Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional. ~Chili Davis

* Had to get up early to send Grace off to daycare.

* Like every other morning, decided that coffee really is the nectar of the gods.

* Continued (Day #3) with the Great Photo Transfer, and managed to get all of my 2004 photos emailed to my account and then burned onto CDs using my old company's laptop.

* Totally got scammed and I'm now out $15.00. I suppose it could be worse...

* Zapped my resume off to about 5 job listings I found. I HATE this whole job search/holding out for the perfect job thing.

* Had to send Hannah downstairs by herself to potty while I was in the shower.

* Envisioned horrible accidents like her falling down our flight of wooden steps... or falling in the toilet, trapping herself with her ass in the water until I could come fish her out... her clogging the toilet and it overflowing, with me not discovering it until much later after I had showered and gotten dressed.

* Was proud as shit when she came down, went potty, wiped, flushed, and came back upstairs with no incidents what-so-ever. That a girl!

* Got Hannah and I dressed (or at least partially) and headed to the appliance store to officially order the stove top.

* Headed to the World's Largest General Store to pay the cabinet guy and pick up a birthday gift for my mom (whose birthday it was today, which I remembered this morning at 1:00 AM as I was drifting off to sleep).

* Was pleasantly surprised (and proud) when I watched Hannah behave like a perfect angel the entire time were were out and about.

* Sang the Twilight Zone music in my head when I walked into the kitchen department to pay more of our bill and one of the designers was on the phone with the granite company which had called to ask something about me.

* Laughed when he put me on the phone to just deal with the granite people myself.

* Found out they hadn't received the stove top specifications that my mother-in-law was supposed to have her husband fax last night.

* Picked up a candle and a candle topper for my mom for her birthday. (Because I'm a big spender like that.)

* Grabbed a candle for myself too. (Let's not forget my scent addiction.)

* Pondered who decided that cucumber and melon would make fantastically complimentary scents. I mean, cucumbers? And melons? Ewwww... sounds gross. And yet, it is one of my most favorite scents in the world. Weird.

* Came home and fired off more resumes, while telling Hannah if she peed on the floor, I was making her clean it up.

* Cleaned it up myself when she peed on the floor 5 minutes later (little shit...)

* Scheduled a FedEx pick up tomorrow. As of lunchtime or so, I will be back on my old-as-dirt (literally) home PC, and will no longer have access to you know... a real computer. [sigh]

* Called MIL to find out if she ever faxed the specs.

* Rolled my eyes as she said that her DH had had trouble at first, but eventually, got it through.

* Called granite company back to see if they had indeed received the fax sometime in the last 5 hours.

* They told me no.

* Called MIL back and found out her DH was already trying to fax it through again. (Go Al!)

* Went to my mom's to pick up the girls, gave her her gifts, apologized for not having a card (because I suck like that), and watched my 4-year-old devour two entire salads, an ice cream cup with Cool Whip, several hot wings (minus any sauce), a beef stick, and some french fries. What... the... hell? LOL!

* Laughed when I asked Hannah what she named her boy Bitty Baby Twin and she said, "Puddle".

* This sparked a 10-minute-conversation with Steve and I saying, "Puddle? Like mud puddle?" and Hannah getting pissed off and saying, "NO! Not puddle.... It's Puddle..." (or whatever the hell she was trying to say).

* Still have no clue what the hell she was trying to say. Padro? Pedro? Pudding? It's any body's guess really...

* Was pissed when after watching "Love Monkey" (on of my new favorite shows), found out that a new episode won't be aired for two weeks. What... the... hell?

* Found out NBC cancelled"Book of Daniel" (my other new favorite show).

* Considered driving around the country, bitch slapping any and all people/activists/idiots, etc. who bitched to NBC about its controversial topics, therefore prompting the cancellation.

* Realized I wouldn't have enough gas and couldn't afford anymore, so a nasty email will have to do.

* Enjoyed a few ditties from "Toad the Wet Sprocket". Awwww.... Memory Lane, you are a beautiful place.

And finally...



EE said...

You only "partially" dressed yesterday????? That's a little odd. ;) (but hot)


I'm so proud of Hannah and how she's doing w/ the potty. Awesome.

You'll find something. It'll happen, I just have a feeling. :)

Fuck. We watched the pilot of Love Monkey and then keep forgetting each week to remember to watch it. It was cute. (Note to self- remember to watch!) lol

Alien said...

Yes. We were both topless. ;)

And Love Monkey is not "cute". It kicks ASS! Something that kicks ass cannot be cute. LOL!

mama_tulip said...

Ooooh. I love Aidan Quinn. Such gorgeous eyes, and he can act, too. ;) What was the show about?

Alien said...

Katherine: Aidan Quinn was an Episcopalian (sp? LOL!) minister. He had one son that was gay (which some people knew... some didn't), a daughter that got caught selling pot in order to get money to buy Japanese animation software, and an adopted Asian son who was dating a blonde-haired blue eyed girl, much to the girls' parents' dismay. Aidan was addicted (basically) to pain pills. And Jesus would appear and they'd talk to each other. It sounds a lot weirder than it really was (LMAO!), but it really WAS a great show! I'm so freakin' PISSED!

3crazykids said...

hi alien. just in the 'hood and thought I would stop by.

Kimmykay said...

I watched the show in protest to all the other protesters and fell in love. People are clueless and don't get it (esp christian right wing.... not us normal ones, LOL). Aidan Quinn has always been a favorite of mine and I knew the show couldn't be horrible with him in it. sigh.

also a reminder about the book thingy and how to get it on my blog thingy.

Janet said...

The show sounds better than what was going on at our church 6 months ago:-) Too bad they cancelled it!

Tink said...

Puddle? As in what she accidently made on the floor? That's cute! Happy Birthday Alien's Mom!! Got to give a shout out to a fellow Aquarius. ;)

EE said...

LMAO, ok, I saw it ONCE. I will try to remember to watch it more and not call it "cute".

mama_tulip said...

Sounds like a Jeebis soap opera. ;)

Anonymous said...

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