Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fun stuff...

I found this fun website through CJ's blog. You type in a word and it cranks out an advertsing slogan. I first used CJ's idea of using our names. But then I got all inappropriate and started typing in all sorts of dirty words. I seriously haven't laughed this hard in weeks...

"Gotta Lotta Allison." (How the hell did it know there's a lot of me these days?)

"See the USA in Your Steve." (This made me almost piss myself laughing and I have NO idea why I find it so amusing.)

"Because So Much Is Riding On Your Grace." (I don't know who/what is riding my kid, but they'd better get off.)

I did Grace's name again and it came out with "Race for the Grace." Snort.

"Strong and Beautiful, Just Like Hannah." (Awww...)


So then I started using other random favorite words...

Beer: "Stop. Go. Beer." (LOVE this one.)

Smoke: "The Smoke For All Ages." (That's right folks... even your toddler can now smoke.)

Fuck: "The World's Local Fuck." (Shit. They do know me.)

Ass: "Leggo my Ass!" (I seriously can't stop laughing.)

Assfuck: "Hungry? Why Wait? Grab an Assfuck." (Tears are literally running down my cheeks right now from laughing so hard.)

Dick: "You Too Can Have A Dick Like Mine." (Now I'm crying and pissing myself.)

Crotch: "Splash Crotch All Over." (Oh... My... God. Can't... breathe...)

Sex: "Daddy or Sex?" (I don't want to even speculate what this means.)

Nail: "Do You, uh, Nail?" (Why yes... yes I do.)

Whore: "Just for the Taste of Whore." (I really, really must stop now.)


cj said...

AHAHHAHAHAAHH I love the dirty words. Last night my sister and I were like "Hey put in this name." And we came up with a bunch we couldn't post because.... perhaps "the family" would find out and someone would have to sleep with the fishes.... I'm off to try a few dirty words out. ;)

cj said...

Its how dick cheese is done.

There's First Love, and There's Masturbate Love.

Can You Tell Jerk From Butter?

I'm not Just the Tweeter, I'm a Member.

Cleans a Big, Big Cooter For Less Than Half a Crown. (I'm sure Massengil is going to jump on this promo slogan bandwagon!!)


EE said...

I'm dying....some of those are just too funny. LMAO!

Chelle Y. said...

That was fun to read before I leave for church! :o)

mama_tulip said...

Hungry? Why wait? Grab an assfuck!

I'm going to put this on a t-shirt.

Slacker Mom said...


Those are the best.

And your comments after...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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