Friday, October 21, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Friday 10.22.2005)

1) Carried Grace up to bed at 1:30 AM last night to find that Cooter had peed on Grace's bed. So much for blaming Salinger who was still at the vet.

2) Had to strip the bed, throw towels over the wet spot and remake the bed at 1:30. NOT happy!

3) The girls didn't sleep in nearly as late as I would've liked them too.

4) Listened to Hannah cry because she had left her Winnie the Pooh sippy cup at Grandma's house. I told her not to take it with her yesterday. Serves her right. [grumble grumble]

5) Went to WalMart where Grace kept running off and Hannah kept crying to get out of the cart.

6) Bought another waterproof mattress cover for the bed.

7) Ran into my sister at WalMart and listened to Grace cry because she couldn't go with her.

8) Ran into the chick that Steve sat in a hottub naked with 3 years ago. Although she's very nice, I was thrilled beyond belief to see her ass has multiplied in size by about 5 times since I last saw her.

9) Got to the McDonald's drive-thru at 10:27 AM and was informed I couldn't get my bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit because they were now serving lunch. Son of a B*TCH! Settled for chicken nuggets and an order of pancakes they still had left and split it with the girls, who ate pretty much all of it, leaving me with 2 or 3 bites. (Are we noticing a pattern here?)

10) Got home and cleaned as much as my energy level would allow me.

11) Got a call 15 minutes later saying I could come pick Salinger up. Still don't know what's wrong, but they found a little blood in his urine, so he's on antibiotics and penned in the upstairs kitchen/laundry room until the lab results come back.

12) Watched two sweet-looking girls (mine) half destroy the vet's waiting room while I was paying, waiting for them to bring Salinger out, etc.

13) Came home and threw an exhausted two-year-old in her crib, penning a sick cat in the spare room upstairs, pumped him full of antibiotics, and sat down for the first time.

14) Finally received my FedEx delivery. The driver was a large woman with a really bad perm who didn't seem too pleased with me.

15) Contemplated telling her it was the sender who had been calling FedEx and raising hell, but I figured she wouldn't believe me anyway.

16) Figured any future FedEx deliveries will be destroyed by the time they get here.

17) Opened the packages and was taken aback at how beautiful the gifts were.

18) Laughed out loud when I saw they aren't in actual baskets, but in gorgeously ribboned boxes instead. Fantastic.

19) Took Grace to gymnastics and brought home two wired girls who wouldn't settle down. Stupid gymnastics.

20) Found out the baby shower that was the cause of the rush delivery FedEx fiasco has been cancelled. [sigh] Figures.

21) Had both girls sleeping by 9:00, allowing me to wash TLC and all sorts of other sappy Friday night TV shows.

22) Placed an Amazon order for books. I probably won't ever have time to read them, mind you. But at least I can look at them and imagine they're good.


Kim said...

LOL! On a daily basis, I think to myself, "Will I ever eat my own food again?"


mama_tulip said...

Ugh, the shower was cancelled? That sucks!

Alien said...

Yeah. Mom-to-be was rushed to the hospital for a headache and bad nosebleed. She's extremely diabetic since she's been a kid, so they have to watch her closely. Since they live 2 hours away, she's not going to make the trip even if she's released from the hospital. :(

I was sooo looking forward to it. A kid-free, husband-free event just yapping it up with other women, eating, and talking about babies. Crap!

mama_tulip said...

That's awful -- I hope she's OK. How far along is she?

It's funny how things like baby showers take on a whole new meaning once you have kids. Pre-children I would have been like, "Aw, a baby shower? Nah...I'd rather sit around with the bong and play Tony Hawk." Post-children I'm like, "Attending a baby shower means a car ride all by myself listening to music with swear words in it, interaction with other women, adult conversation and triangle sandwiches. I'M SO THERE!"

Will it be rescheduled? (That's re-SKED-uled?) ;)

Alien said...

I just talked to my MIL and they think it's some sort of flu or severe sinus infection. Hopefully, she'll be discharged tomorrow. She's due right at the end of December/beginning of January.

And no, they aren't rescheduling it. They live about 2 hours away, so everyone's just going to drop their gifts off at Steve's aunt's house (where the shower was supposed to be) and her son (the dad-to-be) will pick them up at some point. :(