Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Seriously Need to Update You Guys On Before I Lose You All as Readers

1. The Taylor Hicks concert and the funny stuff from that night.
2. Grace's first ever dentist appointment.
3. My own effing tooth that is killing me today, but that I'm trying to ignore.
4. My sister's life and how I have such conflicted feelings about the whole thing.
5. The fact that I agreed to keep my MIL's dog here in my home for a WEEK next week. (Y'all know I'm not a big fan of dogs (or animals in general). At all. [sigh])
6. My new favorite layout I did earlier this week. It seriously rocks if I do say so myself, and (in my opinion) is rather hilarious.
7. My new obsession to add as many people as possible to my Friends list in Hello.
8. How taking pictures of my husband gutting fish is really not something I enjoy doing contrary to his beliefs.
9. My newest snack obsession (as if you care).
10. My thoughts on American Idol (again, because I know you care).
11. How I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with Grace this summer when she's home from school.
12. How I laughed out loud when I received a voice mail asking me to bake something for the spring dance Grace's school is having next Friday. (You kind of need an oven in order to make that happen, no?)
13. How I continue to become more and more of a dork as the days pass.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Digital Scrapbookers...

For those of you who have recently started digital scrapbooking, or who are thinking about starting in the future, etc., I just wanted to post two links to blogs who are currently offering gorgeous FREE kits in memory of a little boy who died two years ago. Both kits are really cool, and the story behind them is wonderful and painful at the same time.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Soul Patrol Part II (Not really.)

OK. So I was going to blog about the Taylor Hicks concert last night and tell my funny stories. But it's been a weird day. Some stuff is going on in with my sister (nothing to get all freaked out about and I'll update y'all tomorrow) and I really just want to go scrap a bit and not think too much. I'm not in a witty type mood tonight and I'm feeling sort of down, so I'll post in the morning after I get Grace off to school. I hope you all had a great weekend!

Soul Patrol!

We went to the Taylor Hicks concert tonight. It was a great night and a really cool concert and we had fantastic seats. I have some hilarious stories to tell about the night, all directly related to Taylor Hicks, including ice cream sundaes, autographs, and cell phones, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow because I am so tired right now and really need to head to bed. But I'll update in the morning! :)

But before I go, I leave you with my latest layout. I love the way this one turned out. :)
Credits can be seen here.

Friday, April 20, 2007

OK! OK! I'm here!...

Sheesh, you people are a pain in the ass! LOL!

OK. So now I'm here and don't really know what to say. LOL! Uhhh... I guess I could update you on a few things going on here.

** Grace went fishing for the first time last weekend. She was SOOOO excited to go and she and Steve had a blast! She looked so freakin' cute in her little camoflauge pants and new rubber boots. They caught a bunch of fish and Grace can't wait to go again.

** When I showed Steve that picture up there of him and Grace, I commented that I liked it because he looks really HOT in it. He said (and I quote), "I do look hot in it," and walked away. OK, dude. We really need to work on your self-esteem issues because obviously yours is pretty low. [rolling eyes]

** I kept Grace home from school on Wednesday morning to take her to her first ever dentist appointment. I pumped her up, calmed her nerves, brushed the hell out of her teeth, etc. We even got there 10 minutes early (which NEVER happens for me). We sat down and that's when the receptionist said, "Um, Grace's appointment is next Wednesday." Shit. [sigh] So then I had to take her to school (late) and explain what happened to the lady in the office. When Grace got home, I asked her if she told her teacher what happened. She said, "Well, when I went in, she asked me how my dentist appointment was. I just told her that my mom said it's next week instead. I didn't say, 'My mom's a big, fat dork.'" LOL! Gotta love that kid.

** I'm PISSED about Survivor last night. Why do all the hot guys always get voted off? Dreamz is an ASS and I can't stand the dude. And Boo, I hate to admit, is starting to look rather hot now that he's lost some weight and has more scruff. (I can't believe I just admitted that.)

** Does anyone here watch that new show "October Road"? Oh my god! I LOVE it! Of course, this means it will probably get cancelled, just like every other show I love. "Six Degrees," "The Nine," and that short-lived controversial one with the minister dude are just a few shows off the top of my head that got cancelled. Bastards.

** Tomorrow night at 8:00 PM, I will be sitting just 13 rows away from Taylor Hicks! I'm so excited! He's performing about 4 miles up the road from us so Steve and I and my parents are all going. WOOHOO! Soul patrol, baby!!!

** I spent all flippin' week doing tax crap. First it was for our federal taxes. Then it was for Steve's quarterly taxes for his employees. And now we have to start sending money directly to child support for Steve's waste of an employee who wasn't paying his ex for their son. Great. Like we need to deal with that shit too on top of all the other ridiculous paper work we have. Shithead. Stop spending all your money on beer and pot and start giving it to your poor kid. Asswad.

