Friday, October 28, 2005

Um, I freakin' WISH!!!...

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Jessica Simpson
Flirty, feminine, and fun.
And hooray! I like this name. In fact, I think it's all I'll go by from now on.
Your Alias Should Be:
Sidney Hailee
What Should Your Alias Be?
Your Fashion Style is Classic
You like what's stood the test of time...Simple, well styled clothes that don't scream trendyYou stay updated and modern, but your clothes stay in style for a whileYou wouldn't be caught in animal prints, fake fur, or super bright colors


Janet said...

Hey Sidney! This is Harley:-)

EE said...

LMAO...I'm "Isabella Rose" How classy, eh?

Janet said...

I lOVE that name! Zach was going to be Isabelle Grace.