Sunday, August 28, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Sunday)...

1) Managed to pull a muscle in my neck first thing this morning. Son of a b*tch, that hurts!

2) Milked the pulled neck muscle as much as possible, convincing Steve I really needed help getting the girls dressed this morning. [evil grin]

3) Dropped the girls off at Grandma's house for the day, allowing me to come home and do absolutely nothing except eat ice cream, watch movies, and do the nasty with my husband.

4) Trying to "do the nasty" with your husband without moving your head (due to a pulled neck muscle) is not only challenging, but not much fun either.

5) Heard a knock on my door and opened it to find a woman and her 13-year-old son who were looking for the son's deadbeat dad that had lived here before we bought the house from his step-mother, and wanted any information I could give her (which wasn't much).

6) I heard the whole sordid story and we exchanged phone numbers and emails because I've now made it my personal life mission to find the boy's fuckhead father for him.

7) Finally succumbed to the girls' tantrums and whining and let them go outside tonight after a day of pouring down rain, where they were greeted with huge mud puddles and soaking wet toys and swingsets.

8) Didn't care when the girls wanted to strip after getting wet on the above mentioned swing set, and allowed them to disrobe down to their socks, shoes, and underwear/diaper to continue playing outside, making us the true rednecks we are.

9) Felt my heart melt when Hannah grabbed me in a big hug, kissed me, and said, "You're my best friend, Mommy." [sigh]

10) Got a phone call from the guy coming to appraise our house this week and after a few minutes of conversation, discovered that we know each other through a mutual friend, and have, on more than one occasion, been shitfaced together. SCORE!


Mary said...

You really DO live in a small town, don't ya? Well of course I knew that, but that's crazy about the appraiser.

I slept wrong on Friday night, and last night didn't help, so I can't turn my head totally to the right :( hope both our necks start to feel better soon!

Alien said...

LOL! Yeah. I don't know him that well. But he started asking if I was friends with Dan (who was at the pigroast) and I said, "YEAH! Do I know you?" And he said, "Yeah. I go to the White Oaks parties. I'm the short, little guy." LMFAO! I knew IMMEDIATELY who it was b/c he's REALLY short! PIMP! I was thinking, "Dude, make SURE you tell the bank that the house is worth like a million dollars so we definitely get the loan for the kitchen." PIMP!

Emily said...

LOL on the appraiser!

((hugs to you and Mary on your necks...))

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