Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry gang, but you're getting a crappy blog entry tonight. I've spent all day online on my crappy ass 10-year-old computer, trying to email ALL of my photos to myself so I can burn them all onto a CD on this laptop before I send it back to my old company.
And I've been drinking (slowly) since about 3:30 this afternoon when the Steelers game started. So my ass is dragging and I have to get to bed.
A bunch of funny things happened today (but I don't remember what they were). Our whole day basically revolved around the Steelers game... what we had to get done before it started, what we were going to eat while watching it, who was going to have to drive for the hot wings, etc.
So um, yeah. I suck. However, the first chance I get tomorrow, I will give you the highlights of my day today. So you'll still get a glimpse into my oh-so-exciting life... it'll just be a day late. ;)


Tink said...

Awwww. Where's our drunk blog?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those can be the most fun!

Alien said...

LOL Tink and Anon. Sorry. I was sooooo tired last night at that point, that it wouldn't even have been a fun drunk blog entry . Just a stupid one... um, kind of like this one. LOL!

And apparently, I lied and never did give you a highlights list for yesterday. Um, sorry about that. But I can't remember yesterday anymore. I'm lucky I remember today. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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