Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey gang. Sorry I didn't blog last night. Grace woke up and interrupted me mid-blogging. (Damn kids.)

Today the weather was gorgeous so we were outside all... day... long. A few pictures...

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Let's review some of the day's events, shall we?

* Grace wore that shirt all day. It says, "Mippy... Kickin' Ass in 2005". It made me laugh everytime I read it.

* We stopped at my mother-in-law's house, where Grace just had to tell her to look at her shirt and asked her what it said.

* Was glad my MIL was smart enough not to read the "kickin' ass" part out loud. Was also happy she's cool and laughed, asking me where Grace got the shirt. (My mom would have a fucking COW if she ever saw my child wearing it.)

* Grace got shit on by a bird at the playground. She was pissed, but I almost pissed myself laughing.

* We all managed to nap this afternoon. That never happens.

* Got a call about a telecommuting editing gig. We'll see how that pans out.

* Steve hung a tennis ball from a rope in our tree out back and provided the girls with hours of entertainment. Score 1 for Steve.

* Gathered up our tax information. Because there's nothing like waiting until the last possible second...

* Was ecstatic when Grace said she wanted to skip gymnastics class tonight and just play outside. Thank you, my child.

* Decided that the
dude from "Numb3rs" looks ridiculous with his hair like that. (It's now much, much longer than in that picture.)

* Laughed when Hannah called Steve "a freakin' whackjob." (She's really taken a liking to that term, no?)


Melissa said...

They're so cute.

Sorry...that's all I got. I've got nothing interesting to say...I just wanted to comment...I'm bored...not tired...

Slacker Mom said...

Sounds like a great day...we were outside all day too, it was awesome.


EE said...

I love that first pic of Hannah. Her expression is great.

LOL at Grace. I'm glad you told us what it said bc I was trying to decipher it in the first pic, LOL! It reminds me of the shirt H loves to wear that Kap gave him that says "Welcome to the OC, Bitch". LMAO

Alien said...

LOL EE! Guess who sent Grace that shirt? PIMP! In fact, "Mippy" stands for "Mini Kappy" since I once said that's who I was raising. ;O

mama_tulip said...

LOL. Now that I know the meaning behind that shirt, it's so much funnier.

God, we're totally procrastinating on our taxes, too.

Veronica said...

LOL! Love the pictures and the shirt, and the story behind the shirt...

We are soooo procrastinating on our taxes, too! I asked Chris yesterday why the heck he/we hadn't filed yet, and his answer was simple-
"Because it's not fun anymore..."

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