Friday, August 19, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Friday)...

1) Cleaned most of the downstairs of my home. Yay. Fun.

2) Filled the damn ice cube trays. I know! I know! But the rest of the house was clean, and they where just sitting there, beckoning to me... "Please fill me!... Please fill me!..." in an eerie voice. [hanging head in defeat]

3) Checked my bank account online and saw that my little "mistake" at the post office yesterday which resulted in two seperate transactions has cost me $62 in overdraft fees instead of the $31 it would have been if I had paid for everything at once. *sigh*

4) Stupid, fucking crook banks.

5) Conversation at gas station:

Me to Cashier: "Give me a tin of Copenhagen chew please. (It was for Steve.) The one with the gold lid."
Cashier: "No. It's the silver lid."
Me: "Huh? No. I'm pretty sure it's the gold."
Cashier: "No it's not. Trust me. You can never remember. It's the silver one."
Me: "Um, ok. Give me silver."

She was right.

6) Wasn't sure whether to be impressed or slightly disturbed that she knows what kind of chew Steve likes. Hmmmm...

7) Received a phone call from Steve asking if I'd like him to bring me home anything from Crazy Jake's BBQ Pit (a guy set up in a gas station parking lot). I HATE BBQ sauce and Steve knows that, but at least by making the phone call, he could come home without food for me minus any guilt. Smart little bastard.

8) Received another phone call from Steve who later had the girls up at my father-in-law's house... "Well, the girls just saw their first real live bear. There's one in my dad's backyard now." Um, that's fucking great Steve. Can you please make sure the children stay inside the garage? For the love of....

9) Steve and the girls arrived home about 20 minutes later because Steve said my father-in-law's girlfriend (who is usually drunk and whom everyone suspects snorts coke) kept taking the girls over to the garden, which is literally only about 30 feet from the feeder where the bear was hanging out. Um, hello! A leetle too comfortable with your Smokey the Bear friend, don't ya think? So Steve (smartly) put the girls in the car and headed home.

10) Have decided I HATE the select-a-size paper towels. I never only need one section, but one section is all that ever comes off at a time when I try to rip them. Stupid bastard paper towel companies... Grumble... grumble...

11) I think I promised my mother-in-law I'd go to her house twice tomorrow to let her dog out while they're at the Renaissance Fair for the day. But it was over the phone and the kids were fighting and I was only half listening so I'm not really sure. I do know I have no clue what times she told me to go there. Dammit. I suck.


Janet said...

1) I cleaned my house today, what a waste of a day!
2)Glad Steve got the girls out of there safely! Not too smart to get them that close to a bear.
3) I hate those paper towels too. Who is ever going to need that little itty bitty section?
4) Good luck with the dog. LOL
5) I really need to start my own blog!

Emily said...

you FILLED them?

I am so disappointed in you.


EE said...

I LOVE those select a size paper towels, lol, it's the only kind I buy. They must make them for me since everyone else seems to hate them. ;-)

Oh and Doug chews the silver top stuff too and I can *never* remember which one it is (although I pretty much make it a rule to not participate in him using it so normally refuse to buy it)

Janet said...

I am so glad my hubby is not the only one that chews that damn stuff! It is so disgusting and he just won't quit!

EE what in the world do you like about those tiny pieces?

geenalyn said...

Evidently they make those paper towels for you EE and Peter. I absolutely hate them...i never use one tiny piece..but he always does.

Emily said...

Janet, my Steve also IS revolting, huh?...he puts that crap in his mouth and expects me to kiss him?

Oh, and pet peeve-when he leaves SPIT in beer bottles around for me to throw out(or spill)...and he leaves town for the week so I can't let them sit til he cleans them! ARGH!

Mary said...

Is it a total turn off when a guy has been chewing and you kiss him? Or do you make him brush his teeth first?? I only ask because I dated this guy in high school who chewed and it was disgusting. But then again, this was like 9 years ago, and I was young and impressionable, so my memories my be convoluted.

Anyways, I am very dissapointed in you filling up those ice cube trays. Go right now and dump them out.

tj said...

I knew you'd cave and fill 'em Allison....
and I had such high hopes...;-)

Alien said...

LOL! I don't mind the chewing. I mean, I usually have Marlboro breath (yum!), so what's a little Copenhagen thrown in for good measure. One time he was spitting into a Coke can and Grace came along later and took a swig, thinking it was soda. Now that's gross. All she said was, "Hey mommy, that soda's kind of yucky." EWWW!!!!

And as for the ice cube trays, I couldn't help it. Stupid anal retentiveness. *sigh*

Mary said...

Poor Gracie! What a good sport.

I never thought of the smoking aspect, I'm so unedumacated. Coolio, thanks for the inside report :)

mama_tulip said...

Don't feel bad. You filled the trays. I picked up the toilet handtowel.

EE said...

Those little pieces of paper towel are just perfect for just about everything. I hate wasting a big paper towel, lol.

Calista *drank* from a coke can w/ Doug's chew spit in it one time. Then proceeded to throw up everywhere. It was absolutely disgusting. I hate that he chews. Half the time Haley spills the cans that Doug spits in too. Ick, ick, ick!

Anonymous said...

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