Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today I...

  • Had a conference call.
  • Played baseball.
  • Played basketball.
  • Drove around in a motorized Barbie Jeep. (Yes, I fit. Barely.)
  • Pulled one (sometimes two) kids around in a wagon for about 8 billion miles.
  • Threw rocks into the creek.
  • Peed once.
  • Ate barely anything.
  • Played Frisbee.
  • Pushed kids on a swing for 9 billion hours.
  • Played "Captain Hook and Peter Pan".
  • Went down a sliding board 4 thousand times.
  • Wore a child-sized lifejacket (at the request of Hannah) while running around the backyard playing tag.
  • Cooked dinner.
  • Cleaned up.
  • Gave the kids a bath.
  • Took the garbage out to the curb. (Five cans worth.)
  • Scrubbed three litter boxes.
  • Had sex.

I'm freakin' TIRED! More tomorrow. Mama needs some sleep... LOL!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Random stuff (because I'm a random kind of gal...)

* I was THRILLED to discover that the show "Six Degrees" returned last night with a brand new episode. I got sucked into it months ago when it first started and then it just disappeared off the air for reasons still unbeknownst to me. But it's back baby, and I couldn't be more excited!

* I decided last night that I'm just going to ignore the world. The girls ignore me when I'm saying something they don't want to hear... Steve ignores me in that way that men do when you're trying to talk to them or remind them of something... Steve ignores the girls when they're swinging from the ceiling fans and out of control... I figure if I was put on this earth to be ignored, I may as well ignore everyone right back, no? LOL!

* We got a little fresh air this morning. Spring is finally starting to give us glimpses of herself and we couldn't be happier. We're all officially done with being stuck in the house all the time.

* Some friends of ours invited themselves are coming over to our house tonight. I'm still undecided if I'm going to keep the girls home to play with their boys that are almost the same ages, or if I'm going to send the girls to sleep over at my mom's like they've been planning to do all along (and not telling them that the boys might be coming). I'm leaning towards Grandma's house. Mama needs a break. LOL!

* I should be cleaning right now, but frankly, I don't feel like it.

* I adore my nephew and generally speaking, have NO problem with him spending almost every weekend with us so he and Steve can go walking around mountains or cutting down trees or whatever it is they do while they're gone. But I swear to god, he eats/drinks the very last bite/swallow of everything in the house. And it's usually the stuff I want. Last weekend, he ate my last big cinnamon muffin (I eat one every day for breakfast when they're here.) Last night, he almost ate the last of the girls Cheezits (they're favorite snack) before I saw him and threatened him with bodily harm if he even thought about it. Today, I went in the refrigerator to get out the last 2 pieces of leftover pizza for the girls and I for lunch, and guess what... it's not there. Gee, I wonder who took that. [sigh] He doesn't do it on purpose, but it's getting pretty damn aggrevating.

* Mary, I'll think up some interview questions for you and post 'em later.

* We're eating hot wings tonight! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

* Another layout, just for shits and giggles:

Background Paper: Meredith Fenwick; Newsprint Paper: Amy Kropp; Cardboard Overlays: Linda GB; Frame: Holly McCaig; Dots Border Template: Seebee; Green Paper Used in Dots: Bren Boone; Glitter Swirls: Carrie Stephens (recolored)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

An Interview with Me Part 2...

Brought to you by G:

1. Now that you have become a WAHM, would you ever go back to working outside of the home?? (besides if you absolutley had to in order to pay the bills) Well, my answer right now is that I would like to always work from home. But I'm not naive enough to think that 5 or 10 years down the road, I'll need to either go out and get a job outside of my house, or go insane from the lack of socialization. LOL! But it will/would be hard to give up the fact that I'm home whenever the kids are, I make my own hours, I work (or don't work) whenever I feel like it, etc.

2. How old were you when you had your first beer?? Have you always liked the same brand? Believe it or not (and most people don't believe it... LOL!) I didn't have a single, solitary drop of alcohol until the middle of my freshman year of college. And even then, I didn't drink much beer. I was a vodka girl. In college (when I first started drinking beer) we always bought a brand called American Light. It was $6.00 a case and we bought it because it was CHEAP, but truthfully, it didn't taste that bad. LOL! But since getting out of college, yes, I've always pretty much drank Miller Lite. I like a lot of other beers too, but Miller Lite is what we always have here at the house.

