Monday, March 06, 2006

Who says quickies are bad?

OK. This is going to be a quick recap because it's 12:30 in the morning, I'm about done with my last beer, and I need to get up early to get Grace ready for daycare. So, in the past 24 hours, the following things happened...

~ Got three prank calls in a row last night, at midnight, all from the same stupid teenage girls until on the third time, I flipped out, called them "fucking little assholes" and told them they were pranking a cop's house (obviously not true). They didn't call back.

~ Called the doctor's office and organized to go pick up Grace's immunization records for kindergarten registration on Wednesday. *sniff sniff*

~ Went to the appliance store and ordered our refrigerator and picked up our griddle attachment for our stovetop.

~ Took the girls to visit with my MIL a bit.

~ Was thrilled when she gave me $$$ to get the girls some lunch at Burger King.

~ Came home and found out the griddle we/they ordered won't fit. Shit.

~ Cleaned the living room from top to bottom, including under furniture.

~ Got a call from my dad that my sister was walking her two horses (I mean dogs), slipped on some ice, snapped her leg and was currently in the ER in tears. (Reason # 1,232, 345 why I will never own a dog.)

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~ Took the girls outside after Hannah's nap in an attempt to give them some fresh air. I swear I wasn't trying to tire them out so they'd go to bed early... Honest.)

~ Brought them back in when they kept fighting over the sand shovels.

~ Took a lot of deep breaths, trying not to yank my hair out or harm my children.

~ Threw Grace in the shower in a n attempt to seperate the little heathens, even if just for a few minutes.

~ Found out that after seeing a specialist, my FIL's girlfriend "only" has stage 3 cancer and the doctors think she'll be just fine after treatments.

~ Talked to my sister, whom informed me that she can't even pee right anymore because she can't bend her knee because of the cast on her leg, so she has to hold her leg up in the air while she's on the toilet. Dear god, Kristin. An little TMI, my friend.

~ Told her I'd come over tomorrow to help her bathe. (I was kidding. Let her stink. I bathe enough people in my life.)


mama_tulip said...

Kindegarten?! God, wasn't she like, just learning to walk yesterday?!

That's really good news about your FIL's girlfriend -- I hope it proves to be true. And your poor sister...but I'm with you, dude. If it can't get up and walk to the pisser itself, it's not coming to live in my house.

EE said...

*sigh* KINDERGARTEN?! I can't believe she's old enough to go already.

Great news about your FIL's girlfriend.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

1) You are just Mrs. Productive lately. Rock on with your busy self.

2) Dogs RULE.

3) I'm so glad your FIL's friend will recover! That's wonderful news! Please keep me posted!

Amber said...

Good,good,good the hear the better up-date about dad's GF.

Um, was your sister doing some sort of fancy riding tricks on her horses/dogs? How did she fall so bad to get a break like that??

They are beautiful dogs.

Alien said...

Katherine and EE... sigh... yes she was just learning to walk yesterday (or so it seems). And now I'll be registering her for kindergarten tomorrow. :(

Kim: LOL! I'm only productive because I NEED to get this house back in order or I'm going to lose my mind. Now that some of the stuff is working in the kitchen and we're using it, I have food/bowls/utensils/etc. spread out over three rooms downstairs and it's driving me freakin' CRAZY.

Alien said...

Amber, LOL! I don't know. She said she had hold of the dogs' leashes and was walking them through town. She slipped on some ice right in front of a church. It must have been bad b/c a cop came and was bitching about the ice not being cleared. And then the ambulance came (she couldn't even stand up) and they could barely get her on the stretcher b/c it was so slippery.

Tink said...

"Told her I'd come over tomorrow to help her bathe. (I was kidding. Let her stink. I bathe enough people in my life.)" *SNORT* You know this shit comes back around right?

Great news about your FIL's GF. Situations like that scare the bejezzus outta me. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

BTW: The title of this post totally had me thinking dirty. But what's new about that right?

Chelle Y. said...

My mom just got her kitchen back too after almost a year. They are doing remodeling in the whole house and the kitchen finished first.

Now, my brother is sleeping on a matress in the kitchen because his room is next. Hee-Hee, serves him right for still living at home! :o)

I cried when Brendan left for kindergarten that first day. You would of thought he was leaving for college with all the carrying on I did!

Alien said...

LOL Tink. I titled this post while thinking dirty. We rule. :)

Chelle: LOL about your brother. Now THAT would suck. LOL!

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