Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Tuesday 10.25.2005)

1) Woke up at 6:15 and decided not to send Grace to daycare because it was pouring down rain.

2) Told myself it was because I don't like her driving so far in a car in such crappy weather. But in reality, I just didn't feel like packing her lunch and getting her dressed.

3) Went back to bed instead and the girls and I slept until 7:45! YEEHAW!

4) Had mixed feelings about Steve being home from work and working on the kitchen. I mean, progress is good. But it's a royal pain in the ass keeping the girls out of his way. And the hammering and sawing gets old after awhile.

5) Enjoyed my coffee with Cinnamon Vanilla creamer WAY more than a normal person should.

6) Realized that taking a shower with 2 kids and a power tool-carrying adult in the house makes for a not so relaxing shower.

7) Ended up being glad that Steve stayed home because Grace followed him around like a little shadow "helping him" which kept her out of my hair.

8) Got to talk to my friend on the phone. :)

9) Was excited to receive my Children's Place order in the mail today.

10) Was even more excited when 15 minutes later I received my GAP order.

11) Was silently celebrating that Steve was down in the basement during both deliveries, so he knows nothing about them.

12) Did a HUGE happy dance when the jeans I ordered for Grace from GAP fit her! To most, this is nothing exciting. But to a mom who has searched fruitlessly for two years for a pair of jeans that actually fits her child, this is a day that will forever be remembered.

13) Immediately got online and ordered another pair of jeans for her, a pair of cords, and some jeans for myself. (Hey, if they have a good fit for kids, their women's jeans must fit great too, right?)

14) Gave the girls soup for dinner and then slyly ate my Chef Boy-R-Dee where Hannah couldn't see me so I got to EAT MY MEATBALLS!!!! YAHOO!!!!!

15) Made a bet with Steve that he most certainly did not buy a costume to wear trick-or-treating tomorrow (which is what he tried to tell me). If I win, I get $20. Sweet.

16) My ass got numb rocking Hannah to sleep tonight. C'mon kid... Close your eyes, go to sleep, and let Mommy get the hell downstairs to watch Amazing Race, will ya?

17) Watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with the girls and decided it isn't nearly as good as I remember it being.

18) Pigpen's still my favorite and Schroeder is still my least favorite.

19) Laughed to see that even way "back in the day" little, snotty, bitchy children like Lucy existed.

20) Wondered for the 8-billionth time in my life if Peppermint Patty was going to grow up to be a lesbian.

21) Received a forwarded email from a friend that gave me the impression she thinks I'm a drunken slob who can't hold my liquor. (Just kidding M.)

22) Wondered what the hell I'm still doing awake at 1:00 AM, apparently suffering from insomnia. [sigh]


Mary said...

I got my children's place order today too!! Now I'm just waiting for my cheap shoes from payless order (5 pair for $40 shipped!). Jake is in serious need of shoes.

So the day sounds okay even though it was spent in side on a rainy day with the whole family there. Sounds like torture at my house ;)

Alien said...

The girls are wearing their new striped jammies and they look soooo cute! And they're surprisingly a lot thicker and softer than I thought they'd be. (The jammies... not the girls.)

Yeah, it wasn't such a bad day at all surprisingly. Maybe this winter won't be so bad after all... ;)

Melissa said...

First off, I didn't foward it. I cut and pasted it to a new email just for you. And, I just thought you would think it was funny. I thought it was funny. Didn't you think it was funny?

Alien said...

LMAO! YES, I thought it was funny, dork! I was kidding! And I just haven't had a chance to respond back to you yet. (I read it on a "fly by" check of my email, the boards, etc.)

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

I got my Coldwater Creek order yesterday while Dh was away. Yeeha! And I told somebody not to ship an Ebay order until Friday so he won't see that either. He wouldn't really care, but I just like him thinking I never spend money on myself.

Men suck.

EE said...

You forgot to mention how I thought a a garbage truck was driving through your house while we were talking, LMAO! Bc seriously, THAT'S how it sounded! (when Steve was sawing/drilling or whatever it was, lol)

And I can *so* relate to the whole rocking Hannah and your butt falling asleep, I lay down w/ Haley and sometimes I'm just dying thinking of all the other things I'd like to be doing, lol.

And DANG, I can't believe we missed Charlie Brown. :( That's really why we should turn on the TV before 9 at night. *sigh*

Glad you were able to eat your meatballs for once. ;)

Alien said...

LOL Kim. Truth is, I don't think Steve cares anymore now that I'm working again. But he would prefer if I saved some money. I agree, but first I have to get us some pants because the girls and I having only 1 pair of jeans each will make for a very long and inconvenient winter. ;) LOL!

Alien said...

LOL EE. I'm so used to the noise, that half the time I don't even notice it anymore.

Meatballs ROCK!

EE said...

Ok, yes, but it was freakin' LOUD, LMAO. But I understand.

Janet said...

I shop all of the time and make sure I put it away before Eric gets home:-)

You and your meatballs!

I love pigpen! Who the heck is Schroeder? I hated the darn teacher who had no real voice! And Lucy is a big snot!

Alien said...

LOL! Schroeder's the one who played the piano, isn't he? That Lucy has the crush on?

mama_tulip said...

I always thought Peppermint Patty would end up a dyke, too.

EE said...

*snort* I did too....lol

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