Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Do you have any problems, other than that you're unemployed, a moron, and a dork?" ~ John McEnroe

** Sent Grace off to daycare.

** Hannah woke up 5 minutes before Grace left (much earlier than usual) which meant she cried because she wanted to go to school too, and I didn't get my usual hour of "me time" before the little rugrat woke up.

** She spilled milk on her shirt within 5 minutes of waking up and made me take it off.

** Decided she was cold 10 minutes later (understandably) and we went upstairs so she could pick what to wear for the day.

** Came back down and snuggled while watching "Dora the Explorer: Super Babies." (Yes, that's right folks... again.)

** Wanted to poke hot needles into my eyes.

** Was impressed when she went on the potty with no accidents two or three times within the first hour of being awake.

** Decided to shower and asked her several times if she had to potty before we went upstairs. (There's no toilet up there.)

** She said no.

** I jumped into the shower and was standing in there for maybe 10 seconds when Hannah starts jumping up and down, grabbing at her crotch, and yelling, "Potty! Potty! Bring up the potty!" Son of a b*tch...

** Jumped out of the shower, threw on my robe, and ran downstairs (soaking wet and freezing), grabbed the little potty, and ran it back upstairs.

** Practically threw it at Hannah while I quickly jumped in the shower to warm up (but was impressed because she had held it in and we were spared another urine clean up). Go HANNAH!

** Put some laundry away, but when Hannah kept crying to change into every shirt or pair of pants I was putting away, I decided I should probably wait to do it until she was sleeping or just not here.

** Came downstairs and thought of all the things I should be doing.

** Didn't do any of them except vacuum the stairs, which took all of like 2.5 minutes. Because I'm ambitious like that.

** Hannah was wearing only underwear (no pants) and had an accident and didn't make it to the potty.

** I put dry undies on her and said (nicely) that she shouldn't pee in her pants again.

** She copped attitude and said, "I didn't pee in my pants. I only peed in my undies!" and walked away. Um, alrighty then. Can't argue with a kid that's right, now can you?

** Mentally bitch slapped someone again today. I think perhaps I have some internal anger issues.

** Put Hannah down for her nap and ate a big can of Spaghettios with no one else around and got to eat all of my meatballs. [happy sigh]

** Was impressed when Hannah decided to take her nap in her underwear without a diaper and she woke up dry! Yay Hannah!

** Did 4.5 loads of laundry. (The half is because I had to re-run the one with the quilt in it because all of the detergant hadn't been rinsed out of it.)

** Got a call from the vet with Salinger's test results and she said she'd like to take "one last urine sample" to check on something. I still haven't decided whether or not I'm going to even bother. It's like, "Lady, the cat can't shit. As far as I'm concerned, that's his biggest problem. Anything else is just an inconvenience for all of us." LOL!

** Had a slight panic attack when my mom internet boards were down for an hour or so this afternoon. They can't do that to me, dammit.

** Made a list of things I have to do tomorrow, and although they're all very small things that won't take long individually, added up, they'll take up most of my day. Yay.

** Got in an argument with Grace because we were playing video games and she wouldn't let me take my turns. Um, how old am I again?

** Just coughed a big loogy (accidentally of course) onto my computer screen. Nice. I'm so freakin' classy...


Melissa said...

Go, Hannah! I'm so impressed!

I hate the Superbabies. So stupid. LOL

Pink Rocket said...

Thank God that Dora is not a fav in my house! Jerrett has 2 Dora videos but got tired of them! Yea! Now he's stuck on the Pooh Heffalump movie...it's cute, but over and over and over!! AHH!!! Help me! He'll stop long enough to play the games on the DVD them he'll watch it again. He's got the damn movie memorized and he just go the thing on Dec. 30th!

Great job Hannah!!

Mary said...

I'm glad Jake and Clara like PBS sprouts. A whole channel that only plays PBS kids shows. Though I do get tired of some of them...

Really classy with the loogy, almost like you were trying to make me vomit ;)

WTG Hannah with the pottying!! Clara has been doing the panties during the day and pullup at night for a bit now, and every once in awhile she insists on wearing a diaper (pull up with the tabs taken apart first). I'm so impressed by our kiddos!

Alien said...

I actually don't mind Dora. What I do mind is watching the same episode over... and over... and over... and over... and over... LOL!

And I'm very glad the girls don't really like to watch Pooh. As cute as he is, and I LOVE his books, I cannot stand his voice. Like fingernails on a chalkboard. LOL!

Slacker Mom said...

She copped attitude and said, "I didn't pee in my pants. I only peed in my undies!"

- I hate it when they are right! It totally takes the wind out of my sails!

Thank God I've been spared the Superbabies. It sounds like something I'd hate. :)

And good going on the potty training. I a dreading going through the 'boy' version of it with G-bear. It is so nice when they are rained, but it does stink doing errands with them at first.

EE said...

Yeah, the loogy comment was gross. PIMP

I'm *SO* proud of Hannah, that's AWESOME!

LMAO at Hannah's snotty statement, good luck with that attitude. But I guess she WAS correct, huh? ;)

Tink said...

ANYTHING is better then Barney. I'm 10 and 11 years older than my brothers. They owned 32 videos. Sometimes I find myself humming and realize it's one of those god-awful songs. "If all of the rain drops were lemon drops and gum drops..." GO Hannah with the potty training! She'll be accident free in no time. :)

EE said...

Oh Tink......Barney is forbidden from our house. His voice and demeaner *grates my every nerve*, it makes my skin crawl to think about him. LOL

Mary said...

Clara accidentily discovered Barney watching this Sprouts channel. Thank God he's not part of the 'bedtime show' or we wouldn't be watching it...he's mainly on during the day when they are at daycare I think.

Denise said...

WTG Hannah!! I'm going to gain 10 lbs from your posting about spaghettios with meatballs. I love it and have been buying it for myself now!

My butt & hips hate you!

TC said...

Great Job Hannah!!! And Alien congrats on your meatballs, I wish I could be so excited about a food like that,LOL!

Anonymous said...

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