Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


"Chaos is my friend." ~Bob Dylan

~ Woke up to a full house. I had kept the girls home from daycare (due to downpours and horrendous wind) and Steve wasn't working today (due to downpours and horrendous wind).

~ Was happy to see that the cabinet boxes from yesterday were still entertaining the girls quite a bit.

~ Managed to take an uninterrupted shower thanks to those boxes.
~Added more people to the mix when my brother-in-law (Steve's brother) stopped by to visit for awhile.

~ Snickered inwardly (OK... and outwardly) as he stood here telling stories about his wife's horrendous spending habits and money issues. (See Steve? I could be much, much worse.)

~ Added another body when the cabinet installer showed up again for the day.

~ Brother-in-law left, subtracting a warm body from my loud, crowded home.

~ Didn't know whether to be happy or to run screaming when my dad pulled in the driveway after his trip to the gym so he could check out the cabinets and see the girls for a bit.

~ Dad left and a few minutes later, Steve did too to run errands, allowing me to at least sort of be able to hear myself think.

~ Hannah went down for her nap and I snuggled on the couch with Grace, giving myself a much needed rest and allowing me to close my eyes for a few minutes since I had a screeching headache behind my eyes. (Stupid freaking hormone fluctuations directly related to menstruation.)

~ Steve walks in two hours later and proclaims that he has just spent $400.00 between WalMart and the grocery store. (Note to Steve: Don't EVER ask me again where all my money goes. Perhaps now you see how easy it is to drop that much cash in two pathetic stores within an hour's time.)

~ Laughed when he told Grace and Hannah that he had bought them each something and proceeded to pull out two children's camoflauge baseball hats that he told me were on clearance for $1.00 each.

~ Got a little pissed when he then pulled out two more (adult ones) saying they were both for himself. (Dude, where the hell is mine? Not that I want one, mind you. But if you're going to buy for everyone else in the family, how about me too. Bastard.)

~ Laughed when he said I could wear one of his two since I "have a big head" and we wear the same size hat. (Seriously dude... you really don't want to get laid tonight, do you?)

~ At one point, totally forgot about the cabinet guy in the kitchen and left out a HUGE fart. I'm thinking that thin sheet of plastic between the two rooms probably didn't muffle the sound quite as much as I would've liked.

~ Said, "Grace! You little piggy!" loudly, even though she was upstairs and nowhere near the scene of the crime.

~ Hoped he couldn't see through the plastic, therefore allowing him to know that the four-year-old I just blamed for letting one rip was nowhere to be found.

~ Was excited to see the extention and the outside beadboard put up around the island.

~ Used a new fantastically delicious lemon garlic marinade tonight on our chicken.

~ Watched "American Idol" and wondered if I would be so cruel as to support my child in his/her singing career even if they sucked as badly as some of the people on the show. Steve asks me every season whether or not anyone has ever told these people that they suck. I mean, how could someone NOT say, "Dude, you really blow. Don't go and embarrass yourself on national television. Really." I would like to think that I would tell my kid they sucked and not travel halfway across the country to stand outside the audition room as Simon ripped them a new one.

~ Put Hannah to bed at 9:00 and then listened to her tell herself bedtime stories for AN HOUR, through the entire hour of LOST. "Once upon a time... AND there was a monkey... AND he had an umbrella... AND he went to the store and it rained... AND he ran into Dora the Explorer..." Then she started singing, "I don't have a job anymore... I don't have a job anymore... I'm not going to work today... I'm not going to work today..." Seriously kid, what the hell? At least she has a good imagination, right? (Or she wants to be like her mommy. One or the other...)

~ Almost pissed in my pants laughing at Steve when after watching LOST, he decided to analyze the entire thing, wondering why the plane crash victims didn't just sit down and become friends with "The Others" while they were talking. And how if he was on a weird, mysterious, possessed island and he ran into the "pirates" that had been there for awhile, he would sit down and work something out so they could all be friends. (Seriously dude, seek therapy. And for the love of god, don't ever try to write TV shows because your shows would suck some serious ass.)

~ Watched CSI: New York and decided that I really do like that one and CSI: Miami WAY more than the original anymore. Except for the absence of Warrick. Because he's a beautiful, beautiful man and I do miss staring at him and touching myself.


Janet said...

We watched American Idol tonight for the first time ever. We both kept saying, "Why didn't anyone tell them they were bad before they came?" It is amazing some of these people thought they were good!

I do the same thing to TV shows that Steve does. I watch Home Alone with the kids and I ruin it by telling them all of the different things that Kevin 'should' have done in that situation:-)

Sounds like it is windy all over the country!

Alien said...

LOL Janet! "Home Alone" happens to be the movie of the week in this house. If Hannah asks me to watch "the little boy movie" one more time, I may scream. Of course, I suppose it's better than that blasted "chocolate factory movie". LOL!

Janet said...

We are on our third copy of Home Alone. We watch it so much, it get's worn out and we have to buy another one quickly! Never get sick of that one:-) It is much better than that chocolate one!

jeanne_bean said...

Those eyes...I could swim in them. *drool*

And WTH is it with our bugs and the singing?? S recently took up singing and humming herself to sleep, and this new routine lasts at least an hour every night. I don't get it...

Jenn said...

I really like CSI:NY, too. I watch it more than CSI:Miami. I had a farting incident the other day in class. It was silent, thank God! Luckily I was standing around other students, so they all thought this other student let it rip. :)

Alien said...

Yeah Jenn... if I had to pick between CSI: NY or CSI: Miami, I'd pick NY. But I think that's mostly because I've always had a "thing" for Gary Sinise. [blush]

EE said...

LMAO, I was going to say the same thing. Some of those people SUCK, they must have some seriously not nice friends to not tell them how horrid they are.

My favorite so far has been the Wendy's chick from Tues night. Oh and that "guy" that so looked like a chick and couldn't figure out why everyone kept asking if he was a girl. ?!?!?!?! He was wearing GIRL clothes. He did not buy that V neck, cap sleeved tee at a store for DUDES, guaranteed!

LOL at Steve and his logistics on Lost. We couldn't figure out *why* 4 people felt the need to chase and follow Micheal???? Let him

Janet said...

EE, Eric and I were talking about that guy/girl. He was so upset that everyone thinks he is a girl but he very obviously shopped in the girls section. If you don't want to look like a girl, don't dress like one:-)

mama_tulip said...

LOL at Hannah telling herself stories in her bedroom. We sit down here after we've put Julia to sleep and listen to her singing made up songs and the alphabet song over and over again.

I'm also LOL that you added Peter Pan to your list of links.

Alien said...

Peter Pan RULES!

Anonymous said...

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