Sunday, January 29, 2006

A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap. ~Author Unknown

~ Woke up to a house full of pleasant family members. Always a plus. (Hannah often wakes up cranky like her mommy.)

~ Spent the morning straigtening up and cleaning while Steve was at his dad's "picking up plumbing parts" (i.e., standing in the garage bullshitting and hanging out).

~ Was extremely upset to hear about Bob Woodruff getting injured over in Iraq. I've always really liked him. :(

~ Had a hour-long stretch where the TVs were turned off and the girls and I just sat in the living room reading. Pure bliss.

~ Steve arrived home, followed closely by our friend, Joe, who had come to see the kitchen progress.

~ Had already decided to skip Hannah's nap today (for only the third time in her little life), so we could go to my mom's to celebrate her birthday at the same time everyone else was there.

~ Dressed the girls in matching striped dresses and leggings, totally making me want to hug them all day. (Pictures later.)

~ Got a call from my mom saying my siblings were there, along with the pizza. Let's go Steve! We're outta here!

~ Headed to Grandma's, where we pigged out on pizza, cake, donuts, and chips.

~ Left the girls there to visit with Grandma, Granddad, and all their aunts and uncles, while Steve and I went grocery shopping.

~ Ran into sis-in-law there where I kept shoving my boobs out, hoping she'd notice I was wearing my boob-enhancing shirt from Hollister where she had bought my gift certificate for Christmas.

~ She didn't notice.

~ Steve and I used a new strategy where he and I just went off in random different directions, grabbing whatever we needed. I cannot stand grocery shopping with him, so this was a pleasure for me.

~ Returned to Steve several times to see him shopping cartless. "Hey, where's the cart?"... "Over there,"" he'd say while point three aisles up.... What the hell, dude? LOL!

~ Laughed when right before we were getting ready to check out, he said, "Hey stand here with the cart while I go grab applie juice right there."... "OK buddy, because it's bothered you up until this point if the cart was left unattended. [rolling eyes]

~ Was pissed when I discovered they were out of my Cinnamon Vanilla creamer and I had to settle for plain vanilla. [sigh]

~ Went back to my parents' house and picked up the girls.

~ Got home and unloaded the groceries. This is when I discovered that Steve have bought sausage that I had specifically told him was Buy One Get One Free this week. He grabbed one. (Idiot.) And the one he grabbed was not the kind that I had specifically told him is the kind Grace likes. (Double idiot.)

~ Had a fairly uneventful evening with only two or three overtired meltdowns from Hannah.

~ Tried to blog after "Grey's Anatomy" but Grace kepts waking up, telling me to lay down with her.

~ Finally surrendered to sleep and figured I'd blog this in the morning (which is what I'm doing).


beth said...

Sounds like a pretty nice day. What a lovely surprise! Wonder what the SIL thought about you sticking your tits in her face though, since she didn't figure out it was for the shirt. LMAO!

EE said...

LMAO Beth, I was thinking the exact same thing! And all the while had an image of Alien walking around poking her chest out.

Dude, Doug made it to bed early last night (was able to tear himself away from Sims2) and I was all looking fwd to reading your Sunday entry and it wasn't there. [sigh]

Teasing you. Sounded like a good day. Grocery shopping w/o kiddos is ALWAYS a plus in my book. :)

mama_tulip said...

She was probably standing there thinking, "God, Allison really likes to flaunt her rack around." LOL!

EE said...


GB said...

So did anyone else notice/comment on your boobs sticking out? Hubby?

Chelle Y. said...

You forgot to put ~Responded to Chelle's blog. Made her feel like an ass! Just kidding! :o)

Anonymous said...

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