Monday, March 13, 2006

Why My Husband is Lucky I Love Him...

Let's take a look at the homemade vent cover currently on our vent. Now let's keep in mind that this vent does not involve any sort of dangerous fumes or gasses. None. It's simply where the air vents out if, for example, something gets a little too smokey on the stovetop and you turn the fan on. That's it. You wouldn't need a cover at all, except we could feel cold outside air coming in our stovetop and we wanted to keep critters out.

So in this picture, you see the current cover. It's just a plastic paint can lid with some holes drilled in it. It is serving its purpose well.

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Now, do you see that large concrete step in the right of the picture? That used to be in front of the vent. No big deal at all. Except Steve had bought a cheap, plastic $6.00 actual vent cover to put at the end of the pipe. And it wouldn't fit because that step was in the way.

This, my friends, is what the side of my house now looks like.

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See all that dirt? There used to be grass there. Those dark squares on the ground? Yeah. Those are my sidewalks caked with mud. ALL of this mess for the stupid 6" vent you see in the middle picture to the left of the concrete step.

And I once again ask, do you see why I drink? [shaking head]


EE said...

Ummm, you will have that fixed before I come out this summer....right? LOL

Nice. Cracks me up.

mama_tulip said...


Bottoms up.

Alien said...

LOL guys!

EE: Yes, it will be fixed. In fact, in a month or so (when he's done in the kitchen), he's going to pour us a new set of nice sidewalks, patios, etc. I promise you won't get your flip-flops muddy.

Katherine: LOL! Thanks. It's good to see someone supports me. ;)

Since this picture was taken, he's actually spread a bunch of stones wherever there was mud, so it's not quite as bad anymore. But it's still ridiculously funny. I actually LOL every time I look at/think about it.

Janet said...