Thursday, August 25, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Thursday)...

1) It took me a good 4 hours this morning to get motivated enough to um, like move.

2) Was informed by the woman at the notary office that the husband of the notary lady in the next town over burned her house/office down, as well as the car and the dogs in the house and will be in jail for a long time. Not really sure why she thought I cared.

3) Bought a lavendar graphic t-shirt that says "Boys Smell".

4) Lunch. Burger King. Chicken Fries. *sigh*

5) Had a friend call and leave me a voice mail where I swear to god, I thought someone died because of the way she sounded. Yeah, um, no one died.

6) Literally sobbed when I saw Grace's little face when she saw Daddy locking her beloved Salinger (our cat) in basement because he pissed on Steve's bed again. :(

7) Laughed when 10 minutes later she said, "Hey. How about if Salinger lives down there, and we get a puppy that can live up here." Little shit.

8) Regret telling the girls that tomorrow is "Playground Day." I really need to stop doing that so far in advance.

9) Ate some Nerds. Nerds rock.

10) Managed to ignore about half of the things on my To Do list rather successfully.

11) Just realized I have no bed pillow to sleep on tonight. Shit.


mama_tulip said...

Yanno those rockin' commercials for the chicken fries, with the screaming band and the crazy fans? My friend's husband is convinced that's a *real* band singing about chicken fries and wants to download the single. Loser.

They look soooo good though...

mama_tulip said...

I should clarify. The *chicken fries* look so good. Not the band members.


EE said...

(((Grace))) I wish it were the orange cat that isn't so friendly that was pissing everywhere.

LMAO, I have a very similar shirt that I got a Target that says "Boys suck", lol! I love that shirt!

And ((((friend))) who called, it's *really* going to be ok ;)

Mary said...

All this talk of chicken fries again today, makes me want to go to BK for lunch, but we haven't had fast food since friday or saturday, and I really don't want to change that today. so shudup would ya??

Oh and it's park day here to day too. yay.

Emily said...

Chicken fries? Again?!

(Psst...I love nerds! Today i am evn wear a t-shirt that says I (heart) nerds! LOL)

Anonymous said...

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