Monday, June 08, 2009

I Suck Ass.

That’s right. I said it. I suck ass. Sigh. I am SUCKING at this blogging thing here on the ol’ personal blog. I’ve been quite efficient over on the other blog I contribute to. But by the time I get done with that, take care of the kids, take care of the husband (ahem…), take care of the house, post on Facebook, post on Twitter, make some shit that allows me to release my inner artist, etc., this ol’ blog gets neglected and I’m just too tired or uninspired to update it. I hate that I don’t post here anymore, so I’m going to try really, really hard to start posting fairly regularly again. I’m not sure who here even cares anymore (if any of you are even here anymore), but we’ll just plug along and see what I can do. LOL!

Hmmm… I’m not sure if any of my updating would interest any of you at this point. Or how many of you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (which means you already know everything about me), but I’ll give a brief summary.

School’s out… we joined the public pool for the summer and the girls drive me nuts everyday begging to go… I take them but hate it, only because my only suit that fits me is a plain brown one-piece that makes me look like a big piece of wet lumpy shit (need to get a new one this week)… Steve’s busy with work and got blonde highlights last week that make him look like a rock star and makes me want to dry hump him or something… lots of awesome friends have been stopping over a lot on the weekends which kicks ass, regardless of the ridiculous hangovers and lack of sleep we’re getting because of it… my creative mind is in overdrive and I’m a bit worried how much of that I’ll be able to satisfy now that the kids are home all day everyday… I have some cool ideas in the works that could either make or break me, but no one was ever successful without trying, so we’ll see what happens… I lost my wallet today and was thrilled when someone turned it in with all $150-ish still in it, untouched (I knew there were still good people out there in the world)…

Dear god. I keep thinking of more to add. But I’m going to end this. Only because I don’t want this blog to become an online journal of my everyday life. Most of you (I think) are my friends on Facebook, which means you already know ALL of this stuff, so why reiterate it here. Nope. Starting tomorrow, this is going to become like the “old blog” again. Humorous stories… essays… observations… conversations… etc. So thanks for bearing with me as I just rambled on about nothing. It’s my gift. Enjoy it. ;)