Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006


"My luck is getting worse and worse. Last night, for instance, I was mugged by a quaker." ~Woody Allen

~ Woke up knowing our cabinets were arriving today. YEEHAW!!

~ Took a shower right away while the girls trashed the upstairs of the house. Again. (Tell me again why I bother?)

~ Got a call from the kitchen designer an hour before I expected the installer. He told me the poor installer hadn't had power since Friday (and therefore hasn't showered since Friday), so he wasn't going to come in today because he had to stay home and try to keep the house fairly warm so his pipes wouldn't freeze.

~ Totally understood, but did offer to let the guy shower here if he wanted to get started. ;)

~ Was pleased enough that the cabinets were still going to be delivered.

~ Laughed my big fat ass off when the girls started running around with Little Swimmers on their heads, and then continued to wear them for a good hour, acting like nothing was unusual about it. (Maybe in their world, there isn't.)

~ Froze our asses off as the cabinet delivery guy carried every freakin' box into the kitchen by himself, meaning our door was wide open for a good 30 - 45 minutes in the 10-degree weather. Brrrr... But they're here now. FINALLY...

~ Wished like hell that Steve and I weren't afraid of flying so we could go see the Pittsburgh game in Denver this weekend. [sigh] Stupid irrational phobias.

~ Enjoyed a visit I got from my dad this afternoon. This is the second time he's swung by and hung out for awhile. It's nice. Maybe his unemployed status isn't so bad after all.

~ Became increasingly annoyed at our neighbor as Steve and I talked and did some research and discovered that he is probably the reason our grout turned out like shit. I won't go into the gory details, but the grout dried WAY lighter than we wanted (or it was supposed to) and is inconsistent in color. All signs point to the neighbor who SWORE he knew what he was doing (and he works for a tile place, so we had no reason not to believe him) and who mixed all of the grout, and actually grouted the entire kitchen with Steve acting as the clean up man behind him. So basically, all blame falls on him in terms of the grouting. We hate it. OK. I don't mind it. Steve, however, hates it. It's supposed to be charcoal gray (almost black) and instead it's light gray.

(Note: The grout doesn't look NEARLY as light in real life as it does in those pictures up above. I'm assuming they just look that light because of the camera flash. However, what you CAN see in that picture, is that the grout is definitely NOT the charcoal gray/almost black that we wanted. Fuck.)

~ Decided it will drive us crazy if we keep it the way it is, so after the base cabinets get installed this week, poor Steve is more likely than not, going to cut out ALL of the exposed grout and regrout the entire floor again. I swear to god, it never ends.

Update: Talked to the fantastic tile dude and he said a grout stain is the way to go, and not to do it until after we tile and grout the sunroom. In a true show of wonderful customer service, he's also calling his rep and seeing if the water in our town is known to be really hard and possibly the reason for the color inconsistency. I truly love this guy. And Steve will be THRILLED to hear he doesn't have to grind out all of the old grout and redo it.

~ Had a Subway Spicy Italian toasted sub for dinner. Yum.

~ Laughed when Hannah tried to shoplift a Tootsie Pop from the gas station and outright told me she was NOT going to pay for the lollipop and that I wasn't allowed to either. (I did.)

~ Was proud that Hannah went all day without an accident. Thatta girl!

~ Was surprised when I got messages (phone AND email) from a guy who saw my resume on (which I just posted yesterday) and is contacting me about a technical writing position he's looking to fill. I don't know details or specifics yet and I won't until I call him back tomorrow, but I was rather proud that I've already had some interest shown after only a day. :)

~ Laughed (while shaking my head) as I watched Steve take TWENTY MINUTES to fold his load of underwear tonight. Why so long, you ask? Because even underwear needs to be folded exactly right, be lined up exactly, and be placed on exact piles in his drawers and on his shelves. I swear to god, I'm taking pictures of his clothing tomorrow so you can see what kind of anal retentive freak I live with...


Melissa said...

Surely there's a way to color grout that's already dried and in your floor. Right?

How cool are you that someone is interested in hiring you so quickly? What does it feel like to be employable?

Alien said...

Yes. There are ways. We just don't know if they're GOOD ways. We're calling the tile guy tomorrow to see what he recommends. See, the other problem we have is that we bought matching tile and grout to go in the sunroom (which will be our dining room). We haven't done that room yet and the tiles will run together. So if we do some sort of "fix" in the kitchen, we'd almost have to TRY to replicate the mistake in the sunroom (which we think was WAY too much water in the grout) and then replicate whatever "fix" we choose so that it all matches. [sigh]

LOL about being employable. The thing is, I think it's for a full-time out-of-the-house job which I REALLY don't want to have to do unless I absolutely have to. Blech.

Mary said...

First of all, WTG on the job offer!! Wahooo!!! remember to fill us in tomorrow :)

And even if the picture looks like, I think the tile looks GREAT! I like the lighter grout, it just looks like a gray, not white or anything. From here (what 3000 miles away?!?!), I'd keep it :)

Carrie said...

I am LMAO at your girls and their Little Swimmers on their heads. Hee-hee!! They crack me up.

And way to rock on with your bad self on Monster! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

Alien said...

LOL Mary. Thanks for the nice words, but we hate it. LOL! And honestly, we've both said that if it was a consistent color, we'd just live with it. The problem is that there are parts of the grout that are light and some that are dark. It just looks crappy in our opinion.

AND more importantly, like I said, then there's the whole problem of having to try to make the sunroom look the exact same way later. Ugh.

mama_tulip said...

It sucks, but if you hate the grout it definitely has to be done over. Walking into your beautiful new kitchen (that you've waited a year for) and seeing the grout like that will drive you guys nuts.

LMAO at the Little Swimmers hats. Hey, in a pinch, they don't look that bad. ;)

Congrats to Hannah for staying dry, that's awesome. And congrats to you for getting interest like, what, hours after posting on Monster? I hope it works out.

I so want to see pictures of Steve's clothing, LOL.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine! I'll take pictures today and post 'em tonight. The dude has some serious issues. LOL!

EE said...

Ugh, sorry about the grout. That sucks. :( I hope the "fix" is easier than you guys are anticipating.

LOL at your girls in their "hats". Nice.....

Maybe you'll speak to that guy about the job and he'll surprise you and it's actually a work from home position! ;) One can always *hope*, right?

mama_tulip said...

And then I'll take pictures of Dave's clothing, as an example of the total opposite end of the spectrum. If Steve's clothing is Night, Dave's is Day. ;)

Tink said...

Your little ones' fashion sense is impeccable! Didn't you know? They're coming out with a whole line of swimmy-pant-hats. I've already ordered one in suede. Thanks for the laugh! Good luck on the grout.

Susan said...

Congrats on the job possiblilty.

The tile itself looks awesome, but if you really hate the grout then you have to fix it. Glad you found something that might work without having to take it all out.

Congrats to Hannah on staying dry!

mama_tulip said...

Just read your update -- that's awesome. Way to make 'em work for you! ;)

Slacker Mom said...

YAY!! cabinets.. you must be soo excited. I am, and they aren't even mine. LOL

You gotta love great, knowlegeable people. The tile guy sounds great, has Dave heard the great news yet?

Awesome hats!! And great going on the potty training!!

Congrats on the job offer! It's awesome that you already got interest. You must feel like you are hot shit after that. LOL, I would. :)

WryGirl said...

been through the kitchen thing ourselves. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. It is the way. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Blaine and I wish you would get over your fear of flying as well so you and Steve could get your asses over here!
The kitchen is going to be great!
Men are freaks, but you knew that already.
Your kids are freaks, but you also knew that already.

Anonymous said...

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