Sunday, October 30, 2005

Highlights of the Day (Sunday 10.30.2005)

1) The girls didn't get the memo about gaining an extra hour of sleep, and woke me up at their normal time of 7:00.

2) But the clock said 6:00, and although I knew logicially they didn't get up an hour earlier, I was dragging my ass all day.

3) Once again, praised the entertainment value of a big basket of loose change as the girls spent 20 minutes putting it into their banks, allowing me to take a longer-than-usual hot shower.

4) Got out of the shower and spent 15 freakin' minutes straightening my hair so I could take my picture for the Halloween photo contest on my Mom's Board. (I normally air dry my hair.)

5) Cursed loose change as I saw about 300 coins scattered throughout Grace's bedroom. (It's still there and probably will be for a few days. Because I'm like that.)

6) Dropped the girls at my parents' house and went to the accountant's house for Steve's quarterly taxes. Spent an hour there, gossiping, gabbing, bitching about our husbands, and um, oh yeah... doing the taxes.

7) Got Long John Silver's for me and the girls on our way home. (Yes, again.)

8) Came home and went outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather we were having. (It's about friggin' time.)

9) Laughed when Steve suggested I go grocery shopping during Hannah's nap, as a chance for me to "get out without the kids." Um, thanks dude.

10) Decided (after laughing), that it wasn't such a bad idea after all, and headed out.

11) Was giddy with excitement when I saw that cases of Snapple were Buy One, Get One Free. (It's the only time I'll buy it.)

12) Had a lovely conversation with the charming high school aged bagger while checking out, and decided he'd make some girl a fine boyfriend and future husband.

13) Wondered if they have a 12-step program for people addicted to scented things/air fresheners. EVERY time I go to the store, I stand in that aisle for at least 10 minutes, comparing Glade Plug-Ins to AirWick Mobile Air to the Wisp machines, and the ones with nightlights and built-in adjustable fans and extra outlets to the ones that are battery operated and can be put anywhere.

14) Bought the AirWick Mobile Air this evening and am pleased with it. I really want one of those machines that play the scent "CDs" for Christmas. I'd be totally satisfied with just that.

15) Came home to find that Steve had "organized" our kitchen (i.e. sunroom) and moved all of the cleaning products (which had been on top of the microwave) to the shelves inside the basement door.

16) Explained to him that, contrary to popular belief, I use almost all of those cleaning products at least once a day, and putting them where he did would be a royal pain in the ass for me.

17) We compromised and left all except my Pledge Multi-Surface cleaner on the shelves. (LOVE that stuff! Highly recommend it.)

18) Was thrilled when Grace cooperated and allowed me to dress her up and be in the picture with me for the aforementioned Halloween contest on my Mom's Board.

19) Enjoyed a fantastically prepared and grilled (by Steve) whole chicken, along with sliced red potatoes. That man can cook, lemme tell ya!

20) Surrendered when both girls surrounded me like vultures and ate most of my food yet again. One day I'll get to eat an entire meal. In the meantime, maybe I'll lose weight or something.

21) Was thrilled when after dinner, Steve took BOTH girls with him to go get spring water in the next town over.

22) Laughed at how cute it was that it was Hannah's first time riding in Steve's truck and she was absolutely giddy with excitement.

23) Got the entire index built for my user guide while they were gone.

24) Was tearing the meat off the bones to put in the fridge as leftovers and got halfway done until I figured out that I was actually putting all of the food into the lid of the container I was using. (Because I'm smart like that.)

25) Realized that there was no real point to me rushing to the vet yesterday to get Salinger's medicine, if I'm not going to actually remember give it to him. [sigh]

26) FINALLY bit the bullet and ordered an "Archive CD" from Ofoto, which will contain all 3,245 pictures that I've uploaded there since first getting my digital camera 3.5 years ago. That's only about half of the photos I actually have on my hard drive, but at least I'll be able to free up a ton of space on the computer. (My computer is such a piece of shit and so old, it doesn't burn CDs, so I've had no where to go with all of the pictures.)

