Sunday, August 14, 2005

Highlights and Observations of My Day (Sunday)...

1) Sent Grace with my parents this morning for a day and night of fun at Hershey Park and the hotel afterwards after lecturing her about getting lost and putting a note in her pocket that says her name and my parents' name. (Paranoid perhaps?)

2) Watched sadly as Hannah cried to go with them. :(

3) Got a buttload of stuff done around the house. Every room now smells like vanilla, citrus, spring showers, and/or cinnamon.

4) NO chicken fries today! NO chicken fries! (I had shrimp scrampi instead.)

5) Lost power because of a stupid thunderstorm at 8:00 last night. ARG!

6) Realized all of the things I miss when I don't have power (the microwave, going to the bathroom, being able to see, not sweating our asses off, etc....).

7) Called the electric company and was told that midnight was the estimated date of when our power would be back on.

8) Was awake at 4:30 this morning when the power finally did come back on.

9) Called the electric company "lying bastards" in my head and hoped everything in the refrigerator was still OK to eat.

10) Suffered from serious internet withdrawl and started typing on the keyboard at one point in the dark, just to hear the comforting "clack clack" of the keys.

11) Laughed my ass off at Hannah, who refused to speak louder than a whisper once the lights went out. We kept telling her to talk and to even scream, but she wouldn't. Little freak.

12) Bought a new moon chair for the playroom and then fought with Hannah because we both wanted to sit in it.

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geenalyn said...

I have a papasan chair in my bedroom, its my most favorite place to sit and read.
And WTG on not eating chicken fries for a 7th day in a row. Did you have withdraw symptoms??