SWEAR a bunch of stuff has happened lately…]

* I’ve become obsessed with my new facial lotion, but that’s another post for another day.

* I somehow got suckered into taking my friend to her physical therapy three times a week (long story). So now every Monday, Wednesday & Friday while the kids are in school and Steve is working and I could be on Facebook or emailing people or scrapbooking or getting stuff done around the house, I’m instead taking at least 3 (or 4) hours of my day to help a friend. I know all about that good karma shit and all, but it’s getting old. Sigh. But since I’m (sort of) responsible for the surgery that has required her to need the therapy, I feel like it’s sort of my duty to keep taking her. Blech.

I think that’s it for now. I have a bunch of photos I’ll post in the next few days. You know… in between my exercising, slathering on facial lotion, driving to other people’s therapy sessions, and channeling the spirits of people I know that are dead.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Son of a bitch, I suck. LOL!

Sorry guys. I totally dropped the ball on the blog thing yet again. I’m not sure why I apologize every time. That almost seems a bit self-indulgent, as if all of you are clicking over here every day, upset when there’s no new post. I KNOW better than that, and yet I feel the need to say I’m sorry whenever I haven’t been around for awhile. LOL!

But I PROMISE (cross my heart and hope to die)  that I’ll be back in the morning to update on the craziness of my life. Because honestly, even I can’t keep up with it some days lately.