Saturday, March 25, 2006


GRACE: "Mom, how come when people get bigger they have hairy butts?"
ME (laughing): "Who has hairy butts?"
GRACE: "Big people."
ME: "Like who?"
GRACE: "Like you."
ME: "I do not. Boys have hairy butts. Not girls."
GRACE: "Oh. OK."


HANNAH: "Put your coat on, Grace."
GRACE: "No! You're not the boss of me!"
HANNAH: "Put your COAT on, Grace!"
GRACE: "NO! You're not the boss of me! I'm the big sister! That means I'm the boss of you!"
HANNAH: "No you're NOT! Mommy's the boss!"
GRACE: "Noooo... I'm the boss of you, and Mommy's the boss of both of us. Now leave me alone."


Kim said...

LOL! If you're not mommy, then who is? ;)

Amber said...

That is what i say to Kory all the time. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!lol

Chelle Y. said...

I say that to Mike too!

Anonymous said...

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