Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Cornucopia of Thoughts...

Random stuff that crossed my mind / happened / made me laugh today.

I took both girls grocery shopping in the pouring down rain today because Steve was being pouty about no food. Whatever. I was surprised at how well they were both behaved. However, I went there in glasses, no makeup, a headband, athletic pants, and one of Steve's sweatshirts and I ended up running into not one, but TWO girls I graduated from high school with. Fuck.

*~ ------------------------- ~*
My darling husband decided to hook up this cheap ass $6.00 plastic vent cover we bought a few weeks ago. It's for on the outside of the house where our downdraft stovetop fan runs to the outside. It's only function is to keep the cold air/wind from the outside from blowing through the vent and out of our stovetop in the kitchen. He then spent three hours, until 8:00 tonight, using his backhoe to move a concrete slab and our sidewalks a few inches so this stupid ass vent cover would fit. There is now dirt, mud, and other debris all over the place right outside our door. Dude, the plastic paint can lid you had drilled a few holes in was working just fine as a vent cover if you ask me. [shaking head]
*~ ------------------------- ~*
I tried a new recipe tonight. Italian Lemon Butter Chicken (or something like that). It's the unhealthiest dish I've ever made. It called for two sticks of butter just for the cream sauce. Dear lord. Plus oil, more butter, chicken and bacon. Yup. I'm a real health nut, lemme tell ya. LOL! (It tasted really good though, which, in my opinion, is all that matters, but I didn't tell Steve how much artery clogging shit he was ingesting.
*~ ------------------------- ~*
I wore the Oompa Loompa T-shirt today that Renfield bought me for Christmas. ALL DAY LONG the girls told me how much they liked my shirt (Grace cried because she doesn't have one too). Cute. But also ALL DAY LONG, they kept walking up to me and singing the friggin' Oompa Loompa song in my face. It was only funny the first time. The other 1,452,345 times? Not so much.
*~ ------------------------- ~*
My children will be the death of me. Mark my words. It's true. So if you ever hear of my untimely death, just know that regardless of what the obituary says, the real cause of death was my children driving me insane enough to put me over the edge.
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Melissa said...

Thank you for using the word 'cornacopuia' in your title. I love that word and I thought I was the only one I knew who used it. LOL

Renfield said...

No picture?????? Tell Gracie I'll hook her up, too =).

I can't believe your husband MOVED CONCRETE for a vent cover! Oy vey! What a total guy thing to do.

EE said...

Yes, yet another reason i believe that Steve and my lovely husband have so much in common. He'd so totally do something like that.

And seriously, it's a RULE that you will run into pple you know when you look your most stunning! ;) (I mean ask Emily!)

Alien said...

LOL Melissa. I had to spell check it though. (And I had spelled it wrong originally. LOL!)

Renfield: I'll take a picture today. (As well as Steve's (AKA: Timmy the Toolman Taylor) friggin' MESS he has outside now. [sigh]

Melissa said...

I spelled it wrong, didn't I? LOL

Anonymous said...

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