Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday 1.4.2005)

1. Stayed up WAY too late again last night commenting on this blog with all you west coasters. Apparently, I'm living in the wrong time zone.

2. Woke up to send BOTH girls off to daycare.

3. Sent them off and sat down with coffee, Good Morning America, and a sigh of relief. Ahhhhh....
4. Used my Hollister Co. gift card online. I still don't know why my sister-in-law thinks I shop there, but I'm flattered she thinks I'm cool enough to pull the stuff off. And um, I should have no problems fitting into that perfume I ordered. Snort!

5. Finally took a shower. Sweet relief for anyone coming within 10 feet of me.

6. Ate a tuna salad sandwich at 10:00 this morning because I wasn't hungry for any "breakfast" food and was craving tuna. (I swear I'm not pregnant again.)

7. Managed to drag my sick as hell ass upstairs and put away the mountains of clean laundry that have piled up over the past week.... Well, most of it... OK, some of it... Just shut up.

8. Was a little bummed when Steve got home from work right after lunchtime. Doesn't he know that Wednesdays and Thursdays are supposed to be my days? When no one is in the house? So I can be lazy and be guilt-free about it? Sheesh.

9. Picked up a few toys to make it look like I had accomplished something.

10. Remembered that we're out of propane for our gas grill so those chicken breasts I was planning on making weren't going to happen and it was too late to throw them into the crock pot.

11. Left to pick up the girls, stopping at the grocery store on the way to grab all sorts of cold/flu crap to knock this thing out of me.

12. Also grabbed a pizza from my favorite pizza place. Screw it. Who needs a kitchen anyway?

13. Mentally bitch slapped someone.

14. Had a spirited conversation about birthmarks with some friends.

15. Brought my hyper children home, gritting my teeth the entire drive telling myself not to yell at them.

16. Had them settled and fairly quiet, watching "Toy Story" and playing games on the computer.

17. Had my idiot husband walk in 30 minutes before their bedtime and start doing some work over in the kitchen. Hey ASS, they are NOT going to go to bed when they can be "helping" Daddy.

18. Wanted to kick Steve's ass when he continued to work on the kitchen as the girls ran around in the room, picking up tools, playing, fighting, and basically squelching all chances of getting them to bed on time.

19. Threatened Steve with bodily harm if he didn't get the hell out of the kitchen, and managed to get the girls to bed "only" 30 minutes after bedtime.

20. Realized that Salinger has sealed his fate when Steve came down after going up to bed, saying he found that Salinger had peed all over his bed again.

21. Kept staring at Salinger, knowing this is probably his last night in this house.

22. Prayed the no kill shelter will take him in, but having little hope since everyone else I know that has ever called there has been told they're full. :(

23. Wish I knew someone who would take him. He's a fantastic pet other than his bathroom "issues". He is hands down, the friendliest, most loveable cat I (or anyone else) has ever seen. Which is what has made this whole thing so hard to deal with. FUCK!

24. Got sick to my stomach wondering how the hell I'm going to tell my 4-year-old that her favorite animal in the entire world isn't going to be here anymore. FUCK again!


EE said...

(((Alien))) I'm so sorry about Salinger. :(

God your husband does what mine does all the time. It *pisses* me off to no end.

Slacker Mom said...

Ohhh,so sorry about the cat. and the worst, telling your 4 year old. :(

I know what you are saying, I have been on this computer waaayy too much since I starting blogging. Who knew it would be so much fun???????

I have to get to bed. I have been staying up way too late myself. I have a feeling Hubby may hide my laptop one of these days on me if I keep on staying up so late...

Alien said...

The problem is, I don't know WHAT to tell Grace. I mean, IF, by some odd miracle, I find somewhere else for him to go, how do I explain to her that someone else gets to have him?

And if we have to put him to sleep, what do I say? She's heard Steve and I talk about what to do with him if it kept happening and just last night, she got all sad (out of the blue I might add) and said, "Mommy, I don't want Salinger to ever die. He's my best friend."


Veronica said...

((((Alien)))) I'm sorry about Salinger. I wouldn't even know where to start on how to tell Grace.

Kim said...

