Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday, January 19, 2005


Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. ~Author Unknown
~ Woke up and changed Grace into a clean pair of pajamas for school. (Today was "Hibernation Day" for show & tell and they were supposed to wear them.)

~ Changed Hannah into a clean pair of pajamas for school too, even though her class wasn't supposed to wear pajamas because a 2-year-old just doesn't understand when you tell her her sister can wear jammies to school, but she can't.

~ Sent them out the door with Grandma, closed the door, turned around into my completely silent home, and did a little happy dance.

~ Screwed around online while drinking my morning coffee and listening to... NOTHING! Do you hear that people? It's still silent in here! Ahhhh...

~ The silence was broken during my second cup of coffee by a crying, whining cat. Dear GOD, let him not be constipated. Please god. Please god. Please god.

~ Looked over just in time to see him vomit a huge hairball onto the carpet. Fucker.

~ Immediately gave him a dose of laxative "just in case", but prayed it was just the nasty hair ball that had made him puke.

~ Took a loooooong, hot shower, knowing it would be my only kid-free one for another week. [sigh]

~ Got pissed when I saw a hole starting to form in the knee of my GAP bootcut jeans. I only bought them a month or so ago. And yes, I wear them a lot, but it's not like I'm on my knees all day long (shut up, pervs). What the hell?

~ Sat on my ass in front of my computer until almost noon, while ignoring all of the things I really HAD to get done today.

~ Finally made myself get up and cut and organize all of Steve's file folders in his cabinet for 2006.

~ Sat back down in front of the computer.

~ Received another email about another possible job offer.

~ Called in my prescription refill for my overpriced birth control pills that my bastard insurance company doesn't cover. I still think the "Pull and Pray" method works just as well...

~ Went and picked up my overpriced birth control pills thatmy bastard insurance company doesn't cover.

~ Ran into the grocery store to grab the things Steve forgot yesterday.

~ Felt a wave of guilt wash over me as I got into the 15 Items or Less lane and then discovered I had 17 items as I put them up on the conveyor belt.

~ SWORE the couple behind me was counting my items too and felt their glares on the back of my head.

~ Helped an Asian lady read the debit card swiper machine thingy when she stood there for 10 minutes trying to punch her pin number in over and over, even though I could see the thing read, "Please Swipe Your Card".

~ Picked up the girls at my mom's house and headed home.

~ Went upstairs to find Steve redoing all of his file folders that I had done for him today because I didn't use the "correct" color order of the folders. Red, blue, yellow... Red, blue, yellow... Issues, my friends. Issues.

~ Laughed when he got pissed off when he realized he forgot a label and is now going to have to redo the color order from that missing label out tomorrow. Seriously dude, find something important to worry about in your life. For the love of god...


Janet said...

Good luck on the job offers! I know something will come up for you!

I hate even going into the fast lane. I swear everyone is standing there counting my items. I count them over and over just to be sure. It causes me more stress than the time saved is worth. LOL

Ah Eric and Steve would get along so beautifully:-)

Alien said...

Thanks Janet! I actually had a phone interview the other day with the first guy that emailed me. He made it sound like the job was probably mine and he offered me more money than I've ever made before. All he wanted was my more detailed resume. I told him I'd email it to him that night. I never did. Because it was for a full-time position outside the home. I just can't do it. I'd be miserable. :(

Janet said...

Nope, you don't want a full time position outside the home. Keep looking, something better will come up!

Alien said...

What I'd REALLY like is find some WAH editing and writing stuff to do. I told Steve I don't mind AT ALL getting a part-time job outside the home on the days the girls go to daycare and then working from home on the editing stuff. But I just can't bring myself to put the girls back in full-time daycare. :(

Alien said...

Yes, I agree with you. Steve, however, may see things differently. He's kind of, um, a total FREAK about money and isn't so willing to share his. LMFAO!

Janet said...

No, you have had way too much fun with them to send them back full time. You would be a basket case. Not worth it!

Janet said...

Just let him know how unhappy his wife and daughters will be if you go back to full time. Happiness or money? He can pick. LOL

EE said...

GL w/ the job offer! I just KNOW something will come in for you. :)

Steve, Steve, Steve.....he cracks me up. First folding his UNDERWEAR (shaking head) and then being so upset about the filing system. He's too cute, lol.

For the most part (besides the hairball incident), how is Salinger doing these days????

Leslie said...

"Just let him know how unhappy his wife and daughters will be if you go back to full time. Happiness or money? He can pick. LOL"

I tried that on Chris, but he picked money. Ok, in fairness I think it was the health care and food purchased with the money he was concerned about, but still... no go. lol

Alien said...

LOL Leslie! Well, I've found a ton of jobs I can do from home. Editing, proofreading, data entry, some writing, etc. All would probably earn me enough to keep our arrangement as it is, and I'd be willing to work two or three days a week outside the home the days the girls are at daycare, even at WalMart or waitressing or something.

The ONLY thing is, I NEED a new computer if I want to do this. Ours is literally 10 years old (bought in 1996) and still has Windows 95 on it, no EXCEL, the hard drive is full, etc. So if I can convince him to buy me a new computer, I think we'll be golden. :)

Denise said...

Tell Steve your new computer can be a tax write-off if you work at home.

We bought ours through the Dell outlet and it was only $300-$400.

GL finding something from home.

Tink said...

Color coding his files?! Omg... If you need some extra money you should hire him out to organize other people's houses. Like mine. "Organized" to me is stacking things in little piles around the house.

Susan said...

GL with the job search. I'm sure you'll find the perfect match.

Alien said...

Yeah Denise, he knows it's a tax write off. We use ours to do his books already, so that's definitely a bonus.

And Tink, apparently, you and I have the same organizational methods, which drives Steve INSANE... LOL!