Sunday, March 19, 2006

Today Kind of Sucked.

LOL! Not in any horrendous, death-in-the-family sort of way. But in a god-I-can't-wait-until-the-girls-are-sleeping-so-I-can-shotgun-a-beer sort of way. ;)

The girls had slept over at my mom's house last night, so it was nice sleeping in until 8:00 (when my MIL called, waking us up).

And then I had to pick the girls up (where my mom informed me they had both been up half the night and were exceptionally tired). [sigh] The two of them have been a little... um... "moody" lately to begin with, so the thought of throwing exhaustion into the mix really didn't sound like much fun.

My MIL came over with McDonald's Happy Meals for the girls at lunchtime (a good thing) and said she'd stay and babysit them (also a good thing), while Steve grouted the backsplash (good) and I went grocery shopping (bad).

I hate grocery shopping. Truly hate it. Some moms say they enjoy it when they can get away from the kids and be by themselves for a bit. I would rather stay home and deal with the hellions while Steve went and bought us food. And what really sucks since I got laid off last year is that now I have to depend on Steve for the grocery money. That doesn't sound so bad, does it? It is. See, Steve doesn't have an ATM card. And my name isn't on any of his credit cards (and ever since the time I tried to check out with a FULL shopping cart of food and they wouldn't let me use his card, I refuse to even try to use his credit card anywhere). That means I have to use cash. Which means that every shopping trip involves a set amount of money I can spend, which means I have to write down prices and add things up n my head as I go to avoid another embarrassing moment at checkout.

So I had to go four towns away today because it's the only grocery store that has a bank right in the store that is open on a Sunday and would allow me to cash a check (from Steve) so I'd have cash to buy food. So now not only am I doing the one thing I hate most, but I'm doing it in a grocery store where I don't know the aisle layout and with a price limit. Fuck.

So anyway, I live through that excruciating trip (and I won't even get into how I was in math hell, and how I got out of line to put stuff back because I was afraid I was over my limit and it's good I did because I was only $8.00 below what total cash I had...) and head home.

I made some comments when I walked in about the price of groceries, how I tried to bring home the $50.00 in cash Steve wanted from the cashed check, but how it was impossible because we needed everything, etc., but never mentioning he was really only getting $8.00. And god bless my MIL, as she was walking out the door, she secretly slipped me $20.00 and whispered, "Put this towards the change from the groceries and don't tell Steve I gave it to you." I.... love... her.

So that was nice, but it all went downhill from there. The girls behaved horrendously after Hannah woke up from her nap, I totally lost it on them (just yelling, no spanking), they woudln't stop crying all night, I spent 90 minutes cleaning off tiles with a friggin' toothbrush to make sure we got all the grout out of the grooves, I had picked up (unknowingly) a bad package of haddock at the store, Salinger got shit all over the bedroom (I cleaned that up before Steve knew about it, thank god), and Grace decided at 8:15 (after brushing her teeth), that she did indeed want the dippy eggs she had turned down 2 hours before and since she hadn't eaten dinner, I stood there cooking them for her, the house smelled like fish all night (I HATE the smell of fish), and "Desperate Housewives" was a rerun.

This may possibly be the first time ever that I'm looking forward to Monday. For the love of...


Mary said...

I hope both of our Monday's are better. Except I was stupid and DIDN'T grocery shop today, so I have to go with both kids tomorrow. yipee skippy.

mama_tulip said...

I am so with you on the grocery shopping. I *hate* it. I always send Dave, and he comes home with sugar-laden snacks and bags upon bags of pancake mix, but whatever. At least I don't have to go. For me, grocery shopping is a form of torture.

I'm also with you on the whole attitude-from-the-kids thing. My god. There must be something in the air.

gb said...

We all have days like that. It is OK, and it will get better!

Kelly said...

Ever since Ralph found out about my little debt situation I get $150 cast each week to go grocery shopping. I hate hate hate having a set amount because I'm constantly worried about going over and I do not want to get up there and not have enough money and have to take thing out. That's embarrassing.

Janet said...

(((Allison))) My kids were absolutely bonkers yesterday too! I had kids everywhere, screaming about everything and everyone was out of sorts. It was nuts!

Grocery shopping with cash would be impossible! I would be marching down to that bank today to get a debit card!

Slacker Mom said...

I don't like grocery shopping either. My plan is to get in and out as fast as possible, and I even write my list in order of the aisles so it will go faster.

I also download some good non-kid friendly podcasts and listen to those while I shop, makes it more bearable.

But if I had to worry about not having enough cash??? (I use credit card).

Unbearable. I would despise it.

Good luck, my friend!!

(Your MIL does ROCK!)

Amber said...

((you)). Hope today is better. Um, why don't you get an ATM card? I don't understand. That is crazines. It must stop now.

You gotta love a good MIL. ;)

Slacker mom-- I also do the pod cast while I shop. This is a good thing.

Alien said...

LOL! The ATM thing actually makes more sense than it sounds like. Steve and I have seperate accounts. Normally, I would use my ATM card. But since there's no money IN my account right now, that won't work. ;)

Steve doesn't want an ATM card for his account because it's his business account (he's self-employed). He's afraid that with an ATM card, he'd whip it out for cash and purchases and lose track of stuff, which you can't really do with a business. So this way ALL money/transactions/etc. are recorded in his checking account. So I can totally see his point. Up until the stupid store stopped letting me use his credit card, it wasn't a problem. LOL!

beth said...

((alien)) What a crappy day. Sorry.

Could Steve get a debit/visa card? That way you could just do the PIN at the grocery store and it wouldn't be anyone else's business. Plus he could just keep using it like a credit card. I never use my business Debit card at ATMs, only as a credit card so it's all recorded on my statement.

Hope today was better!!

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