3. Do you think your family is complete or would you like to have more children?? If your answer is more, when do you think you'd try again? I wish I knew. LOL! I think in theory, Steve and I would both love another child (and would totally dig it if we had a son), but in actuality, I don't know if we want another one. LOL! The cost... the pregnancy (ick)... the sleepless nights... the lack of freedom for the first year or two... the reflux (a BIG one for us)... etc. I think perhaps if we never had to worry about money and I knew for sure whether I was going to have to go back to work full-time or not, we'd probably have another one. But those issues kind of hold us back a bit, I think. IF we decide to have another, I would like to get pregnant right when Hannah is starting kindergarten (about a year from now or so). After that, I'd start being too old (in MY opinion) and wouldn't want to start ALL over again with baby stuff, ya know?

But all of that being said, I don't think either of us feels "incomplete." Another baby would just be a little "bonus" for us, KWIM?

4. What's the most redneck thing you have ever done?? What's the most redneck thing you've ever witnessed?? Wow! This one is HARD! Mostly because I can't recall one particular thing that stands out as true "redneck." I've done a lot of things that I suppose some people would consider redneckish though... I've been to tractor pulls and demolition derbies and stock car races... I've gone swimming and fishing in creeks (but we call them "cricks")... I've gutted my own fish... In college, I perfected the art of spitting and I could hock a loogey (sp?) into a can 10 feet away from me and get it in 8 out of 10 times... I've gone spotting for deer. (You drive around at night and shine big spotlights into fields, looking for deer.)... I've helped host a pigroast for three years now (LOL!)... I've slid down hay chutes in barns like they were sliding boards... I've drunk every type of cheap beer imaginable (Shlitz, Schmidtz, American Light, Miwaulkee's Best, etc.)... On many occasions, I've chewed tobacco, and in fact, I did it with Steve the night we met for the first time... I could go on and on. But I don't think any of these things are downright "redneck" so much as they are "small town", but I could be wrong. LOL!

As for witnessing someone else doing something redneck? God, I can't think of anything for this either. Half my town in redneck, so I'm so used to seeing that kind of thing that it doesn't even strike me as odd anymore. LOL! I'll keep thinking on these and come back to them if I think of anything specific.

5. Which fast food or junk food would you not be able to live without? Pringles and soda. I'd throw myself in front of a train if I couldn't have my Pringles. LOL!

20 Questions!

Okee dokee. Here are the interview questions for those that wanted 'em. Some of you may have some of the same questions because, frankly, I'm not all that creative and probably won't be able to think of 20 original ones. LOL!

So here we go...

Odd Mix:
1. Did you and your wife both grow up on a farm/around animals, or did one of you get "sucked into it" by the other when you met?

2. Name your very favorite characteristic of each of your children (physical and/or non-physical... your choice).

3. If you could quit your dayjob in computers and work the farm full-time, would you? Would you miss the computer stuff?

4. What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up and the last thing you do at night before bed?

5. What do you do with all of the amazing photos you take? Keep them on your hard drive? Burn them to CDs? Print them and put them in albums? All of the above?

Chelle Y.:
1. Name your favorite characteristic of Brendan's (physical and/or non-physical... your choice).

2. Will you ever go back to teaching again?

3. What is your most prized possession? (Has to be a material thing. No cheating and saying Brendan. LOL!)

4. If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, how would you spend the rest of today? (Horribly depressing question, I know. I'm seriously slacking in the creativity department here today...)

5. If someone held a gun to your head (another pleasant thought... I know...) and said you HAD to get a tattoo right this second, what would the tattoo be and where on your body would it go?

1. Name your very favorite characteristic of each of your children (physical and/or non-physical... your choice).

2. Are you going to go back to teaching again or rock the SAHM thing for awhile?

3. What do you miss most about your old house (at least one thing material... like that screen door I LOVED, and one thing generally speaking... not necessarily a tangible thing)?

4. What author (living or dead) would you love to meet in person? (This assumes that if it's one that is dead already, they would be alive for the meeting. LOL!)

5. Name your top 5 favorite movies of all time.

1. Name your very favorite characteristic of each of your children (physical and/or non-physical... your choice).

2. If you could move back home and out of Canada, would you? Why?

3. What's one thing you do in private when no one else is around? (I'm thinking something like pick your nose or bite your toenails. No need to get all perverted or anything on us. LOL!)

