Saturday, August 13, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Saturday)...

1) Took the girls swimming at my aunt and uncle's house this morning at 10:00AM. They weren't home, so I pretended we lived there. (And yes, I'm aware this picture is disturbing, but the photograpy itself is fantastic.)

2) Had both girls decide to get on rafts and fall in the pool at the same time, neither wearing their life jackets at the time, causing me to have to "rescue" them both at the same time. Thanks girls. Thanks a lot.

3) Beamed with pride when a little bug bit Hannah and Grace started yelling at it, "HEY! Don't bite my sister! Go bite somebody your own size, ya big bully!" LOL!

4) OK. This is where earlier I had written that I did not have chicken fries today. But I took the girls swimming again tonight and on the way home, Grace begged for "those long chicken things you ate yesterday Mommy." Dammit. Day #6 and counting. [sigh]

5) Bought another big bag of beef sticks. YEEHAW! Life is good.

6) Noted how motorcyclists all travel in packs of about 40 and consider themselves one big "unit" while driving (like at stop signs, stop lights, etc.). Why is that?

7) Considered moseying over to "Bike Night in the Park" in Lehighton, but decided that getting my assed kicked by some big biker chick wasn't something I wanted to do.

8) Spent the afternoon assembling (with Steve) a huge shelving unit for they playroom that we got from Grace's godfather when he sold his store. Now when she begs me to go to Wal*Mart, I can point her in the direction of the playroom and tell her to practice her pretending skills.

9) Came downstairs to find Hannah had dumped an entire box of Rice Krispies all over the playroom carpet. Snap Crackle Pop this you damn little elves.

10) Conversation between Grace and Steve this morning:

Grace: Daddy, what's that thing Mommy has in her bedroom? (She meant my
Steve: What thing?
Grace: That thing that blows bubbles. (I don't know WHY she thinks it blows
Steve: Um, that's for big people.
Grace: But what do you do with it?
Steve: Um, nothing. It's just for sitting there. [LMAO!]
Grace: Well, can you like throw it?
Steve: Sure. You can throw it. But it's really just for sitting
Grace: When I get bigger I can have one too?
Steve: Yeah. Um, sure.

11) Figured Grace will either grow up and become addicted to vibrators, or will grow up and need serious therapy after having nightmares for years about neon green and orange, bendable, three-speed waterproof penis-shaped objects.


Mary said...

Ya know someone really needs to make either a dildo that blows bubbles, or one that can be used as a rocket launcher.

Scully said...

For .0001 seconds I thought that was your kids and you staged Grace like that but then I realized that clearly wasn't them. The photo IS cool though (not that children smoking or obese kids are cool obviously - well, you know what I mean!)

Emily said...

Ahh, don't worry, she'll be fine! I found my mom's as a kid and was curious for a while(asking questions and such)...and look how good I turned out!

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