Saturday, March 04, 2006

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time...

"Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change." ~Author Unknown
I've been so busy lately (or so it seems) and have had so many damn people in the house lately, that I feel like I haven't been able to really blog, and cop out every day with a dorky picture of myself from the 90's. But at this very moment, the girls are sleeping at grandma's and Steve's passed out cold from exhaustion in the recliner behind me, so I can finally form a coherant thought (or 20). Let's get started...

First, I would like to apologize to all of my blogger friends. I have been desperately trying to keep up with your blogs the past week, but it hasn't always been possible. Tonight, I finally managed to do just that (for the most part). Unfortunately, although I had time to read them, I had so much to catch up on, that I didn't have a chance to comment on them (because I suck). So rest assured, that although it doesn't appear so, I have read your blogs (as if you give a shit whether I have or not).

Second, I would like to admit right now, here, out loud, that I am thanking all things holy that both children are at Grandma's tonight. I soooo needed a break. Not even necessarily from them, as they've been pretty damn well-behaved the past week. But Steve's been home since Monday, the girls only went to daycare one day this week because of the weather, and every person we know has dropped by unannounced to visit this week either for a bit (or for the entire fucking day). I am just so tired of making conversation, washing dishes, listening to power tools, and picking up Legos, blocks, crayons, dolls, stuffed animals, books, and clothing that I could literally fucking scream. I am free tonight, people. Do you hear me? FREE!!!!!!!


My MIL and her husband decided they wanted to take me, Steve, and the girls out to dinner tonight. Now some of you know this about me already, but I rarely (never) take our kids out to eat in actual, nice sit down restaurants. Ever. I have absolutely NO tolerance for children misbehaving in restaurants (mine or other people's). It just seriously hacks me off.

I think people go out to eat to enjoy themselves. And there's no way someone is going to enjoy themselves when obnoxiously loud children are running around the tables, yelling, or getting in and out of their chairs.

So instead of dealing with that stress, we just get a lot of take out and we all eat in the privacy of our own home where the girls can run around singing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" while buck naked for all I care.

Anyway, it didn't go too badly tonight. We made three trips to the bathroom (or risk tantrum hell) "just for fun" because my children are fascinated with public restrooms.

And I only had to make one trip with Hannah outside to the entryway while she threw a fucking fit because she wanted to sit in a particular seat, but wouldn't tell us which seat so she just kept yelling and throwing herself on the floor. We came back in to have Grace ask me (wide eyed) what I "did to Hannah out there in that room". To which I replied (evilly) "You sooo don't want to find out, kid, so don't push it."

Only had to tell Steve twice to please stop ignoring his wandering children and tell them to sit the hell back down since they didn't appear to be hearing me who had been telling them for the past 15 minutes.

During dinner, my MIL said how she'd like to take us out to dinner once a month (as well as Steve's brother's family and her husband's son's family in a whole "rotating" sort of system). Lady, if you think I'm going to go through that stressful hell once a month, you're fucking crazy. However, if yo'd like to take just Steve and I out once a month, I'm all for it.


Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I just turned around to look at the TV and saw that "Little People, Big World" is coming on TLC in exactly 12 minutes. Panic attack. Panic attack. Panic attack. Must... change... channel... NOW!!!!

Update: I forced myself to watch this last night and actually rather enjoyed it. After the first 10 minutes, I kind of forgot I was freaked out, and started feeling badly for them instead. See? I have a heart. Somewhere.


We watched "Anchorman" tonight. I almost pissed myself laughing. Literally.


Didn't know whether to laugh or cry yesterday when Grace walked into Hannah's room at 6:30 in the morning and said, "Hey Hannah, do you want to go downstairs and play that game where I'm a ghost and I kick the ball into your face?"

(What was even worse was that Hannah said, excitedly, "YEAH!" and ran downstairs with her.)


Melissa said...

OMG, I loved Anchorman!

"Look at that rainbow!" "Do me on it!"

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

TLC runs that damn midget special every month or two. Seriously, who watches it??

Alien said...

Oh no Kim. This is a NEW midget show. A reality show about a little people family. The mom and dad are dwarves, and they have 4 children, all of which are average, "normal" height except 1. It's going to be on every week.

EE said...

Good to hear from real live stuff, lol.

So does Steve go back to work NEXT wk????

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