4. What's your favorite time of the day and why?

5. If you hit the lottery today (a BIG jackpot), what's the first extravagant thing you would buy?

Interviews Coming Soon...

G, Chelle, Odd Mix & Kim... I'll post your interview questions in a bit. I HAVE to run out to WalMart right now and grab some lunch, but I'll post them when I get home. Y'all are KILLING me with your requests for G-rated questions though. LOL! (I'm kidding. I'll have a hard time coming up with questions regardless of their "ratings." Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

For those interested in digital scrapbooking...

This kit was just released today...


One of the designers (Michelle Coleman) is a HUGE favorite among many digital scrappers. Anyway, I'm letting some of you know because it was specifically designed for people just getting started in digital scrapping. It comes with 52 papers, 3 alphabets, a ton of elements (that's all the other stuff), and a 20 page tutorial on getting started using Adobe Photoshop. (FYI: Adobe Photoshop Elements is VERY similar to the full-fledged Photoshop and WAY cheaper. So if you have Elements, the booklet should still be completely helpful to you.)

And actually, if you go to Adobe's website (www.adobe.com I believe), you can download 1 month trial versions of both Photoshop Elements and/or Photoshop and play around a bit before deciding whether or not this sort of thing interests you. Also, there are a TON of free kits you can download from designers, so if anyone wants me to post those too, let me know and I'll throw you some links. :)

Here's a link to an online catalog of everything that comes in the kit...

It's on sale right now for $25.50 (normally $30.00). That's not a bad price. Most digital scrapbooking kits run anywhere between $5 and $7 and don't have nearly as much stuff. I'd say the average kit has 6 or 7 papers (sometimes only 5) and some elements. Sometimes an alphabet, sometimes not. So generally speaking, this big kit's price is pretty decent.

I don't know if that seems like a lot of cash to throw into a kit if you've never digital scrapped before, but I wanted to let some of you know since you were asking me how/where to get started. The fact that this comes with the 20-page tutorial book is an added bonus for those who are SURE they want to start doing this kind of thing.

And since we're talking about digital scrapbooking anyway (LOL!), I thought I'd post some more layouts I got done the past two weeks or so.

Everything for this layout is by Jen Wilson.

Credits for this layout are right here.

Pickling My Brain...

Below is an excerpt from an interview I did with Tink, of Pickled Beef fame. (OK. So not really. She just typed the questions on her blog for me. It's not like she called me up and we tape recorded our discussion or anything. LOL!) Anyway...

1. What's your favorite position? (And I don't mean in baseball)? Is "None" an option here? LOL! I'm kidding. Ummm... OK. I kinda like it when we're in the "spooning" position. So him behind me, both of us lying on our sides. Good friction my friends... good friction.

2. Have you ever shot a wild animal? Nope. I've actually only shot a gun maybe 10 times in my life total. I'd often like to shoot my cats though... ;)

3. If you'd had a son, what would you have named him? The first time I was pregnant, I wanted to name a boy Carter, but Steve said no. So I think he would've been Tyler maybe? (I didn't like it, but I figured I'd argue after the child was born and I knew it was a boy. LOL!) The second time I was pregnant, we had decided on Braden for a boy with a nickname of Brady. NOW we both agree that if we ever have a son, his name will be Sawyer. I LOVE that name (and no, it's not because of "Lost". LOL!)

4. Who had it harder, Snow White or Cinderella? Who cares? I hate all freakin' princesses. Especially the Disney ones. Ick.

5. If you had to create a title for yourself, what would it be? A title? For myself? What the hell are you talking about? LOL! Gosh. Ummmm.... Uhhh.... The Anti-Disney Princess? Does that work? LOL!

This was fun!

Want to play? Leave a comment saying, "Interview me." I'll respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better. Then you will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Psychotic Mom (For Tink)...

OK. So there's a little girl in Grace's kindergarten class. We'll just call her Julie from here on out. So I had met Julie's parents once before at an open house at the school. The mother had informed me that although she's still married to Julie's dad, she only sees Julie once every TWO MONTHS because she works out of state. That in and of itself is completely odd to me, but there were other signs of her oddness. That night, she had mentioned something about their meditation room. That's cool generally speaking. But it's also not the norm (around here anyway), so it was added to my mental list of why this woman struck me as a bit "off".

