Thursday, August 11, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Thursday)...

1) Got a whopping 3.5 hours of sleep because Hannah's apparently on a sleep strike this week and has decided that 3:30 AM is a fine time for running around like a maniac. Zzzzz....

2) Ate Burger King Chicken Fries for the third (or fourth?) day in a row. I need help. Serious, serious help.

3) Finally got myself a cell phone. It's been years and it was time. I didn't activate it or anything though. I just want to look cool like everyone else.

4) Had a "Bad Mommy Moment" when instead of taking the girls to the playground tonight (which they really, really wanted to do and I really, really didn't), I outright told them I'd take them to the store instead where they could each pick a new toy. Yeah, I know. I suck. So sue me. I was tired.

5) And as if one Bad Mommy Moment isn't enough... Here's a conversation with Grace this evening as she spied my vibrator and picked it up (It's always hidden in my drawer, but tonight it was out b/c one of the batteries had fallen out and rolled under the dresser and I left it out so I'd see it and remember to find the batttery.)

Grace: What's this mommy?
Me (not missing a beat): Oh, um, nothing. That's just something big people use.
Grace: What's it do?
Me: Er, um, nothing.
Grace: Does it blow bubbles?
Me: Er, um, not really.
Grace: So what's it do?
Grace: One day Daddy will tell me?
Me: Er, um, sure. Yeah. That sounds good.... {awkward pause} Soooo... let's go check out those new toys we got for your bath, huh?
Jesus H. Christmas...

6) Bought the Lifehouse CD. Good stuff. I'm diggin' it.

7) Wondered if people still say "diggin' it." I'm guessing no.

8) Have myself 99.9% convinced I have invisible mosquitos in my home.

9) Just dumped about 25 Nilla Wafers in a bowl, dumped Hershey's chocolate syrup on them, and every last one of 'em. I'm either an effin' pig or I'm pregnant.

10) I'm not pregnant.


geenalyn said...

ohhh are you preggers alien....that could be exciting lol.

Emily said...

I still say diggin it...but then, i also still say dude, so...we may just both be equally uncool....

Next time do what I did...I told my girls my vibe was a foot massager...they bought it.

Janet said...

Taking them shopping instead of the park is a bad thing?

Alien said...

Nope. I'm on BC and AF has just left the building today.

That wouldn't work w/ Grace b/c she would've wanted to use it as a foot massager tonight and every other night for the next week and that's just weird.

Not in theory. But when I say to them, "Let's skip the park and go buy new toys," it's not really my proudest moment. LOL!

Veronica said...

My thoughts, exactly Janet. I'd take a trip to Walmart over a trip to the hot, sweaty, and in your case geese invested park anyday. ;)

Janet said...

Bummer. Because I do that all of the time. I stink. LOL

Alien said...

OK! OK! I admit it! It didn't really bother me... but Leslie will kick my ass. [sigh]

Renfield said...

Hmmmmm....and I recall someone making fun of me about "chicken fries" not too long ago...bitch =P I told you they were good!

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