Saturday, January 07, 2006

And in other news...


"I want to get a job as someone who names kitchen appliances. Toaster, refrigerator, blender....all you do is say what the shit does, and add "er". I wanna work for the Kitchen Appliance Naming Institute. Hey, what does that do? It keeps shit fresh. Well that's a fresher....I'm going on break." ~ Mitch Hedberg

  • Hannah wasn't nearly was whiny today, and in fact, looking back, both girls were complete angels considering "construction" was going on and we were trapped in the house for like the third day in a row.
  • Hannah has miraculously become completely potty trained in the past 48 hours (except for nap and bedtime), and has worn underwear for the past two days without a single accident. Sweet!
  • We hit the six-week mark since Grace had her ears pierced, so we took out her starter pair and put in the cute gold kitty cat ones she got from Santa (AKA: "Mom") for Christmas. We had no problems and this in itself is hard to believe since we stopped cleaning them after like 2 weeks and I don't even know where the bottle of cleaning solution they give you is in the house. (I suck.)
  • I am now on the hunt for puppy dog earrings for her (as per her request). I've found some, but none are 14K gold, which I want. A lot of them are silver or pewter, but since she's had no problems or reaction to the 14K gold, I'd really like to only let her wear those for awhile until we venture into other metals.
  • I had the startling revelation today that I only have four weeks left of unemployment and no projects coming up that I'm aware of (although I haven't asked yet). Ummm.... shit? I guess I should get on that, huh?
  • I also wondered if I should contact the guy at the office about upcoming projects, because perhaps they really have forgotten I have their laptop and will never ask for it back.
  • I decided (just now) to break out a spoon and a jar of Nutella because I'm hungry and that sounds good.
  • I laughed when Hannah pooped in the potty and I flushed it and she got very, very sad and said, "But now how are we going to look at it? I wanted to show Daddy." Poor little thing just doesn't understand that poop isn't really something we put in the scrapbook.
  • I cleaned the downstairs (sort of), so now we only look like white trash (as opposed to filthy white trash).
  • Casually hinted to Steve that it was going to annoy me that our old dishwasher (one we bought not that long ago and still works fine) wasn't going to match any of our new appliances once the kitchen is in. Surprisingly, he agreed we should get a new one. However, I believe he's simply caught up in the euphoria of almost being done with the damn project, and if we do decide to get a new one, I can assure you that for years to come, whenever we have a money disagreement, I'll be told that it's my fault we wasted money on a new dishwasher when our old one worked perfectly fine. (Note: I actually am perfectly fine with keeping the old one until it dies. I would like one that matches the new appliances, but I'm also not that frivilous that I'd insist on getting rid of a perfectly good one. I seriously was just commenting out loud, and was in no way, fishing for a new one.)
  • Allowed my children to watch parts of "Jaws" tonight before bed. Steve and I have both seen it so many times that we know all of the scary/bloody parts WAY before they happen, so we knew when to turn the channel. Hey, I can't help it my 4-year-old daughter has a thing for sharks and snakes and other non-cute, non-fuzzy animals.


EE said...

Ok, LMAO, JAWS?! Here we were all wondering if we should let Calista watch Cutting Edge and your kids are watching JAWS. I'm obviously way too uptight! (and I don't actually *think* I'm very uptight, ROFL)

YAY Hannah!!!!!! I'm umm, jealous. Dang Haley and his control issues. ;)

An idea, Calista has *very* sensitive ears and can't wear cheap earrings. I buy her Claires' "Sensitive Solutions" earrings and they don't bother her ears at all. They have a *huge* variety and stuff. You might want to check them out. :)

Alien said...

Why the hell wouldn't you let her watch "Cutting Edge"? LMAO! Will those sharp skate blades give her nightmares? PIMP!

And normally I wouldn't let her watch movies like "JAWS". But she LOVES stuff about sharks. And she has non-fiction kids' books that show sharks doing things, eating things, etc., so she knows they attack other living things, including people sometimes. [shrug]

And it's not like I popped in the video and said, "Here kids... watch this." PIMP! Steve turned it on and they wandered in and sort of half started watching it. Grace asks a lot of questions during any movie or TV show, and she did again tonight. We're pretty honest with her for the most part. She asked why the men had killed the shark at one point and I said because they think a shark ate a guy. She said (and I quote), "Well, I hope they don't kill a whale shark (which is an actual kind of shark), because they're HUGE, but they're very nice and they NEVER hurt or eat people." The thing is, she's right. I guess she DOES pay attention when we read her books. ;)

And now all other mothers reading this can commence judging my parenting skills. LOL! Just know that I don't care. ;)

Alien said...