At another point, she started speaking about herself in the third person. Freak.

So anyway, I took Grace to this birthday party on Saturday for a boy in her class. Julie was there and so was her mom. I remembered her from the open house and decided to just stay clear of her so as to avoid any sort of conversation. At one point during the party, she announced (loudly) to the kids that they were going to play a game. Now keep in mind this is not her child's party. A few of us kind of thought that was weird, but then assumed maybe the kid's mom and her were good friends or something and she was helping out. So she takes charge and runs this entire game for the kids. Whatever.

The rest of the party, she was yelling loudly and often, getting people food, yelling at OTHER people's kids that weren't acting exactly as she wanted them to, etc. A few of us started questioning if she knew the birthday boy's mom, but no one knew for sure.

The icing on the cake came when the little boy started to open his presents. She told every other child there where he/she should sit. The boy starts opening his presents while sitting in a chair. The boy's mom is kneeling next to the chair, but Julie's mom sort of pushed her out of the way and starts handing the kid his presents to open. She's writing down what each child there gave him (for thank you cards later), she's reading all of his cards to him as he opens them, she oogling over his presents and reading the boxes to him, etc. At one point, the boy was holding one particular gift a little longer than the others because he really liked it and was checking out the box, and Julie's mom TOOK the present from him and said, "You can play later. C'mon. You have a lot more stuff to open and the party's almost over."

The boy's mom sat there with a smile pasted on her face, honestly looking like she wasn't annoyed, but it was hard to tell.

So get this. At the end of the party, another mom asked her if she knew Julie's mom. She had never even MET her before!!!! Holy SHIT! What the HELL?!?!?! LMAO! All I know is that if she had acted like that at MY kid's party, I would've taken her out in the parking lot and beat the shit out of her. God bless the little boy's mom, because apparently, she has WAY more patience than I do.

So see? Julie's mom = PSYCHO!!!!!! Ack!

Slow down! I want to get off!

God, have I been busy lately. TOO busy. I'm exhausted and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for three years. LOL!

This past weekend marked the end of our birthday party hell. The month was filled with WAY too many birthday parties for people ranging from age 1 to age 80. There was roller skating, swimming, pony rides, Elmo, Sparky the Firedog, one unbelieveably psychotic mom, real firemen, live bands and DJs. Frankly, I'm fed up with birthday parties at this point. But on Sunday, we went to the last one and I think we're done for awhile. Of course, now I have to start planning Grace's party soon, but I'm gonna hold off on that for a bit longer, so as to prevent my current seething hatred of birthday parties from seeping into the planning of hers.

So as if the parties alone weren't keeping me busy enough, Steve decided on Saturday that we were going to clean out the scary, all-carpeted "bedroom" in the basement and move the majority of the girls' toys down there and out of the main living area of our house. I understood his thinking in theory since I had just about HAD it with the bazillion (literally a bazillion... I counted once) toys scattered throughout the downstairs, and the fact that no matter how much and how often I "cleaned up," it still always looked like Toys R Us threw up in our home.

So we spent all of Sunday carrying everything downstairs into the basement. (I did get a two-hour break to take the girls to that damn birthday party, but that wasn't much more fun than what I was doing here). Everything was going fairly well until Steve decided that he and I were going to carry the shelves down into the basement too. The shelving unit is actually a HUGE metal 6-foot long unit that literally came from a general store. So they're sturdy and they're HEAVY. I wasn't too sure about me being able to even lift them, let alone carry them downstairs, but Steve wasn't giving me much choice. We "discussed" for a good 20 minutes about whether or not they came apart in the middle (we couldn't remember). I said yes. Steve swore they were welded together and that we had to carry the whole unit at once.

Fine. So we carried. And I rested every 3 steps. And I hurt my back. And I hurt my fingers. And I tripped. And I cursed. And when we were literally 3 steps from the final destination of the shelves downstairs, they fell apart. Right in the middle. Where Steve swore they were welded together. Mother f*cker! Grrrr...

