Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Against abortion? Don't have one." ~Author Unknown

~ Had to get up early to get Grace ready for daycare and joked with Steve about the decreasing coffee supply he was leaving me every morning.

~ He laughed and said I'm home so I can make my own damn coffee after he leaves. (True. But that doesn't make me any less bitchy about it.)

~ Sent Grace off to school and snuggled with Hannah on the recliner while I read my book and she watched The Magic School Bus.

~ My dad dropped by after the gym and we talked a bit.

~ Was thrilled as shit when he volunteered to take Steve's taxes to the post office for me so I wouldn't have to leave the house.

~ Since I had planned to put them in our mailbox across the street for our mailman to take (and not tell Steve... we all know how friggin' psychotic he is about that stuff), I was relieved to see I wouldn't have to lie to him when he asked if I had gone to the post office. (And yes, I would've lied.)

~ Was excited to see the trim work go up around the window in the kitchen. Thank you Mr. Cabinet Dude (Dennis, AKA - "Dilbert").

~ Participated briefly in a "spirited" abortion discussion on one of my Mom internet boards.

~ Quietly left the conversation when the talk turned to a man's rights, a father's rights, etc. My head hurts and I've decided that, in general, men just suck.

~ Put Hannah down for her nap and finished that book that had been staring at us for a good month over there on the side of my blog.

~ Did 1 load of laundry. (That was the one and only productive thing I did today. Work with me here, people.)

~ Sent out more resumes.

~ Had a mild panic attack when I viewed my bank statement online.

~ Sent out 10 more resumes due to the panic attack mentioned above.

~ Toyed with the idea of becoming a professional darts player in order to generate some income.

~ Realized I don't really know how to play darts.

~ Laughed when Steve called me to ask if I had eaten any of the ranch dip he had packed in his lunch today... Yes dear, I did. I assure you that some deranged lunatic did NOT open the dip at the grocery store in our hick town, eat some of it, and then poison it with something. You are NOT part of a terrorist attack. Eat it. You'll be fine.

~ Laughed my ass off when I checked the mail and found this gem of a shirt in there. I adore you, Katherine. Pictures of me modeling the shirt to come tomorrow.

~ May have outed a big fat liar. Time will tell...

~ Didn't know whether to laugh at or discipline Hannah when she came walking into the room all pissed off and said, "Where's my freakin' milk?"

~ Laughed because there are very few things that are funnier than when a 3-foot-tall little 2-year-old with an abundance of hair that consumes her entire head walks into a room all pissed off using words like "freakin'".

~ Realized it could've been much, much worse and counted my blessings.

~I love New York. (We're continuing my trend of quoting random song titles in my blog (e.g., I left my heart in San Francisco), for no reason other than to amuse myself.)

~ Mentally bitch slapped 3 women today. I'm getting better.

~ Was thrilled to hear that the girls will be spending the night at my parents' house on Sunday night so that Steve and I can watch the Steelers win the Superbowl without waking up the children with our screaming and celebrating.

~ Decided I liked the last guy that sang on "American Idol" tonight. The gray haired dude. You GO boy!

~ Realized I really should be watching the State of the Union address, but decided instead to be apathetic. Because I suck like that...

~ Forgot it is Self-Portrait Tuesday and decided I'd make it Self-Portrait Wednesday tomorrow just this once.


Melissa said...

I am soooo glad that my child is not the only one who uses "freakin." Lance and I about died when he screamed, "There's a freakin' misquito on me!" at soccer practice for all the world to hear. He thinks they are called 'freakin' misquitoes.' LOL

EE said...

So have you started "Sleeping w/ Beauty" yet? I loved that book, it was so cute (a bit predictable), I enjoyed it. :) And now if either the book you or Beth sent would ever arrive *I* might have something to read as well.....;)

LOL, I *heart* Hannah.

Stupid State of the Union Address....

Dang it, I only mentally bitched slapped *two* people today, I need to work on getting more practice in for training!

Alien said...

Melissa: I'm glad to hear MY child isn't the only one who says it. LOL!

EE: Nope. I'll start it tomorrow. And which books did I tell you I'd send? I have a ton sitting here, but I don't remember which ones you get and which ones Kim gets. LOL!

EE said...

Or you could just wait until Thurs, I read about something called "HNT"...Half Nekkid Thursday.....I vote for that instead (being the perv that I am and all ;). LOL

EE said...

LMAO, I don't even remember! It was a good one though! And you told me you had mailed it like wks ago *snort*

Ummm, what ones do you have that you *thought* I'd like???? LOL

Kim said...

