Friday, August 26, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Friday)...

1) Was up half the night with Hannah, although I'm still not sure why.

2) In my exhausted state in the middle of the night, was crying a little about the cats. Apparently, I like them more than I realized. (Shut up Tracey.)

3) Was woken up at 6:30 AM by Grace who, for some unknown reason, thought we were going to get a puppy today (huh?) and then cried non-stop for an hour when I told her that no, we were absolutely not getting a puppy today.

4) At 7:00, heard Hannah over the monitor, and walked in to find her with her jammie shorts off and all twisted up in her jammie top becuase she was trying to get undressed.

5) Hannah refused to come downstairs (complete with a tantrum) or leave her room until she was fully dressed in a plaid skort and a button-down shirt. The shirt is the key here since she now refuses to wear any shirt without buttons. Freak.

6) Called the vet and made an appointment to take Salinger in on Monday, and was instructed to try to collect a urine sample sometime on Sunday in preparation. Great. Three more days with the poor things locked in the basement.

7) Took the girls to the park where surprisingly, things went rather well.

8) Came home at noon and found a message from the vet saying if I couldn't bring Salinger in today, we'd have to reschedule for Tuesday.

9) Made a bazillion phone calls trying to find someone (anyone would do) to come sit with the girls while I took the cat to the vet, since Hannah had just gone down for her nap.

10) My sister to the rescue. YAHOO! Sisters ROCK!

11) Had to leave Salinger at the vet overnight since I didn't get a urine sample, so there's more guilt (and more friggin' money I don't have).

12) Was informed he'll need his rabies shot and vaccinations while there since he hasn't been to the vet in five years and there have been cases of rabid bats in the county this year. (Um, yeah. AND?) More money... *sigh*

13) Came home to two children who decided that fighting with each other was their best form of entertainment today.

14) Went to my mother-in-law's for pizza, where my children consumed no real dinner, but found room for literally about 10 popsicles each and a package of gummy candy.

15) Left at 8:00 with two filthy, barefooted, sugar-jacked, overtired children.

16) Placed about 18 old waterproof diaper pads under Steve's sheets to protect the mattress before letting Cooter out of the basement (in case we're wrong about which cat is the Phantom Bed Pisser).

17) Missed three phone calls from a friend I had told to call me today because I swore I wasn't going anywhere other than the park this morning. (Sorry. *sigh*)

18) Am thanking god for beer right now.

19) And Marlboros.


Emily said...

(((Salinger, Alien, & Alien's money)))

Its a rough day to be a cat owner today...


You enjoying a beer yet? The world is a better place with a beer...

Alien said...

Hell yeah! Getting ready to crack open one more before heading to bed for some much-needed sleep.

Mary said...

I hope whatever is ailing Salinger is easily fixable, and not too $$$.

Hope the beer and smokes helped!

EE said...

(((Alien's day)))

That sucks about the cat fiasco! I'll call you Sunday instead ;)

Oh and what?! You're NOT getting Grace a puppy? I totally thought you were? LMAO!

mama_tulip said...

I thought that picture was of a panda bear.

geenalyn said...

you mean its not??!!

Carrie said...

WTH is that furry thing? It looks like the love child of a panda and a pomeranian.

(((Alien))) Sorry about your kitty troubles.

Alien said...

LOL! I have NO idea what it is. I did a search for puppy images and that was first in the list. It seemed appropriate in light of Grace's obsession with panda bears, so I used it. LOL! (And can I say that if I could really find a dog that looked like that, I may reconsider not ever getting one.)

Renfield said...

I knew you liked those kitties! How could you not? Salinger is such a sweetie and Cooter is just plain cute =) I hope Sal is okay - poor kitty!