Oh, and EE, remember that this is the same child that stood next to her Daddy's dead bear for a photo opportunity. LOL!

(And Hannah was funny. I told her it was time for bed and she said, "NO! I want to watch until another commercial! I'm not scared of the sharks! I'm NOT!" PIMP!)

Janet said...

Maybe that is why Hannah has been so cranky? She was potty training! That is wonderful!

Go for the new dishwasher! You cannot put anything that has been used in that kitchen!

I want to be a kitchen guy too:-)

Janet said...

EE, thanks for the tip on the earings! Madeline can only wear 14K too. I will check those out.

Alien said...

Oh yeah EE! Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check them out. :)

Alien said...

Oh, and EE, I posted an anonymous poll on my one mommies board asking if they would let their kids watch "Jaws". I want to see if I'm the only cool parent or not. Baahaaahaaa! ;)

Emily said...

My quote for the day:

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin

(I'm not gonna comment on jaws, I was on of the people taking my 4 year old boys to Star Wars Episode III even when everyone else said, "Oh, its way too dark and scary for the little ones"....LOL)

Oh, and you are wise not to venture from 14c gold just yet. Julia has senitive ears and the ones from Claires EE mentioned even bother her, as do every other store's variety of 'low allergy' or hyopallergenic' ....her little ears swell up and turn red after only 5 or so hours, and if she leaves them in after that when you take the earrings out her ears bleed...the ONLY ones our doc said that are guarenteed to be 100% are pure gold.

Alien said...

Yeah Emily, since she's only 6-weeks into this whole ear piercing thing, I'm not going to venture into experimental earrings yet. LOL! But I will keep the Claire's ones in mind in the future, after she's worn earrings for awhile. :)

Janet said...

Emily, that is Eric's favorite quote!

Emily said...

LOL, too! I have it on a t-shirt

EE said...

Please know Allison that I was NOT judging you about the movie. We let Calista watch things that I think a lot of parents would consider....I guess "not ok". *shrug* We're pretty lenient in that area. (I was just giving you a hard time bc *I* am afraid of the movie Jaws, LMAO)

I was concerned about Cutting Edge bc of the whole sexual undertone, lol.

And the earrings. What I do is we put them in and keep a close eye on them. Calista's good about saying her ears are beg to feel sore or whatever and then we take them out before an infection starts. She's never had a problem if we take them back out and replace them w/ her good ones. It would just be worth a try at some point. :)

Adly said...

I stopped cleaning Addison's way too early, too, but we haven't changed out her started pair yet. Is that bad???

Janet said...

EE, I am petrified of Jaws too. I have never even watched the entire movie.

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

You can buy a new faceplate for your current dishwasher for a coupla dollars. Contact the manufacturer and tell them what model you have--should be a sticker inside the door. We did it and it worked great! And then we replaced the dishwasher b/c the old one broke, and I don't like the new one nearly as much. It's somewhat unreliable.

Alien said...

EE, I know you weren't judging me. Dork. LOL!

Adly, I don't think it's "bad". LOL! I did remind her often to spin them. And I asked her a lot if they itched or hurt at all. If she would've said yes, I would've started cleaning them again. But since they weren't bothering her, I figured they were OK.

Kim, thanks! The truth is though, we're not sure if our old one will even work again since it's probably full of plaster dust. LMAO! And they bolt the top of the dishwasher right to the granite countertops, so I was a little concerned about how much of a PITA it would be/will be when we get a new dishwasher. It may not be a big deal at all, but I'm going to look into it.

Alien said...

Oh, and EE, as for the "sexual undertones" in "The Cutting Edge", um, unless they're shown banging each other in bed (which I don't remember), then do you really think your 5 (6?) year old is going pick up on that? LOL!

Emily said...

Um....this is EE's kid we are talking about...she probabaly has some type of genetic predisposition to pick up sexual ANYTHING.

[ducking & running]

EE said...

PIMP EMILY!!!!!!!!!


Susan said...

Yay for Hannah.

I say go for the new dishwasher.

Slacker Mom said...

Awesome news onthe potty training!! Way to go!


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