Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Good

1. Got to sleep in since both girls slept over at my parents' house last night.

2. Only had Hannah all day since my parents took Grace to a show this afternoon.

3. Got the door and window trim painted and it looks fabulous. Steve rules. I can't believe he made some of it out of a plain ol' piece of wood. (Pictures tomorrow.)

4. Got good take out food for dinner.

5. Had a fairly calm evening with the girls (other than the ridiculously disgusting toilet incident mentioned in "The Bad" below.

6. Had both girls sleeping by 8:30.

7. Steve brought home 3 stools from his mom's house that we're using at the island until we find some we like.

8. Had relations.

The Bad

1. Woke up with all sorts of aches and pains because I actually slept in my own bed (as opposed to Grace's) and the mattress sucks. When 2 people both roll towards the middle all night because of the large "dip" in the mattress, it's probably time to replace it.

2. Missed Grace.

3. Had areas of the trim that I had to paint using an frickin' teeny tiny watercolor brush because of all the dips, dents, and details. Also had to do it while standing on a rickety old wooden ladder that should really just be burned, and my arm hurt from reaching up over my head so much.

4. Ate too much and felt like crap afterwards.

5. While Shop Vac'ing the kitchen, I heard hysterical laughter coming from two children in the bathroom. Upon investigation, I discovered Hannah dipping her underwear into the toilet and then flinging the water all over herself, Grace, and the bathroom. I swear to god, these kids are trying to kill me. So much for skipping baths tonight.

6. The stools don't match the kitchen for shit, but at least we have a place to sit and eat now.

7. Laughed during the "relations" at a really bad time.


mama_tulip said...

LMAO at Grace and Hannah. Who knew playing with toilet water could be so much fun?

EE said...

My darling son has begun throwing his sister's things in the toilet and laughing hysterically after doing it while daughter cries and has a cow. Ugh.

You and laughing during "relations", what's up w/ that?! LOL

gb said...

Laughed "during" relations? Oh my goodness. Did that cause the relations to end abruptly?? Poor Steve........

Emily said...

Do you know this weekend I started laughing "during relations" and then I started thinking of you and we had to stop for a sec b/c I REFUSED to keep going while laughing, with your picture in my mind? LOL

Alien said...

I can't even explain what I was laughing at without getting WAY TMI on all of you. But it really was funny.

GB, the "relations" were in the process of ending, so it was OK. Um, sort of. LOL!

Janet said...

We were just talking yesterday at a baby shower about the usefulness of those toilet locks:-)

Anonymous said...

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