Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Wednesday 10.19.2005)

1) Woke up and sent both girls off to daycare (without incident), allowing me to enjoy some "quiet time" with my laptop and my coffee without Nick Jr. on in the background and getting up every two seconds to refill sippy cups.

2) Was annoyed when my "quiet time" was cut short because I had to shower and vacuum before the electrician was due to arrive at 9:00 AM.

3) Was annoyed again (not really) when the electrician called at 9:15 and said he was going to be a little late.

4) Laughed when the electrician arrived and we were chatting and he referred to my father-in-law as "The Horny Plumber." Oh so very true...

5) Cleaned cat crap remnants and scents off of various items and surfaces in the home. Damn cat.

6) Put away the 7 loads (literally) of clean laundry I've been avoiding for over a week now.

7) Did absolutely nothing productive in terms of my actual job.

8) Didn't care.

9) Found out I need to be at the office by 9:00 tomorrow morning. So much for enjoying a cup of coffee after sending the girls to school and before leaving for the office.

10) Was thrilled when the electrician said his portion of the job is done (for now) and that Steve can start, "Sheet rocking the shit" out of the kitchen whenever his little heart desires.

11) Forgot to go to the post office to buy Steve a roll of stamps like he's been asking me to do for 3 days now. [sigh]

12) Impatiently waited all day long for my FedEx delivery that was scheduled to arrive.

13) Ate my leftover Long John Silver's and Arby's food for lunch. YUM!

14) Forgot (for the fourth day in a row) to take meat out of the freezer to defrost for dinner.

15) Found out the FedEx guy supposedly couldn't find my house, but I'm convinced the fucker was just too lazy to drive here and went home for the night.

16) Got a takeout cheesesteak with extra cheese for dinner tonight. YUM!

17) Ran to the gas station (per Steve's request) to buy PowerBall tickets for tonight. Was surprised to see a line of 15 people also there to buy PB tickets.

18) Was next in line when it dawned on me that you can only pay for lottery tickets with cash, which I didn't have enough of.

19) Got out of line to walk to the front of the store and retrieve cash from the ATM.

20) Got back in line behind 15 new people.

21) Thought I felt poop in Hannah's diaper as I was rocking her and just as she was about to fall asleep.

22) Wrestled with the decision of whether or not to check her diaper (and therefore waking her) or not.

23) Asked her if she had poop in there and she said yes.

24) Came downstairs and retrieved diaper and wipes and went back upstairs to her room.

25) Undid diaper to find it bone dry with no poop what-so-ever. Dammit.

26) Still managed to have both kids sleeping by the time LOST started.

27) Decided Sawyer really is a perfect human speciman.

28) Remembered to email PowerBall numbers bought for friend in another state to her before the drawing, therefore warding off any possible lawsuits should one of us win this evening.

29) Noticed Salinger straining in the litterbox again tonight and then puking, prompting me to call the vet.

30) Dropped Salinger off at vet for an overnight stay when they're hoping to secure a urine sample.

31) Felt bad for Salinger, but at the same time relieved, knowing I won't find any excrement "surprises" in the morning when I wake up.


mama_tulip said...

#27 -- My thoughts exactly.

Hope everything's OK with Salinger...

flipflop said... I know you need some extra $$ for your efforts..and thank you. law suit would have happened, but I may sue the person who won because they stole my livelyhood. I was counting on that..grrr.

flipflop said...

oh, and, um, I didn't know you considered me a friend. Thank you that makes me feel a little better after losing the jackpot.

Janet said...

You are a saint for dealing with this kitty. I hope he gets better!

Hope you have a great day at work today!

Did you remember to take the meat out of the freezer for tonight's dinner?

Alien said...

Well, I just got a call and apparently, they x-rayed him (can't wait for that bill) and he doesn't appear to have any blockages in his urinary tract or his bowels. He does however, have gas in his bowels.

So they're keeping him until they can get a urinary sample (to check for crystals in his urine again) and then we'll take it from there. [sigh]

Anonymous said...

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