But anyway, we're still working on transferring everything down there. I must admit that the upstairs looks WAY better and cleaner. But I have had to make WAY too many trips up and down the damn stairs, helping the girls carry toys upstairs to play with. [sigh]

And in the midst of all of this, Steve decided it was also time to take down Hannah's crib (being used as a daybed for quite awhile now, with one of the sides taken off), and put up a twin bed. Dude, NOW? When we still have the basement and downstairs in complete disarray? What the hell is wrong with you?

So now I have a REALLY sore back that's really bothering me, THREE floors that are completely trashed and need a TON of work done to them (by me), and I'm effing tired. [sigh] Fun.

Later 'gators. I'm off to try to stretch my back out a bit and then I need to go try to find the rest of Hannah's room under the clothing, dirty laundry, old shoes and boxes that are currently scattered in there.

Monday, March 12, 2007

How my day began today...

So, I come out of WalMart and get into my car to head home. Now I'm parked between two large (high) pickup trucks. No big deal. But since I drive a little (low) Honda it does mean that I can't really see who's coming down the parking lot aisle until I clear the back of the trucks a bit and can see past them. No biggie. I'm always very aware of this and creep out slowly to get out of my parking space, so that anyone coming down the aisle will see me and have time to stop before ramming into me.

So that's what I'm doing this time. I'm backing out at about 1 mile per hour (if that), alternating between looking left and right behind me to see when I can clear the back of the trucks with my line of vision and actually see whose driving down the aisle. I'm almost at that point when I hear someone LAYING on the horn. WTF? So I slam on the brakes (although at 1 mph, slamming was hardly necessary), turn to look to my right (behind me) and see this OLD dude in an old person car screaming at me.

I give him an apologic smile, mouth sorry, and wave that he should keep driving behind me and then I'll continue backing out. (Keep in mind that I'm only about 2 feet out of my parking spot at this point. I'm not even CLOSE to blocking the lane so that he can't continue around me.)

So I'm thinking he'll just keep driving behind me. But no. The fucker starts waving his finger at me like I'm a 12-year-old, and is still screaming at me. Now, I'm pissed. I wasn't doing anything wrong, I was being extremely cautious about backing up until I had a good line of vision of other people driving in the lot, etc. AND I had just basically apologized and given him the right of way. DON'T wag your fucking finger at me, asshole.

So I start screaming back, "Fuck you, asshole! GO! I couldn't see! I just TOLD you to keep going, FUCKWAD!" and I angrily wave for him to go past me. (Now keep in mind it's like still cold here, so both of us have our car windows closed, meaning we can't actually hear each other and can only see each other's angry faces, hand gestures, and imagine what the other one is yelling. LOL!)

He's STILL wagging his finger at me and yelling (seriously dude... go get laid or something, because you're obviously high-strung and in need of a stress-reliever) and I finally just flip him the double bird, yell, "Fuck OFF, ASSHOLE!" and turn around to face front. I refused to turn around and look at him again until he had driven past me and was halfway down the next aisle. Honest to god, if I had continued to watch him and he had wagged his finger one more time, I would've jumped out of my car and pummeled his ass. And I'm NOT kidding. Fucker.

It was 9 A.M. and I swear to god, I needed a beer. (Don't worry, I didn't actually have one. But I wanted one.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some of my scrapbooking layouts...

OK. So Mary asked about seeing some of my digital scrapbooking layouts, so I figured I'd post some of my favorites here. These are all 100% digital, meaning I do everything on the computer using Photoshop Elements. When you post something like this online, you're supposed to give credit to whomever it is that designed the different things you used in your layout (i.e., the background papers, the seperate elements, etc.). If you want to see complete credits for the stuff, almost all of these layouts can be found here in my online gallery at my very, very favorite designer's site (Jen Wilson Designs). Under each layout, complete credits are listed for each layout.

Most of these were also done for challenges. Every week, there's a new challenge (or two), where you're given certain "rules" as to what your layout is supposed to be about, how may pictures it has, what sorts of things you need to use on it, etc.

So anyway, here are examples of one of the main reasons I don't blog as much anymore. Because when I sit down at the computer, I'd really rather be doing what you see below than blogging. Sorry gang. ;) LOL!

Wow. I really do suck at this blogging thing.

