Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I Miss It.

Writing that is. I miss it terribly. Not the tech writing thing, because frankly, that still bores me to goddamn tears (she says, knowing she’s meeting with a guy about a possible tech writing gig tomorrow morning… Sigh.). I mean that I miss writing here. I get my writing cravings out on Facebook now, but get pissed when my status update is “too long” and I have to try to condense it. ANNOYING. I ramble. God knows I ramble. So I feel hindered on Facebook when I’m trying to write the latest episode in my life and I’m told by Facebook I can’t post it because I’ve used 523 characters. (And yes, I call them “episodes”…. because more often than not, my life is a goddamn sitcom. Or at least in my head it is.)

So I’m back for now. I can’t promise I’ll stick around for long (because in my own fucked up head, I’m ADHD and don’t know if I’ll really stick around.) And I may start up a whole new blog. Only because over the years, I’ve said WAY too much shit here about people that are now (grudgingly) my friends on Facebook. And if I ever post the super secret link to this blog and they’re bored and start reading back through, it could present a big problem for me. LOL! If I do decide to start using a new blog address, I’ll post it here for those of you that only have this link. We’ll see. I’m not making any promises. I just know that if I don’t do something with the crazy ass random thoughts whirling around in my brain, I’m going to explode. And that would be messy. And Steve is anal and would be pissed if I exploded in the kitchen and got blood all over the white kitchen cabinets. So we’ll see how this goes. Again… no promises. I need to think of a quirky blog title tonight for the brand spanking new blog and secure it and all that other good stuff.

But if I DO decide to roll with this, I’m giving fair warning that it will be a no-holds-barred blog. I’ll drop “F-bombs like it’s my job (but only when appropriate to the entry that day). And I’ll have many entries that are random one or two sentences throughout the day (because Facebook has destroyed my ability to post long updates). But we’ll find the groove we’re looking for and go from there. Promise.

So stay tuned. I may be back tomorrow. Or I may be back in 6-months. God knows you can never take me for my word….