Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Tuesday 11.1.2005)

Crap! I had all of this typed out and forgot to add what happened last night on my way to bed. Since these are all manually numbered, I'm afraid I'll just have to throw this in here at the top.

I was going upstairs to bed last night around midnight or so, and right when I got to the top of the stairs, I slipped. And fell. HARD! There's this stupid shine spray stuff I spray in the girls' hair after their baths so I can comb out the knots and it made the floor slippery. So I slipped and fell backwards, totally pulling a bunch fo muscles in my back, between my shoulder blades. Today, my whole freakin back, shoulder and neck are killing me. Now as horrible as it all sounds, I can't help but picture how friggin' funny it must've looked. I mean, adults falling on their asses is funny no matter how much it hurts.

OK... back to our regularly scheduled program...

1) Woke up and waffled whether or not to send Grace to daycare. (The doctor had said she could go since she'd have three doses of antibiotics in her by the time she got there.)

2) When thinking about trying to keep her out of the electrician's hair, I opted to send her, which is what she wanted.

3) Showered at a god-awful hour this morning so I could run to the gas station and get tampons before the electrician arrived.

4) Got out of the shower and found one lone tampon in the bottom of an old purse that I could use until I bought a new box.

5) Got Hannah dressed and headed to the gas station where I paid WAY too much money for a WAY too small box of tampons.

6) Came back home and plopped Hannah in front of "Barney" while I tried to pick up before the electrician arrived.

7) Walked back in from having a cigarette and find Hannah has opened a bag of chips and is eating them for breakfast. (I cannot wait to have cabinets again, lemme tell ya.)

8) Briefly entertained the idea of just letting her eat the damn things, but realize others would frown on me.

9) Electrician came, did what he could, and headed out.

10) Took Hannah outside for some fresh air, and snapped a bunch of pictures for our Christmas cards this year.

11) Put Hannah down for her nap and did... umm.... nothing.

12) Sat at my mom's house and watch Grace literally eat as much as Steve sometimes does, including an entire bowl of broccoli. And I don't mean a normal bowl. I mean a SERVING bowl. What the hell, kid?

13) Watched in awe again as Hannah ate a large hunk of steak smothered in minced garlic and swimming in Worcestershire sauce.

14) Can't figure out how two kids can eat like that, and won't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

15) Spent over an hour with the girls this evening, lining up every single doll in the house (and I assure you, there are A LOT of them and they're all naked), making a pile of doll clothing, and dressing them all in their proper outfits and matching them with the bottles, pacifiers, hats, booties, etc. they came with.

16) Didn't finish so now the playroom looks like a scene from a bad doll train wreck.

17) Laughed my ass off when Hannah called Steve a dorkus. Yup. Smart kid I've got there.

18) Began browsing for Christmas gifts. I swear I won't still be shopping on Christmas Eve like every other year. Honest. For real.

19) Told my manager I'd be coming into the office tomorrow for the day. Crap. Not really what I feel like doing.

20) Decided that I really must have one of the brothers from the "Siblings Team" on the Amazing Race. Hello hottie brothers!

21) Cried like a big doofus when the team got eliminated. (Will update this comment later and explain myself better tomorrow. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet.)


flipflop said...

OMG!! That was a tear jerker ending on AR.

Congrats on getting your pictures done. I've got pics of all of mine except Katie. The kid will NOT look at me when I have a camera.

flipflop said...

oh....hope you feel better soon.

mama_tulip said...

I can't believe Hannah eats steak. Dave tries so hard to get Julia to eat steak. He wants her to enjoy steak so badly. She won't touch it.

(((Your back))) that sucks, dude.

And I teared up at the end of AR last night, too. I really wanted them to continue on. Dave's buddy was here so I couldn't out and out bawl like I wanted to, but I got teary.

Alien said...

I can't believe she eats steak either. This is the pickiest eater in the world, and there she is, shoveling in steak absolutely SOAKED with Worcestershire sauce. Little freak I tell ya... LOL!

EE said...

(((Alien's back)))

Haley *loves* steak. Both of my kids adore the stuff...figures, now it's 3 to 1 in the meat dept. LOL

mama_tulip said...

I forgot to mention this earlier this morning...but that's a GREAT picture of Hannah. :)

Janet said...

Hope your back is better!

My kiddos love Broccoli and Steak. I thought they were the only nuts out there. They will not touch PBJ sandwiches.

I would have let her have the chips. We ate Kit Kats for Breakfast today:-)

KFblogger said...

Ummm, you're starting to post your blog entries kinda late. Don't you know some of us are waiting?? ;)
p.s. what happened on AR that was so touching? -KF

Alien said...

LOL KF. They're always posted late!

On AR, the team with the kids was eliminated. They have this little blonde girl, Carissa, who was SOOO upset they were being eliminated. She just stood there with tears in her eyes and her lip quivering, fighting so hard not to lose it completely. They seem like a wonderful family, and I was sad to see them go. But when I saw little Carissa tearing up, I did too. [blush]

Alien said...

OK Janet... confession. I did let her have the chips for awhile. [blush] LOL!

And Katherine, thanks on the compliment about the picture of Hannah. I got some even better ones, but didn't post them because if Kap uses them for my Xmas cards, I want them to be a "surprise". LOL! (Dorky, I know.)

Anonymous said...

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