I can't even use the excuse that I've been too busy to blog (although I have been busy, mind you). I just honestly haven't felt like it. Nothing earth-shattering has taken place in my life. Sure, one or two humerous or interesting things happens every day, but it's usually summed up in a sentence or two and coming here to blogger just to type one or two sentences seems pointless. So, with that being said, I'm going to post an extremely random, haphazard list of things that have happened/were said/crossed my mind/etc. Ready... set... go!

* Steve gave me a full-fledged wedgie the other night. On purpose. For no real reason. I was sittting at my computer and he walked up behind me, grabbed the back of my underwear and yanked. Um, thanks? That's true love, lemme tell ya. [shaking head]

* It's effing COLD here today. 45-degrees lower than normal for this time of year. Grace even had a 2-hour delay from school this morning because it's THAT cold. This sucks. Please hurry spring. Please.

* One of my digital scrapbooking layouts that was posted in an online gallery was mentioned and spotlighted on a national digital scrapping radio show that you can download and listen to. It was very flattering of course, but frankly, the layout sucked and I think it was kind of stupid. LOL! But hey, whatever. It was for a challenge (i.e., a contest sort of) where you had to make a layout about something (NOT someone) that you love. So I took a picture of my DSL modem and my wireless router and had at it. See? I told you it was stupid. And yet, there it was... a link to it on the radio show's website and the two DJs discussing it in great length for all the world to hear. [sigh] I mean, I'm glad they liked it and all, but I really do much better work that that layout reflected. LOL!

* We received a letter from the IRS two weekends ago claiming we under-reported Steve's earnings for 2005, and that we owed them $8,000 in back taxes and penalties. Um, what? So after 30 minutes or so on the phone with the accountant and Steve's file opened on our computer screen, we discovered that the error was actually a computer setting that was used (my fault), and that we shouldn't owe any money. So the accountant fired off a letter with an explanation and an adjusted return and we're praying that kills the whole thing dead.

* One morning last week, everyone else had left for the day and I jumped in the shower. As the shower continued, I noticed that the water appeared to be getting colder and colder. Shit. So I jumped out and checked, and sure as shit, our furnace was dead. This is where having a plumber for a FIL is a good, good thing, and he came over within the next few hours (I was up to about 3 layers of clothing at that point) and he gave the furnace a good makeover and we were good to go. Whew. See? I knew marrying a blue-collar guy with blue-collar relatives would pay off in the long run... a working furnace, new parts for it, and no outrageous bill (or any at all really). Sweet.

* This weekend is birthday party hell. Three kid parties on Saturday (there were actually 4, but I had to nix one for obvious reasons) and one party on Sunday for our 80-year-old neighbor. Then next Wednesday, Grace has a swimming party down the street. Next Saturday is one for her friend at the local firehouse, and Sunday is my cousin's little boy's first birthday. [sigh] I get to go shopping on Thursday and will probably drop $100+ on stupid gift cards for that store I despise called Toys R Us. Yay me. Glad to see the money I earn is being put to good use. [sigh]

* Hannah has spent the last THREE HOURS on NickJr.com (I'm on my work laptop right now). Now I realize a 3-year-old being on a computer for 3 hours seems a bit extreme, but she just walked up to me and counted to ten in Spanish, so we're going to pretend that she's actually participating in some sort of online educational classes, OK? Work with me here, people. She's quiet and I'm getting a lot done and I don't want to screw that up.

* We found out that Taylor Hicks is going to be in concert literally RIGHT down the street from us next month. Tickets go on sale this Saturday. We are sooooo there! We LOVE Taylor Hicks. SOUL PATROL! I suggested to Steve that we make T-shirts with Taylor's face on them and "I heart Taylor!" written on them, just for the fantastic photo opportunity it would present for my blog. He actually briefly considered it, but I'm afraid he'd actually want to wear it to the concert, so I've decided not to mention it again.

* Speaking of American Idol, people, I LOVE Blake. LOVE HIM! If he doesn't get close to winning, I'm going to be pissed! And I'd say he should win it all, but frankly, some of the girls kick some singing ass and I really do think they deserve a shot too. But Blake better at least be second, or I'm boycotting American Idol forever. And if that scrawny little dude that looks like a girl doesn't go home this week, I'm flying to the next taping and kicking his ass on camera. He sucks.

OK guys, I guess that's it for now. I really should remove Hannah from the computer chair (like mommy, like daughter, huh?) and get her to do something "acceptable" like play with flash cards or something now. LOL! Later gators!