Monday, January 09, 2006

Highlights of the Day (Monday 1.9.2005)


If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say: "He obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned." ~ Epictetus

** Woke up feeling (fairly) rested and started chugging my usual 1/2 - 3/4 pot of coffee.

** Gave Salinger his laxative within an hour of being awake. (I can assure you that this is a miracle.)

** Had Grace ask me if I could play with her all day today. When I said yes, she said, "So you don't have anything to do on the computer?" Holy frickin' guilt trip, Batman.

** Took deep, deep breaths when I got out of the shower to find that Hannah had had an accident right on Steve's bed while I was making myself smell all pretty and coconutty. Thank GOD for that waterproof cover, and thank GOD little kid urine doesn't smell like cat urine.

** My dad called and said he was coming to visit for a bit (now that he's unemployed and all) since he hadn't seen the girls since Thursday and it was killing him.

** Gave him some checks to deposit at the bank for me when he left so I wouldn't have to put the girls in the car just to go through the bank's drive-thru. Hey, nothing like having your own personal "Errand Boy".

** Felt bad when 10 minutes after he left, the girls convinced me to take them to Blockbuster to get some new movies. No big deal except the bank is in the same parking lot as Blockbuster. Um, sorry Dad.

** Was so, so proud of Hannah when she didn't have an accident in Blockbuster.

** Laughed when I thought to myself that I considered my daughter's first trip out in public without a diaper as a "milestone".

** Swore to myself that if I have to watch "Dora the Explorer: Superbabies" one more fucking time I'm going to scream.

** Swore to myself that if I have to pay for Hannah to RENT the stupid movie one more fucking time, I'm going to kill myself.

** Gave Salinger his second dose of laxative.

** Convinced Hannah to wear a diaper for her nap, even though she fought me tooth and nail. Because if I have to wash one more freakin' sheet due to urine from a living thing, I'm going to hurt someone.

** Had the best time playing video games with Grace while Hannah was napping. I swear, the VSmile VTech system is the best gift I ever could have gotten Grace for Christmas. We have soooo much fun when we play it together.

** Sort of inwardly cringed when Hannah specifically asked me to watch "that shark movie we watched before." Um, you mean JAWS kid? Because we don't have that on video. Honest. I swear."

** Decided that my constant state of denial in every part of my life really isn't healthy.

** Denied I have a problem with denial.

** Had a slight panic attack when I tried to call my mom and some computer voice said that long distance was restricted on the phone. Um, what?

** Didn't care so much when I realized I still had my internet access.

** Did some quick research and realized I had paid towards Steve business phone bill and not our home one last month.

** Steve walked downstairs tonight after doing some paperwork to show me that Exxon had sent him a check for $200 because he had supposedly overpaid on the remaining balance on his credit card bill.

** Convinced him that it was because I accidentally paid online towards his credit card instead of mine in November.

** Did a mental victory arm pump when he told me to keep the check. (FYI: I really do think that's what happened since Steve would NEVER overpay anything and since I swear I made a payment one week and the next week, they called and said my payment was late and they wanted it. Honest. I swear.)

** Ate more crappy food throughout the day. I soooo need a kitchen. I'm tired of microwaveable food. I will never eat another piece of microwaveable food as long as live. (I'm totally lying, but I'm going for drama here.)

** Swore to myself that tomorrow I will put away the four baskets of folded, clean laundry. Honest. I swear...


Janet said...

I LOVE how much you actually play with your kids:-) You are awesome.

Go Hannah!

Good job getting the extra money from Steve, I am sure it was yours;-) Maybe you should buy Hannah that Dora movie with it?

Mary said...

I love playing vsmile with Jake. We need to get a second controller, cuz I only ever get to play the hard parts :)

Awesome job on Hannah staying dry!

Lisa said...

Yeah for the extra money and Hannah staying dry. Dylan has started waking up in the middle of the night right after he pees in his diaper. I'm not sure if this is considered progress or not.

Oh, and I'll see your 4 baskets of laundry and raise you 2 or 3 more. I hate putting clothes away!!

Anonymous said...

Jacob peed his pants in Blockbuster before. It's initiation into the potty training hall of fame. LOL.
WTG Hannah!!!

Tink said...

Kids learn very quickly that computers are the enemy. My Mom worked at home too. I remember a series of unfortunate "accidents" to the computer that put her out of work for a couple days... My brothers totally ate up the extra play time.

Yeah Hannah! The finish line is in sight folks.

mama_tulip said...

Superbabies, superbabies, superbabies...GOO GOO!

Um, yeah. I hear ya barkin' on that one, big dog.

EE said...

That's funny to hear you say how much you like it. My sister got it for her middle dd and it drives my sister *crazy* bc Piper only wants to play with it for like 2min before she wants a new one and that carries on for a good hour. So it must just be her dd, lol. Glad your kids like it. :)

And YAY Hannah, that's so awesome!

Alien said...

LOL EE. How old is Piper again? I forget. No, Grace LOVES it. She especially likes the Winnie the Pooh one and the Lion King one. Maybe Piper just hasn't found a game yet that holds her interest? LOL! I dunno.

EE said...

Piper just turned 3 in Dec, it might very well be the age thing. LOL

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