Monday, August 01, 2005

Highlights and Observations of the Day (Monday)...

1) Took the girls to the park this morning. It involved some good clean fun, as well as some ridiculous, typical two and four year old tantrums. Good times I tell ya. (Not.)

2) Watched the girls try to beat the shit out of each other, not sure which one I was supposed to be rooting for.

3) Bought a new plug-in air freshner with a fan in a Clean Linen scent that wafts through the entire downstairs of our home. Ahhh...

4) I still have 4 bottles of refill oils that apparently don't fit into any plug-in currently on the market.

5) Wondered if I could use the aforementioned refills and just rub them on my skin like a perfume without breaking out in an unsightly rash.

6) MICHAEL WON ON "HELL'S KITCHEN!!!!" All is right with the world this evening.

7) Decided NOT to make my pasta salad for the pig roast since all of the "older people" are bringing "covered dishes" (their words, not mine) and me trying to make things without a kitchen is a pain in the ass.

8) Started planning what to wear for the pig roast. (That's pretty gay, isn't it?)

9) Am secretly relieved that Grace will be going to "school" (i.e., daycare) tomorrow for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I love the kid, but the break will be nice.

10) Have developed an irrational fear of rattlesnakes recently for no particular reason and am convinced one of us will be bitten by one in the near future.

11) Had a horrible nightmare at 3:00 in the morning last night about Grace getting bit by one. :( I apparently have issues.


Kappy said...

Tell the truth. You rubbed yourself down with air freshener.

Alien said...

Um... uh... no. No, no I didn't. Seriously. {Ahem.} I swear.

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