Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was like a machine today...

Seriously. I couldn't be stopped. Productivity was my middle name. Wanna hear what I got done?

OK, so I sent Grace off to daycare. After showering and getting all persons dressed appropriately, I strapped Hannah in the car and headed out for some good, ol' fashioned errand running.

First stop was the gas station. I had decided to cash in Steve's rub off lottery tickets that have been sitting here for a good 3 months. He obviously didn't need the cash, but mama did. So I was $12.00 richer. Hannah wanted a bag of gummy strawberries. "What the hell," I thought. "Steve's paying for these bad boys with his lottery winnings. Why not?"

But see, he wasn't. Because sweet, tiny Hannah with the big blue eyes scored a free bag of candy when the guy that works there said they were on him. And yes, this is the same dude that laughed at me last week when I went in there looking like a total ass. I told you guys he likes me...

Next stop was the doctor's office where we picked up copies of Grace's immunization records for kindergarten registration tomorrow. I'm still in denial about the whole thing, so let's just move along...

"Where are we going next, Mommy?" asked Hannah, as we left the doctor's office.

"Ummm... uhhh... the beer store," I mumbled under my breath.

"YAY! The beer store!" yelled Hannah (even though she's never been there in her life).

So we pull up at the beer store (actually, the downstairs of a couple's home... EE's been there... LOL!) and I take Hannah in with me. While there, she again scores free candy when the owner offers her a Tootsie Roll. Seriously, I'm beginning to think I need to take Hannah with me more often when wanting to acquire free shit.

Then we came home and that's when it all began. My inability to really sit down today. I managed to get all non-refrigerated food off of 3 free-standing bookshelves scattered throughout our downstairs, and get it all into our kitchen cabinets. Of course, this involved rearranging things for a good 3 hours as I came up with ridiculous logic as to where each item should be placed.

Next, I cleaned the sunroom that I had slowly been emptying throughout the day.

But then the playroom started annoying me since that was the only room left that hadn't been cleaned in the past 2 days. So I cleaned and reoganized that entire room too.

It was crazy, I tell ya. Throw in the mountains of dishes I washed today, and even I don't know who this imposter is.


In other news, my sister had a horrendous appointment at the orthepedic specialist today, involving her screaming in the office (supposedly) when they had to move her ankle. They told her she will probably need surgery, and possibly need pins in her ankle. Upon hearing the news, I instantly felt guilty for my bathing crack yesterday. Granted, there's still no way in hell I'm washing her, but I felt bad for saying it. LOL!


Other random things I feel like mentioning....

~ Hannah walked around for an hour today wearing two zip up hoodies... with both hoods up... in the house.

~Got an email that Steve's grandmother also slipped and fell on ice yesterday (not the same ice as my sister), and is in the hospital indefinitely with a broken shoulder. Lovely.

~ In making the girls pancakes for dinner tonight, I realized that I have a loooong way to go before I can properly gauge the cooking time differences between gas and electric stovetops. God bless my children for eating those half-burned pancakes without so much as a look asking what the fuck was wrong with the damn things.

~ I've decided I really don't give a rat's ass about any of the female American Idol contestants.

~ LOVE the hippie dudes on Amazing Race. Seriously. I hope they win.

~ HATE the frat boys, and the old couple annoys me. (Mean. I know. I don't care.)


Ditsy Chick said...

I have $10 riding on the frat boys coming in first in our office pool. I have not seen the show this time at all, I consider it my stupidity fee for entering the pool in the first place.

My middle child is getting registered for Kindergarten next week, he is so excited and I could just cry.

Mary said...

Wow look at you! Miss Productive! I'm jealous. Only made it to school, music class, and now being lazy/doing homework. House is still a wreck, I still don't care.

Sorry about your sister and grandma! That sucks :( Glad I wasn't the one having to do her xrays....

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...


(((Alien's slippy-feeted relatives)))

mama_tulip said...

When we first moved here I set half of our meals on fire before I figured out that with gas, things cook a lot quicker. A LOT.

Dude I am all about the hippies on The Race. I call them "BJ and the Bear." LOL. I couldn't BELIEVE it when the frat boys ran up to Phil at the pit stop and the one guy was screaming something about "Phil, you woman, you!" Fuckin' horndogs.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine! The pancake box said to cook for 1 to 1.5 minutes on each side. Dude, um, try 20 seconds (maximum) on each side. Dear lord. LOL!

Janet said...

Wow! You got a lot done! I hated my gas stove for that very reason- I burned everything!

I LOVE Mandissa (think that is the way to spell it) on Idol! She is so classy and a great singer. Sam is in love with Kelly Pickler so I have to cheer for her too:-) I also like Katharine. The other girls- not so much there.

Amber said...

Gad. I seriously wish I had an ounce of that energy. I have, um...that would be...none.

Idol girls sort of suck. But I like Katherine. I'm thinking it's a guys season.

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