Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In Order to Tame GB's Withdrawl Symptoms...

Here's a fairly boring post. Just for you. Yay you.

Sent the girls to daycare and decided that today was Backsplash Sealing Day. So I started to apply the sealer to the entire wall, using a 1/2-inch paintbrush. No lie. The novelty wore off after the first hour.


Sat down at the computer and found out my poor friend had been told her 9-month-old baby might have Leukemia, and they were at the hospital for tests. Words could not describe my heartache, and I wished the girls were at home with me so I could hug them extra tight.


After sealant coat #2, decided it should be Window Painting Day too. What the hell, right? It sucked. It sucked big time.The window is above the sink. It's also above where the one seam in our granite countertop is (which Steve was sure I would break if I sat or stood on it. Thanks dude.) So I contorted my body in ways I didn't know was possible, painted upside down, and finally just sat on the damn granite window sill and figured if it broke, it broke.

Had WAY too many brush marks on the one side of it and decided to try to "fix it".

Made it worse.

Tried to fix the new mess.

Managed to get it looking fairly decent. Whew. Being married to an anal retentive freak causes much stress in one's life, lemme tell ya.


Watched the garbage men dump our five cans into the garbage truck and then saw one of them write something on a clipboard. Fuck. They weren't kidding in that letter a few weeks ago that said the new can limit is 3 and everything over that will be charged. Damn bastard garbage police. (I actually have no idea what he was writing, but I'm betting we'll be getting a bill in the mail soon.)


Found out my friends little boy does NOT have cancer. Thank. God. (Or whatever other higher being(s) are out there.)


Decided I hate slow moving people even more than dumb people. I mean, dumb people probably don't know they're dumb, because, well... they're too dumb to know. But don't slow people know they're driving/walking/working slow? Unless they're dumb and slow. Then they're too dumb to know they're slow. God bless slow dumb people, but I would really like to kick your asses.


Melissa said...

Maybe those slow people are really smart people, like lost in thought, thinking up a cure for some horrible disease or soemthing. ;)

Mary said...

good job getting all that kitchen stuff done, I'm impressed!!

And you suck for getting free garbage in the first place...I just got our service started again today and it cost me $131.91. It's $27 a month. Sucks.

Alien said...

LOL Mary! Simmer down! Our garbage isn't free. We pay too. I think it's $170-ish a year. But if you put out more than three cans, then you pay more (or so they say).

gb said...

Thanks baby!!


Alien said...

LOL! Nooooo Melissa. I'm pretty sure they're just dumb. OR they aren't dumb and they just don't care that they're holding up like 8 people behind them in the grocery store aisle as they walk -0.2 MPH. Or that there's a HUGE line of cars behind them waiting, as they drive so slow, a bicycle could pass them going faster. Bastards. [grumble grumble]

EE said...

Stupid garbage police.

Mary said...

OKay ya got me all riled up after shelling out money to our own garbage mafia...

I did see it's only an extra $3 to have an extra 32 gallon can. We have the 64 gallon and rarely fill it up, but it was still good to know about the extra.

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