Monday, January 23, 2006


I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down.
I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down.

Pissing the night away.
Pissing the night away.

He drinks a whisky drink.
He drinks a vodka drink.
He drinks a lager drink.
He drinks a Cider drink.

He sings the songs that remind him of the good times.
He sings the songs that remind him of the better times.

~ Woke up to a full house. (Steve took off work today and the girls didn't have daycare.)

~ Chugged coffee.

~ Started cleaning up so as not to appear lazy in front of my other half.

~ Practically pushed Steve out the door to go down back and start burning in the burn pit like he had said he was going to do.

~ Bundled the girls up in their snowsuits and boots a few minutes later and walked them down back to see the fire and to help chuck some wood pieces on it. (Shut up. It got us out of the house in the miserable sleet/snow/freezing rain thing we had going on here.)

~ For no apparent reason, decided to alphabetize our CD collection.

~ Found the best albums that I totally forgot I had, but that I played so I could take that trip down memory lane... Weezer, The BoDeans, Toad the Wet Sprocket, DaDa, Shakespeare's Sister, Rage Against the Machine, Operation Ivy.... Sweet!

~ Found myself telling the girls stories about "When I was younger..." and stopped myself before I told them something I'd really regret later on.

~ For the life of me, can't figure out how it is that I currently own two copies (one unopened) of the Chumbawumba album with "Tubthumping" on it. Seriously people. WTH?

~ Resisted the urge to listen to that song just for kicks, because I knew it would remind me of the guy I used to date/bang and I didn't want to accidentally launch into those stories while talking to the girls. LOL!

~ Greeted the guy from the granite company, here to make the templates for the kitchen countertops.

~ Was annoyed when he said he did indeed need our stovetop in order to template, even though I asked the kitchen designer three times (literally) on three seperate occasions and was told no.

~ Was relieved when Granite Man said they just needed the make and model number. However, having not even chosen it yet, I sort of panicked.

~ Had MIL drive here and sit with the girls while Steve and I ran to the appliance place to finalize the stovetop (and other appliances) so we could fax the specs to Granite Man.

~ Decided that taking Steve with me was a bad idea when we left there with him hyperventilating and doing math in his head, trying to figure out if the remainder of our home equity loan was going to cover the appliances or not.

~ Decided it would be a bad time to ask Steve if he'd like to buy me a new computer. [snort!]

~Ate fabulous Lemon Pepper Haddock that I LOVED at the time of consumption, but which caused me to feel like vomiting about an hour later.

~ Had a blast when all four of us played with beach balls and soccer balls in the living room after dinner.

~ Laughed (and admittedly) half yelled when Steve (in the midst of playtime with the girls) managed to knock the old lobster trap hanging in our living room off of the ceiling. ASS! Don't you ever yell at the girls for screwing around in the house again.

~ Continued the Great Photo Copying Project from one computer to the other.

~ Managed to get the children to bed and now I'm here.


Mary said...

So the upper cabinets will be going in soon, I'm assuming. How long of a wait on the granite to get installed?

I miss having burn piles. My dad (or us for that matter) can't have them anymore, they banned them in city limits :(

Soooo is the little CD story the reason Kim has tubthumping on her myspace profile? (atleast I think that's the song she I can't remember, and I can't log in for some reason...) And add me to your list woman!

Alien said...

I think the upper cabinets will be going in sometime over the next two weeks. The granite will take about two weeks (or so I'm told). LOL! I dunno. It's all a big freakin' blur at this point. LOL!

Burn pits RULE!

I can assure you that my CD story and Kim's profile song selection are not related AT ALL. LOL! I hadn't told anyone the little Tubthumping story until just now. LOL!

And why the hell aren't you over there on my list? I swear to GOD you were b/c I just went down my bookmarked blogs and added them all. [grumble grumble] I was messing around right after that, trying to add a new template to my blog and then all the formatting was messed up, so I had to redo a bunch of stuff. Sorry. I'll add it ASAP.

Mary said...

probably because you were intimidated by my coolness? ah it's nice to make myself laugh.

Well I'm just eagarly awaiting the finished product that is your kitchen. I love seeing what everyone has been doing to their homes.

Alien said...

Yeah, but it still won't be finished for awhile. Because even after the cabinets and countertops are in, we have to have the plumber (FIL) come back and hook up the sink and gas stovetop. And we need to get the electrician here. And since it's not just a matter of hooking up the outlets and stuff in the kitchen, but instead switching our ENTIRE house from a fusebox to circuit breakers, it um, may be awhile before we can actually USE the kitchen. But at least it'll look pretty, right? LMAO!

Mary said...

oh I forgot to ask if you watched CSI miami? I'm watching it right now. Jake JUST went to bed and I can't fall asleep if either of the kiddos is still awake. So instead of going to bed early, I'll be starting the week on not enough sleep. But atleast I get to watch CSI miami ;)

I'd just be happy to have counter space and all that jazz. still no kitchen sink for a bit, but atleast you'll have a cupboard to hold the sippy cups ;)

EE said...

That is a great song, lmao. Calista and I were dancing around to that one a few days ago. Ahhhhh the memories. ;)

Man can I relate to the whole telling "back when I was younger" stories. The new found fun around here is looking through all my old albums w/ the kids, which has brought up a lot of questions and me talking quite a bit about my past. And having to shove my foot in my mouth so as NOT to tell things I don't want them to know. LOL

I'm excited to see your granite in!

mama_tulip said...

Weezer RULES! Operation Ivy, man, I haven't listened to them in a loooong time. Gonna dig through my discs today, too. ;)

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