Monday, October 31, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Monday 10.31.2005)

First of all, Happy Halloween. I, personally, despise Halloween now that I'm too old to run around the neighborhood in the dark, wreaking havoc on the community, but I figured I should acknowledge it for those of you that seem to enjoy it. Now... on to my day.

1) Grace wakes up complaining (again) of a headache and being tired.

2) She begs me throughout the morning to take her to the doctor ("for a sticker"), but I keep telling her she just has a cold and we'll have to just wait it out.

3) At 9:30, 3 hours after waking up, she falls asleep on the couch. This is my cue... the child really is sick, since even projectile vomiting doesn't keep this girl down.

4) Called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for 2:15, smack in the middle of Hannah's nap time. Fantastic.

5) As a result of Grace's illness, decide that a trip to the post office to make copies of Steve's tax forms and mail them (today's the deadline), I simply take pictures of the forms with my digital camera and pray to all things holy that I'll never actually need to produce copies of these particular forms for this quarter.

6) Realize that if Steve ever finds out I put his precious mail in our mailbox across the street for the mailman to take, he'll have a royal shitfit. He truly believes random people are hovering around our mailbox, patiently waiting to steal our mail. And that if outgoing mail isn't driven TO the post office and dropped into one of the big blue mailboxes out front, then the mail will never get to where it needs to go. Issues, Dude. Serious, serious issues.

7) Force Hannah down for her nap around 12:30.

8) Wake Hannah up at 1:30 to change her diaper and head for the doctor.

9) Grace tests positive for strep. Again.

10) Went to KMart to fill the prescription for antibiotics.

11) Walk around while waiting for the prescription, informing the children that no, they cannot buy that $40.00 Furby or that $30.00 doll that talks AND pees.

12) Bought Grace her one billionth stuffed dog for being a fantastic patient at the doctor's office (she really was... even for the throat swab).

13) Bought Hannah a Dora Magna Doodle thing for um... I dunno... being cute?

14) Gave Grace her first dose of antibiotics upon arriving home and I swear to god, within an hour she was bouncing off the friggin' walls.

15) Had my friend call me and then had to scream at my children while on the phone with her because Grace was chasing Hannah around with a plastic golf club and almost whacked her in the head three times.

16) Accidentally hung up on my friend while screaming at my children.

17) Tried to call her back immediately, but my cordless phone died. CRAP!

18) Hoped she'd forgive me and chugged my first beer of the night.

19) After finally calming the children down, decided Magna Doodles are perhaps, one of the greatest inventions EVER as I managed to entertain the girls for literally an hour drawing on one.

20) Decided an AquaDoodle is an absolute must have on the girls' Christmas lists, even if they don't realize it yet.

21) Was informed the electrician will be coming in the morning to finish up the rough in for the kitchen.

22) Decided this is a good thing since our non-insulated, non-drywalled walls make for rather chilly evenings these days.

23) Talked with Steve and decided I'll be taking the girls to Gunnar's party at McDonald's by myself on Saturday so he can stay home and work on the kitchen. It's his brother's kid, and I'm dreading it with every ounce of my being, but I'll do it if it means it'll get me one step closer to a functioning room.

24) Wouldn't care if the McDonald's didn't have a two-story playland that I KNOW Hannah will want to go up in and that I also KNOW she's too small to get up to the top by myself so I'll have to crawl in the smelly, germ-infested maze with her. Fun... not.

25) Had both kids sleeping by 8:15 tonight. Maybe this whole Daylight Savings Time thing isn't so bad after all.

26) Discovered I'm not pregnant when good ol' Aunt Flo reared her ugly head.

27) Forgot to buy tampons at KMart earlier, which means I'll have to put Hannah in the car and go down the street to get some at the gas station tomorrow morning before the electrician arrives, unless I want some embarrassing things to happen tomorrow while he's here.

28) Watched a fantastic hour of "Prison Break." Good stuff, I tell ya. Good stuff.

29) Told Steve that if he wants me NOT to rip his nuts off, then he needs to stop reiterating that hunting season starts in two week which means there will be three weeks of absolutely no work done on the kitchen and therefore, there's only a snowball's chance in hell we'll have a kitchen by Christmas.


Kim said...

Oh yeah, the girls would LOVE an Aquadoodle. In fact, I'm going to hunt Kyra's down this week among the piles and piles of crap in her closet. I told her that unless we clean out her closet and get rid of some of the toys that she clearly doesn't play with, Santa IS NOT coming this year. Yeah, I'm mean like that. ;)

EE said...

Your friend forgives you. LOL. I had to head to SIL's anyways. We can chat later this wk when Doug leaves town. ;)

I hate to admit it, but I'm one of the freak pple who won't leave their outgoing mail in the mailbox either. I always, always take it to the P.O. to mail. I hate that Steve and I have some sort of freak anal retentiveness in common. *blush*


Alien said...

What exactly do you think is going to happen to your mail? I mean, I can SEE the mailbox from my house. LMFAO! You anal people are friggin' weird. ;)

EE said...

Actually, in all honestly we did have an issue where someone/pple were stealing mail from the mailboxes. AND on several occasions our lid has been knocked down and I've FOUND our mail (ingoing) on the ground. Since the majority of our outgoing mail are big company checks to pay invoices I would just way rather KNOW they made it to a safe big blue box, then just sitting out on the side of the road.

But uh, yeah, still anal. LOL

mama_tulip said...

9. ((Grace))

14. LOL!

19. Magna Doodles kick serious ass.

27. Is there anything your gas station doesn't sell? ;)

Alien said...

Yes Katherine. They don't sell donuts anymore, and frankly, that pisses me off. LOL!

mama_tulip said...

That would piss me off too. I will drive out of my way to hit a gas station that sells donuts.

EE said...

Yes, but she forgets to metion there is a Subway INSIDE her gas station that DOES sell breakfast food items. None of our Subway's sell those items. Odd. LOL

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