27) Realized I'm going to have to go to the post office tomorrow (with the girls) to overnight a check to Aetna if we want to keep our medical insurance. (Yeah Aetna people. Thanks for that whopping WEEK you gave me to come up with $1,000 and get it to you. Bastards.)

28) Heated up some Campbell's Soup at Hand since I was starving, thanks to my theiving children, only to have them steal that from me too.

29) Figured screw it, and ate a handful of baked sour cream and onion Ritz crackers.

30) Had both girls sleeping by 8:15, thanks to the time change. Granted they'll be waking me up at like 4 AM, but at least my evening's free.

31) Why the HELL is "Desperate Housewives" a rerun tonight?! I don't normally care if I know ahead of time that it's going to be a rerun. But if I wait for a show all day, only to sit down at air time and find out that I've already seen it, I'm rather disappointed.

32) Nearly laughed my ass off (and farted again) when Steve came downstairs wearing a T-shirt, boxer briefs, white socks and slippers. Dude, what is with you and your fashion sense lately. If this is how you think you're going to get me in the sack more often, you've got another thing coming...

33) At one point, decided it would be really cool if kids came with a snooze button, just like alarm clocks.... "Just 10 more minutes Hon. PLEASE, just 10 more minutes until you wake me up."

34) This sparked my lifelong confusion as to why snooze buttons are always set to go off again in nine minutes. Nine minutes? WHY nine minutes? Why not ten? What's with the odd number alarm clock people? Wouldn't ten minutes be more logical?

35) Reminded Steve repeatedly throughout the day that he needed to change the headlight in my car. You know... while it was still light out and all.

36) Couldn't help but shake my head as I watched him do it at 7:00 this evening, in the pitch dark, with his headlights from his truck shining onto my car, hunting for a working flashlight, finally settling on one of his huge halogen lights he uses for work. Dude, I told you to do it when you could see. Asses. Every last one of 'em is an ass...


EE said...

I was bummed about Desperate Housewives too. :( I noticed sometime this afternoon. Yet Grey's Anatomy is supposed to be new. IDK.

I'm loving Steve's fashion sense. LMAO!

Jealous of your nice was freezing cold all wkend (oh except for about an hour yesterday when the sun actually came out). Lucky you guys!

Alien said...

SHHHHIIIITTTTT! I TOTALLY forgot about "Grey's Anatomy". DAMMIT! Off to watch the last 15 minutes! CRAP!

Janet said...

What a long day you had!

I am also addicted to the air fresheners. So many to choose from. WTH is this Christmas scents CD?

I had to go to the grocery store with all four today and I vowed to NEVER ever do that again! It was pure torture.

EE, I think we are supposed to get our 'normal' Halloween snow here. I am cold!!!!

Mary said...

Our alarm clock has setable snooze button. I think ours is on 6 or 7 minutes.

I'm not sure if I can stay up for Grey's Anatomy tonight, I'm already tired and it's only 8pm. Eveyrone talks about it at school though, so I probably should...

EE said...

Oh and snooze sucks. I have never gotten the idea behind it. Doug sets his for like 5 a/m and then never ever gets out of bed before 7. Drives me INSANE. Why not set it for 7!

mama_tulip said...

I am so curious about those scent CD things. Not curious enough to buy one, mind you. I just can't wrap my head around the concept of a scented CD.

Alien said...

LOL Katherine! Emily (my other board) has one and says they're fantastic.

Alien said...

EE, that whole snooze button fiasco crap that Doug pulls it one of THE number one reasons I had no problems starting to sleep with Grace a few years ago. He doesn't do it anymore since he's started working out in the mornings, but it used to be ridiculous.

EE said...

Well and for me, I get up usually before his alarm even goes off these days. But it used to drive me *insane*. WHY would you NOT just set it for when you PLAN or NEED to get up. Instead of hours before and have all those hours/minutes of sleep interupted by loud beeping?!?!? Insane! LOL

Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Air freshener addicts UNITE!!

mama_tulip said...

I just don't get it. CD's play music. They don't smell.