Sunday, January 29, 2006

A Typical Conversation...

I keep forgetting to talk about the lovely conversation I had with my 2 children upon leaving Grace's gymnastics class on Friday night. So the three of us are in the car, heading to get food, when Grace pipes up from the back seat:

Grace: "Hey mom! I didn't get in trouble this week for calling anybody a name."
Me (confused): "Did you get in trouble another week for calling someone a name?"
Grace: "Yeah. Last week I called Rachel a dork." (Rachel is her "best friend" at gymnastics, so it wasn't said in a mean way at all.)
Me (Laughing): "You called Rachel a dorkus? " (That's what I had thought she said.)
Hannah (with total attitude): "No, Mommy! Only Daddy's a dorkus! She said a dork! She called Rachel a dork!"

Thanks for clarifying, kiddo. LOL!


Alien said...

Testing to see if I can leave a comment so as not to drive Katherine over the edge. :)

EE said...

It works now!

Your kiddos crack me up. And I'm so glad to hear that our households use the same words. LMAO.....

mama_tulip said...

YAY! I can comment. I fell off the edge this morning...not solely because of my inability to post a comment on your blog...but it was a leading factor.

Hannah cracks me up!! I wish you lived next door too...I really think adding Julia to the mix would be tons o' fun.

Anonymous said...

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