Monday, August 29, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Monday)...

1) Decided to forego "Playground Day" due to possible rain, and headed to Big Lots instead.

2) Spent $68 on all sorts of things from Dora puzzles, to Pound Puppies, to toilet paper, to a big looped chenelle bathroom mat that we bought because Grace said it looked like a bunch of worms.

3) Grabbed McD's for lunch on the way home, where I ordered Chicken Selects. (Hey, at least it wasn't chicken fries.)

4) Ate the Chicken Selects, complete with buffalo sauce and was rewarded 20 minutes later by another nuclear explosion in the bathroom. (You'd think I'd learn, wouldn't you?)

5) VomitFest 2005 started when Hannah puked all over our sofa.

6) Gave her a bath and cleaned and disinfected the scene of the crime, only to have her repeat her performance in the exact same spot about 30 minutes later. Bath #2.

7) In between vomits, she was pleasant as can be, hyper as hell, and fighting her nap.

8) Grandma to the rescue when she picked up Grace to spend the night in our feeble attempt to keep Grace from catching it.

9) Vomit encore around 3:30, except on me this time. Bath #3, this one complete with a hair washing.

10) FINALLY took a nap and slept until 6:30, which meant her normal bedtime of 8:30 was going to be highly unlikely.

11) Had Steve walk in from work and ask me why I hadn't cleaned up at all since the appraiser is coming tomorrow morning.

12) Kicked him in the nuts and punched him in the face.

13) 7:30PM: Hannah decides she's hungry, having an empty stomach and all, and steals a leftover Chicken Selects off my plate and runs off, taking a good bite or two before I notice and take it away.

14) 9:30 PM: Chicken Select reappears in Hannah's performance of, "I Vomit Like a Champ", performed on the recliner. (What is with her attraction to large, upholstered furniture.)

15) Bath #4, again with a hair washing.

16) 10:00 PM: Apparently, she'd rather deposit the Chicken Select on the playroom rug and does just that.

17) Sorry kid. The bathtub is closed for the evening. It's a soapy washcloth and some scented babywipes this go 'round.

18) 10:30 PM: The star of the show is discovered, asleep in her PBK chair, obviously exhausted.

19) She's placed in her crib on top of numerous towels, with a prayer from her mom that VomitFest 2005 is over. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm kind of over it at this point.

20) Am sitting here wondering if vomit smells will increase the value of our home tomorrow morning for the appraiser.

21) Things to do tomorrow:

  1. Spray lots of heavily scented cleaning products into the air before the apparaiser arrives.
  2. Purchase large vat of Spot Shot and have at it, possibly making Hannah help me.
  3. Thank god that he has allowed this evil bug to pass the rest of the people in the family by. (This is wishful thinking on my part. Play along, will ya?)
  4. Reschedule appointment to take the cat to the vet for bloodwork to check if he's diabetic. Sorry Dr. It ain't happenin' tomorrow.


Veronica said...

Good Luck tomorrow, hope you get everything sweet smelling in time.

((((Hannah))) Poor baby, hope the worst is over!

Alien said...

*sigh* She puked again right as I hit "Publish". Dammit. She's watching Nemo now and I'm fighting to stay awake until I can move her to the floor in the living room and I can take the couch. Yay. *sigh*

Janet said...

Poor Hannah! Poor Mom! I hope she gets better soon! Hopefully it will not spread throughout the house. Maybe she got food poisoning from McDonald's. My kids got horribly sick one time from undercooked nuggets at Wendy's. This was over 3 years ago and they still won't go back!

Good luck on the appraisal tomorrow!

Melissa said...

Awww, I hope Hannah is better now. Poor baby.

Denise said...


Mary said...

I hope she's done puking!! And I really hope no one else gets it :(

Just have lots of candles lit tomorrow. And definatly take a nap when Hannah does tomorrow.

EE said...

(((Hannah))) (((Alien's furniture)))

Pukefest is THE worst. I honestly hope it's an isolated Hannah thing and that by this a/m she's better. I'm sorry.

(And seriously LOL at your Steve comment, you go girl! Men can be such assponies!)

Carrie said...

(((Hannah & Alien)))

I hope she is better this morning. Good luck with the appraisal!

mama_tulip said...

(((Alien's carpets)))

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