Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I registered Grace for kindergarten, returned our griddle to the appliance store, did some laundry, washed some dishes, took Grace to the playground, witnessed a little boy getting accidentally slammed by a bigger kid on a swing and his mom calling an ambulance to come pick him up, visited my sister, got annoyed by my sister, felt sorry for my sister, stole catfood from my sister when she wasn't looking, picked up Hannah at my mom's house, played doctor, blocks, and tea party, felt sorry for Steve when at 7:30 tonight, he decided to drive 45 minutes (one way) to today's job site to cover a porch he poured in case it rained, watched American Idol and rewound to watch Taylor Hicks three times just because he makes me smile, had both girls in bed by 8:15, cooked a fish/green beans/mashed potatoes dinner tonight at 8:30, forgot to call in and vote for Chris, Bucky, and Taylor, and managed NOT to laugh during "relations" this evening.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed. G'night.


Conversation Overheard Between Grace & Hannah:

Grace: "Hey Hannah! I'm going to tell you a joke!"

Hannah: "OK!"

Grace: "Does a puppy go to the movies or pee?"

Hannah: "I don't know."

Grace: "He pees at the movies!" [insert hysterical laughter of both girls here]

Don't quit your day job, kid. Really.


mama_tulip said...

Did it rain? It's fucking POURING here. And they're calling for thundershowers. WTF? Yesterday it was -9. Today it's 5 and pouring.

gb said...

I'm happy for Steve that you could stifle your laughter last night!!

Ha Ha!

Alien said...

Who said it was with Steve? Ha ha. I'm kidding.

gb said...

Oh really?? Do you take reservations?? ;-)


Tink said...

LOL. Reservations? Honey she's booked for the next two years.

I love little kid humor. They're so easily amused.

Slacker Mom said...

What a day!!

Love the joke.

Little kids have the weirdest sense of humor.

Renfield said...

Who the hell is this busy mom you've become and what happened to the Alien I know and love??

I LOVE Gracie's joke, btw...=P

Alien said...

GB, I'm afraid Tink's right. I'm booked out until 2009. But I can pencil you in for that August if you'd like. ;)

Ren, god I don't know. I'm still the lazy piece of shit you know and love. I just happen to have a lot to do lately. I promise I'll stop. Really. I swear.

gb said...

You're booked until 2009? Well, I've seen you in that "boob-enhancing shirt", so I think it would worth the wait. Pencil me in!!

Anonymous said...

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