Crap! I forgot about Self-Portrait Tuesday too! Ugh! Tomorrow....

Kyra is OBSESSED with The Magic School Bus. OBSESSED I tell ya.

Alien said...

LOL EE! Was it "Gods in Alabama"? And I probably told you I was *going* to mail it. And well, we all know how reliable I am about that. Snort!

OK. I'll gather up a bunch for you and mail them this week. Of course, I may have to gather up all loose change to afford postage, but I WILL get them there dammit! LMAO! ;)

Alien said...

And um, Half Nekked Thursday? Which half does it have to be? LOL!

EE said...

Yes, I think that was the one. But I'll gladly take others since you and I seem to have the same taste. When I get the books back from Geena (The Sisterhood series) I plan on mailing them on to you too.

LMAO, I don't really know the "rules" behind HNT, I think it's what ever part you want to show. The chick's blog I read it from is going to show pics of her boobs after her reduction. So, uh, whatever you want I guess.

geenalyn said...

Hey alien, can you pass on Sleeping with Beauty up to me when you are done with it?

Alien said...

EE: have you read "Light on Snow" by Anita Shrieve yet? If not, I'll throw that one in there too. :)

Geena: It's EE's book, so you'll have to ask her. ;)

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Joseph told my mom to "Shut the friggin' door!" when he was about two. Nice.

And I ADORED that grey-haired guy! What a voice on him!!

GB said...

HNT could soon become my 2nd favorite day!! Of course, I don't think it can get better than ANF. All-naked Friday!

beth said...

LMAO at Hannah! There is NOTHING funnier to me than Rachel when she's pissed off. I just have to be good and wait until I leave to laugh.

EE, I'll put your book in the mail today...at least I'll try. ;-)

Alien, I hope I wasn't part of your bitch-slap practice today. Now I'm all paranoid. ;-)

If you ever want to tag-team in an abortion debate, I'm your girl!

EE said...

LOL Alien, I'm pretty sure the book Beth is sending me is "Light on Snow". Thank you :) (do you want some money for shipping so you don't have to scrounge up loose change???)

Beth, thank you! :)

mama_tulip said...

You did one load of laundry and that is enough. Sit down, woman! Crack open a beer. You deserve it. I only did one load of laundry yesterday as well and it's still sitting in the dryer, and probably will all day.

Dave has this picture of Jesus knocking on a door with a speech bubble above his head that says "LOL"...he's kind of obsessed with Jesus "LOL" pictures...every time Julia sees it she says, "Hey, look! It's Fuckit!" NO IDEA where she got that one from...guess we can't really take her to church, now can we?

And DUDE. You got the shirt. I'm so happy. I can't wait to see pictures of you dressed up as Fran. And you'd BETTER post them, unlike those pictures of Steve's drawers that you said you were gonna post...

Alien said...


I've declared today Picture Taking Day. I'm going to take (and post) ALL of the pictures I've promised to post over the last month. This includes examples of Steve's anal retentiveness, me in the Fran shirt AND with the racing bandana that came free with my mousse, possibly my boobs in my Boob Enhancing Hollister shirt, etc. Stay tuned. It's going to be a sunshiney day. :)

GB said...

Everyone loves picture day!!

beth said...

Katherine - I *heart* Julia!!!! Can I take her to my IL's church with me??? Please?????

EE said...

LMAO at Julia Katherine. I LOVE that!

Ooooooooo Alien is going to post pics!!!! I was going to raz you about all the promised yet never posted pics and then I read you were going to do that today. I'm excited! LOL

Tink said...

I LOVE it when kids use "grown-up" words.

I'm anxiously awaiting pictures of you in that shirt Alien. Come on girl, give us some runway style.

The gray haired guy last night was fantastic. Total surprise.

mama_tulip said...

Sure, Beth! I'll send her to you.


Janet said...

I loved the gray hair dude! We were all ROFL at the girl singing, "I like big butts!" OMG that took a lot of nerve!

Can't wait to see all of your pictures!

Alien said...

Photo Update: I tried to go upstairs (where the cabinet installer can't see me) to take pictures about an hour ago. I got three taken (of Steve's beyond anal drawers) and the batteries in my camera died. But they're rechargeable and they're charging right now, so keep checking back. They'll be here sooner or later. Promise...

flipflop said...

I'm sorry I made your head hurt. ((Aliens head)).

Can't wait to see the pictures.

My kids use the word freakin' too.

EE said...

Oh and why in the hell can't *I* remember the gray haired dude?!?!?!? I swear I watched it! LOL

Anonymous said...

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