Saturday, August 20, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Saturday)...

1) Secretly turned Steve's alarm off last night after he was sleeping because I didn't want him waking up at 5 AM to start sawing through the wall.

2) Played dumb this morning when he tried to figure out why his alarm didn't go off.

3) Was pleasantly surprised when the wall was knocked down with little to no mess in the room that we're actually using right now (as compared to the "kitchen", which we're not).

4) Went to my mother-in-law's house once to let her dog out. I don't think he peed. I never went back again, but if she asks, I will swear on my grandmother's grave that I did.

5) Noticed I'm quite the little liar today.

6) Ate a toasted meatball sub from Subway at 10:00 this morning. OINK!

7) Dozed off this afternoon to wake up and find that Grace had washed all of the dishes that were in the bathroom sink. At least one of us got something done today.

8) Took the girls to a local carnival. It was Hannah's first time at a carnival or on any rides.

9) Almost puked when I took Grace on The Scrambler.

10) Hannah has an obsession with merry-go-rounds. She literally went on the damn thing at least 20 times.


Emily said...

Those pictures are adorable! :)

BTW I have often turned off Steve's alarm clock and played dumb(back when we lived together, and So don't feel too bad.

mama_tulip said...

Oooooh...the Scrambler...I had bad, pukey memories of the Scrambler. Or was it the Tilt-o-Whirl?

I'm so flattered you linked my blog in your sidebar...too bad it takes you to a Microsoft page. LMAO. It's the thought that counts. ;)

Mary said...

Tom turned off my alarm clock this morning. he CLAIMS he tried to wake me up, but I'm not buying it.