** I was driving in front of the biggest dickhead EVER yesterday coming down a mountain. I was already going over the speed limit by a bit and this guy still felt the need to drive up my ass the entire time. I would normally have brake-checked the guy, but even the lightest tap would've sent him into the back of my car and clean through the front windshield. See? This is why I don't like to leave my house.

Uhhh... that's all I can think of right now. Is that enough? LOL! Maybe I'll update again later. But god knows, it's not really my strong suit, so don't hold your breath waiting or anything. ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Hi guys!

Long time, no blogging. I know. I know. I suck. I'll type up a post tonight. We've just been busy. Fishing... cleaning... gathering up tax info (blech!)... having overnight guests... etc. I'll post an update and some new pictures later tonight. (I know you're all breathless with anticipation. LOL!) Later gang.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Hi everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! Ours was nice. We spent the first half of the day at my parents' house and then the second half of the day at my mother-in-law's house. Everything was fine at my parents' house. The girls harrassed my siblings (much to Aunt Kristin and Uncle Kyle's delight), they got too much stuff, and we ate good food.

My mother-in-law's was nice too for the most part. Once again, I was the ONLY parent there disciplining the 4 hyperactive children and the ONLY parent there cleaning up the tornado of stuff that the children left behind them as they whirled through the house, but whatever. I'm used to it, so I'm at a point where I can't let it bother me anymore or I'll drive myself insane. I bitch to myself in my head, make myself laugh with my sarcastic remarks (to myself), and move on.

So anyway, here are a few pictures from the day...

Hannah and (One of) Her Basket(s)

Hannah Hunting for Eggs at Grandma's House

Hannah & Her Hat
(It's supposed to be a cowboy hat, but she insists on wearing it sideways. And I asked her if she really needed to wear her "hunting coat" on Easter and she said yes, so we went with it. And she got those sunglasses in her Easter basket and (still) refuses to take that sticker off the lens. Freak, I tell ya... A complete freak...)

Grace Giving Uncle Kyle a Noogie
(He wasn't as annoyed as he looks in the picture. LOL!)

Grace Hunting for Eggs at Grandma's House

The Girls with Their Baskets

The Easter Loot... Christmas or Easter? You be the judge. [sigh]

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Few Things...

...since I last blogged...

** First of all, Hannah LOVES Sanjaya on American Idol. Now this is disturbing to me on SOOOO many levels, but mostly because well, the dude isn't good. What's funny is that she keeps calling him "Kanjaya" or "that boy I like on American Idol." I've told her repeatedly that he sucks (and yes, I truly did say, "That guy sucks," to my three-year-old. Sue me...) But she won't listen. When I asked her tonight why she likes him, she said, "Because he sings good and I like his face." Snort! Alrighty then, Sunshine. Knock yourself out.

** Grace's spring break starts tomorrow. This could either go really well or it could be a really bad week. Only time will tell, but I do know that my computer time is going to be considerably less and that kinda sucks. It also sucks that for the next few days, it's going to be cold and rainy, including on Easter day. Sorry girls... so much for those Easter skirts you were so excited about. I'm afraid we're breaking out the Easter corduroys and turtlenecks. [sigh]

** I went today to get the stuff for the girls' Easter baskets. Dear lord, Easter is almost as expensive as Christmas! (OK... so not really, but I'm a drama queen, so play along, OK?) I didn't want to buy them candy since... a) We still have candy from Halloween left over... b)Grace doesn't like chocolate and the majority of the Easter candy out there is chocolate... c) My kids would live on candy if I let them, and well, I just won't. So I decided to go the non-candy route instead. Great, right? Yes, as long as you don't mind shelling out more money than you intended. I didn't even buy them that much, and yet I watched $150 fly out of my wallet like it was nothing. Grace is getting a Littlest Pet Shop electronic game thingy and flip-flops, and Hannah is getting a new game for her Leapster and a new denim dress. Other than that, all I bought was some bubbles, some sidewalk chalk, pre-filled plastic eggs for hiding, huge footlong pencils that are actually filled with bubble stuff at the top, some Easter grass for the baskets, and these hilarious wind-up chickens that poop out gumballs while they walk. (OK... so I think it's supposed to be "laying eggs," but I know my children well enough to know that they'll assume the chicken is taking big, multi-colored craps.) A HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUCKS?!?!? What the HELL? [grumble grumble...]

** Steve's really, really sick and I feel guilty that the only thing I keep thinking is, "Please don't let me get whatever it is he has." Ya know... because I'm sweet like that.

** Judging by the commercials for Old Navy I've seen recently, I'm guessing that shorts with 1" inseams are again back "in". Shit. I was thrilled last year when Bermuda shorts were suddenly cool. Who the hell makes these decisions anyway? [sigh]

And with that, I leave you with a few more photos and layouts just because I can and because I'm looking for something to do during the commercials while I'm watching Lost. (All credits for the layouts can be seen here.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately...

But I have a good reason actually. See, sometimes life and kids and family gets in the way. And in this case, that's OK. ;)

I'll be back soon. I promise. :)