(((Alien))) I will pray for a peaceful solution for you tonight. I know this is so hard on you. It sucks having to explain something like this to a kiddo. Shoot, it's times like this that being a parent REALLY sucks.

Men are all the same. They are clueless. ;)

Alien said...

Crap. And NOW I feel the need to add that when I say she's heard us talking about "what to do with him", I don't mean we talk about putting him to sleep or ditching him on the side of the road or anything in front of her. LOL!

She's just heard us talk about what he does and how we'll try "just one more thing" before we have to figure out where to put him or what to do with him. And my mom had to put two of her cats to sleep a few months ago, so I think that's where the whole, "I don't want him to die," thing came from.

Just wanted to clear that up. Didn't want anyone thinking I'm being THAT open and honest with my kid. LOL!

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry about the cat. :(

jeanne_bean said...

I'm so sorry about Salinger. It is a quandary, for sure. I have yet to tell the girls that my parents' dog is in Heaven and she went there in the late spring... They still remember her since we were talking about Tiffany today. I haven't yet figured out what to say, so I'm no help either. {{Alien}}

Alien said...

Oh god Jeanne, I actually considered just not telling her and seeing if she'd notice. LOL! But I think she would. [sigh]

And I just feel so guilty. I mean if he had a horrible terminal illness, I could convince myself it was the best thing for him. But bladder issues and constipation? Is that really a good enough reason to put a cat to sleep? But who else would want a cat that pees and craps in their house? And we just CAN'T keep him anymore. It's just gross, and unhealthy, and he's costing us a fortune in vet bills, medicines, and replacing the stuff he pees on. DAMMIT!

jeanne_bean said...

Yeah, Grace would notice. And my kids have asked where Tiff is. I just haven't told them yet. I have to practice it in my head first so I don't screw up and say something stupid like "went to sleep" which may scar them for life. Hell, I've told B only the briefest statement of where her friend Jessie's dad is (he died almost 2 yrs ago); he's an angel.

And with Tiff, she had really stopped eating and drinking and was having a ton of accidents. Her quality of life was completely diminished; she was 16 and about past the life expectancy for her breed. It was the right decision, albeit an awfully hard one. I hope in your case the No Kill Shelter has an opening. My one friend from work who loves cats recently had a baby and I think she rescued a cat last year, otherwise I'd ask her if she were interested.

mama_tulip said...


Renfield said...

(((Alien))) I'm so sorry about Salinger. Can you tell Gracie that he got out and ran away? Put him down on a day she is at daycare?

Honestly, when we had to put Ben down last year, we were honest with the kids and told them so they could say good-bye to him. Obviously a dog is different and they would have noticed he was gone, but still. We just told him he was very sick and he was hurting really bad and it was time for him to go to Heaven and live on a cloud. They cried, of course, but they got over it very quickly.

Good luck! I'm so sorry (and dealing with the same situation here. It sucks!)

Alien said...

Thanks Ren! I was going to ask you whatever came about with your cat situation.

I'm still not sure what we're going to do (see my update) or what we'll tell Grace when the time comes. I'm sure she'll get over it quickly, but as a mother, it KILLS you knowing you have to tell your kid something that's going to make them sad. :(

Adly said...

Just a thought, not trying to one up you. ;)

When Shelby started getting sick we told the girls that she might be going to heaven soon. When we finally had to do it, we just told them that it was her time, that she had been so sick, and now she was in heaven feeling much better and she wouldn't be here with us anymore. Not sure if that would work in your house, but the girls are fine with it. They talk about her and say she's in heaven but they're not upset.

Sorry about Salinger, that's so hard. I hope you find the right solution soon, you both deserve it.

Alien said...

Thanks Adly! Yeah, we've sort of been preparing Grace for months now. She used to him being at the vet overnight quite a bit because he's "sick", etc. So I know it won't come as a complete shock if and when it comes, but as I'm sure you know, it still sucks.

And here's where I may as well admit that I think it'll be Grace's excuse to start asking for a puppy. LOL! We always tell her we can't get one right now b/c of the cats, and on MORE than one occasion, she has suggested we get rid of the cats so she can have a dog (but then always changes her mind later). LMAO! God help me.